How Long Does It Take For A Goldendoodle’s Hair To Grow Back?

One of the best parts of having a Goldendoodle is giving them fun hair cuts over and over again. The fact that they have hair instead of fur means that their hair is constantly growing, just like ours.

But just how long does it take for a Goldendoodle’s hair to grow?

How Long Does It Take For A Goldendoodle’s Hair To Grow Back?

It can take five months for a Goldendoodle’s hair to fully grow back from a shave, but it will vary by a few weeks depending on the particular cut, the age and health of the Goldendoodle, and that particular dog’s genes.

Like other natural bodily processes, hair growth is driven from within the Goldendoodle and linked to their genetics and health.

How fast a Goldendoodles’ hair grows back will change throughout their lives.  Puppies’ hair will grow back fast because youthful, strong, and healthy.

Senior dogs will have hair that will take longer because with age comes less strength, and their bodies do things slower in all areas of their lives.  

They may also have health issues that the body deals with, slowing down how fast their hair grows back.

A Goldendoodles diet and lifestyle affect how healthy their hair is and how fast or slow it grows, just as our lifestyle and diet do for our hair.

Another factor determining how fast a Goldendoodles hair grows back is how they were groomed.  

If their hair is very closely shaved, the growth process will take a little longer, and if they receive a longer cut or shave, it will make the process quicker.

A Goldendoodles hair will grow back at a rate of approximately half an inch to three-quarters of an inch per month, depending on the dog and their genetics.

The seasons and weather affect how fast a Goldendoodles hair grows back.  

Their hair will grow faster during warmer weather, just like ours does, and during colder weather, it will grow slower.

Goldendoodles’ beautiful hair will have that shaggy dog look between one month and two months, but this will quickly be replaced with a lovely soft coat of hair around two months old.

Again, every dog is unique, and there is no magic number for these details.  

Genetics plays a vital role in almost everything that makes your dog who they are as a dog. 

From their appearance to how they bark, play and behave, and numerous other things.

Genetics is not the only thing that affects a dog’s hair and how fast it grows, but it is important.  

We are all born with what we are born with based on our ancestors, including acute and cuddle Goldendoodle.

While genetics determines hair growth, other factors can be changed to enhance the process or dimmish it.  

For instance, good health inside always shows on the outside in the Goldendoodles hair, eyes, teeth, and energy, to name a few.

The best way to promote a healthy life is by having a healthy lifestyle.  

Now, this may seem silly, right?  After all, they are a dog…

But good health is the foundation of a long, happy, healthy life reflected in strong bones, good behavior, healthy organs, and a shiny and soft coat.

Providing a Goldendoodle with a healthy diet is recommended by their veterinarian.  

Taking them to wellness visits and attending to their health needs and minimizing stress will make their hair as healthy as it can be throughout their lives.

Good amounts of exercise, ample amounts of sleep, socializing with others, and a home environment filled with love and happiness are good places to start when promoting a healthy Goldendoodle whose hair grows back in a healthy way.

Another factor determining how fast or slow a Goldendoodles’ hair grows back is grooming.  

Goldendoodles that receive a short shave will take slightly longer to grow their gorgeous hair back, while those that receive a trim will have it grow back to its full length faster.

Is there a way to help my Goldendoodles’ hair grow back healthy?

Yes, there is a way to help your Goldendoodles’ hair grow back healthy, and that is a healthy diet and lifestyle that includes a grooming routine.

A healthy grooming routine that fits into the pet parents’ lifestyle will include regular daily brushing or brushing every other day.  Brushing for us and our dog will promote healthy, strong, and beautiful hair growth as it stimulates the follicles of the hair.

Regardless of your Goldendoodles’ age, health, or how short their hair is, brushing promotes healthy and faster hair growth and allows the pet parent to make sure there are no tangles, matting, or dirt.

Bathing your Goldendoodle can promote healthy hair growth and can be done, followed by a lovely gentle massage to stimulate hair growth and healthy skin, which is where the process begins.

Oils, supplements, and other products can be added to a healthy diet or grooming routine that will aid in faster hair growth for a Goldendoodle, but their veterinarian should be consulted first.

When it comes to hair growth or other bodily processes, patience is the key.  Everything happens in its own time, driven by your dog’s unique body.

How long can I expect my Goldendoodles hair to grow?

You can expect your Goldendoodles hair to grow to approximately 8 inches, but some dogs may fall slightly short of that and others longer than that.

Again, hair growth, like with humans, is driven by their genetics. 

Like some of us, humans have short hair that never grows below our shoulders; some dogs will be different from others.

Hair around their eyes, on their paws, and other parts of their body will grow to varying lengths that may not align with the 8 inches listed above.

The area of their face which will grow differently with shorter hair will need to be trimmed to keep it neat looking in between grooming visits, which can easily be done with scissors and a steady hand.

Regardless of how long a Goldendoodles’ hair grows, the focus should always be on good health and a healthy fur coat.  

Final Thoughts

How fast hair grows in uniquely individual.  Many factors play a part in this process will genetics being the most obvious.

A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best ways to promote healthy hair that grows fast for your Goldendoodle.

If, at the end of the day, it takes a slightly shorter or longer length of time for your Goldendoodle to grow their hair back, it’s no cause for concern!

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