How Much Do Toy Goldendoodles Weigh?

Toy Goldendoodles are darling miniatures of the beloved designer breed that has been around for decades. 

Many families and owners are interested in the characteristics of this pet companion and what to expect when adopting one. 

Take a look at these relevant facts about Toy Goldendoodles and learn how they can be a great part of someone’s life today.

How Much Do Toy Goldendoodles Weigh?

Toy Goldendoodles can weigh as little as seven pounds but will often weigh between 10 to 20 pounds on average. They often grow to have a height between 10 to 15 inches and will do most of their growing in the first half of their life. 

Owners should hold off on substantial purchases like crates and size-specific furniture until they’re sure their dog has stopped growing.

Goldendoodles come in a variety of sizes with the standard and largest weighing in at the high end of 90 pounds. 

Toy Goldendoodle owners don’t have to worry about being dragged around as their small dogs can fit in their arms easily and often only get as tall as a computer screen.

This breed of pet companion is a great addition to any home and suits those who live in apartments or other smaller spaces who want to enjoy the benefits of living with a dog.

Before adopting a Toy Goldendoodle, make sure to have a good understanding of their size, needs and benefits.

Once they stop growing, Toy Goldendoodles will weigh significantly less than Standard Goldendoodles. 

The smaller version often stops growing at around or a little before the year mark and typically won’t fluctuate in weight unless they have an illness or lack exercise.

Toy Goldendoodles don’t typically show much difference in weight or height between the genders and will consistently weigh between 10 to 20 pounds. 

Smaller Toys can even weigh as little as seven pounds, making them a cute handful of fur. 

Toy Goldendoodles are bred specifically with the design to make them small.

Owners may be familiar with the F1B or F2 designations that can be found when looking for more information on Goldendoodles. 

This is code for the animal’s breeding and their generation. 

This can also give clues as to what traits or genes will be present in how the dog looks.

For casual families and owners, this information may not be relevant as it shows the genetic make-up of Golden Retriever and Poodle.

It can also show what sort of breeding was used to create the Toy Goldendoodle

No matter the designation, many Toy Goldendoodles share similar personality types and often only show differences in their luxurious and soft coats.

When looking for a Toy Goldendoodle or stumbling upon one, make sure to do the research concerning the breeder and to confirm they come from a reputable source who has certifications. 

Confirming the Toy Goldendoodle’s genetic history can help pinpoint health concerns down the road and ensure the animal came from a safe and regulated environment. 

How Much Do Toy Goldendoodles Weigh? 1

What care do Toy Goldendoodles need? 

Toy Goldendoodles are lovely to have around the home and deeply enjoy the companionship of children. 

They’re social and enjoy sticking by their owner’s side while moving around the house.

They’re often used as service and companion dogs due to their attentive and loyal personalities.

This breed requires a moderate amount of exercise each day to keep their stamina and health up before returning home. 

Taking them on gentle walks around the neighborhood or to the park can keep them happy and entertained. 

They adapt quickly to their environments no matter the average climate or temperature.

Toy Goldendoodles are known for their low shed rate just like poodles, which makes them a great pet for owners with sensitivities or allergies. 

Not as much cleaning around the home or grooming has to be done. 

This breed is happy to be trained and learn new tricks.

Due to their breeding, these pet companions do have higher risks for developing certain diseases later in their lives. 

They may require careful attention and veterinarian care to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible. 

Every breed has diseases found in its lineage that can’t be avoided but can be maintained by loving owners. 

Are Goldendoodles a recognized breed? 

Toy Goldendoodles are widely loved by animal enthusiasts around the world. 

They’re a designed breed originating in the United States and are able to participate in events held by American Kennel Club Canine Partners. 

This program allows all mixed-breed dogs of every age to participate in regular AKC events.

However, they are not recognized as a distinctive or unique breed by the AKC, Canadian Kennel Club or United Kennel Club. 

Currently, no significant purebred registry in the world recognizes the Toy Goldendoodle or any of its size variations.

This doesn’t mean that the opportunities to perform and show off their skills are limited.

There are plenty of opportunities through the AKC and other local institutions to showcase the excellence of Toy Goldendoodles. 

Even organizing an event through the local dog park gives owners a chance to be proud of their companion’s obedience and steadfast loyalty. 

Competitions and challenges are a wonderful way to spend a fun afternoon while bonding with a beloved dog.

Related Questions 

Do Toy Goldendoodles bark a lot? 

Certain personality traits and history can determine how often a dog barks if at all. 

Toy Goldendoodles have a reputation for being very quiet, personable dogs who don’t vocalize often.

They’re interested in staying with their owner and family and lounging during the day with only moderate exercise needs.

This can vary for dogs who’ve been rescued or adopted. 

Toy Goldendoodles with health or behavioral issues or even separation anxiety can bark more frequently when feeling uncomfortable, stressed or afraid. 

Overall, healthy Toy Goldendoodles are relatively quiet and great animals for those living in apartments who don’t want to receive any complaints. 

Why should I get a Toy Goldendoodle instead of a Standard? 

Toy Goldendoodles are the perfect option for families who want to enjoy the benefits of Standard Goldendoodles without worrying about their size or energy needs. 

The Toy version still has a low shed rate and enjoys being around family and learning new commands. 

While some families with Standard Goldendoodles may worry about the dog accidentally bumping into a child or being too energetic, Toy Goldendoodles are a lovely handful of loyalty and love that children can bond and play with safely. 

Animal and child interactions should always be monitored by an attentive adult. 

Are Toy Goldendoodles hypoallergenic? 

Toy Goldendoodles often take on the traits of the poodle in their coat, accounting for their low shed rate. 

The less hair a dog lets out into the carpet and home typically means fewer reactions from family members. 

The possibility of a reaction or discomfort is always there as the allergies are usually toward proteins attached to the hairs rather than the hair itself.

It’s important to note that since Goldendoodles are a designer breed, not every generation or version of this dog will look exactly the same and it can be difficult to guess the coat. 

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