Here’s How Often Puppies Should Poop! (Explained!)

You can sometimes tell that your puppy is unhealthy based on its pooping habits. Here’s how often your pupy should poop!

Here'S How Often Puppies Should Poop! (Explained!) 1

How often should a puppy poop?

Puppies often poop around five times a day. This doesn’t necessarily change much from when the puppy is eight weeks old to when the puppy is six months old. If a change in your puppy’s pooping habits is drastic, call the vet. 

When my dog was a puppy, he got internal bleeding from eating something bad, possibly a poisonous plant. I could tell that something was wrong based on the black poop and I called the vet. The dog recovered. 

It’s about five times a day at eight weeks, the same at three months, and still the same at six months. When they become adults, they poop less often. 

Some say that the older a puppy is, the less often it has to go. However, the frequency will often remain the same for quite a while, and not decrease gradually. 

More Often is Usually Better

If a puppy (as opposed to an adult dog) is only pooping once a day, that likely means the dog is constipated. It is normal for a puppy to poop often.

Things That Affect Frequency

If your dog eats a high-fiber diet, that will make them have to go more often. A low-fiber diet may lead to constipation and infrequency. 

It also depends on how much food you feed the dog and how often. If you feed your dog 3 or 5 times a day, it might defecate 3 to 5 times. 

Some Changes Are Normal

Here'S How Often Puppies Should Poop! (Explained!) 2

A change in your puppy’s pooping habits isn’t necessarily something to worry about. If your dog starts pooping less often after about 8 months, this is normal. Your dog is growing up and might be eating less. 

If your dog seems to be constipated, you should talk to your vet. They might prescribe something, or recommend high-fiber food. If your puppy has diarrhea, you should also talk to your vet. 

Healthy Bowel Movements for Puppies

Sometimes, you can tell that your dog has a health problem by how its stool looks. After about 10 weeks of age, the poop should be log-shaped. Before four weeks, it should be liquid.


Sometimes, the poop could smell far worse than normal or could smell sweet. If the change is dramatic you should talk to your vet. 


Usually, a change in the amount isn’t anything to worry about. The dog might only be eating more or less than usual. However, mention a change in the amount if you are talking to your vet about other problems. 


Poo should be brown or dark brown. Something may be wrong if there is white, grey, black, green, red, or yellow in the stool. Don’t be paranoid (a bit of green might be grass) but talk to your vet if the poop is obviously different, especially if the puppy has any other symptoms. 

Red is the worst color because it may mean bleeding. Talk to your vet right away, because internal bleeding is serious. 

Here'S How Often Puppies Should Poop! (Explained!) 3

Red Or White Dog Poop

White is less dangerous than red, but it might mean your dog has a tapeworm. A tapeworm can make your dog lose weight by taking its food before the dog can digest it. Take your puppy to the vet and get worm medication. 

Black Dog Poop

Internal bleeding may also lead to black dog poop. Your dog might have a mouth, throat, or nose injury that is making it swallow blood. 

There could also be bleeding in the digestive tract. If your dog eats a poisonous plant or anything else toxic, that might lead to digestive tract bleeding. Intestinal disorders and intestinal parasites can also lead to damage and internal bleeding. 

Your dog may also have ingested blood from an external source at some point. Liver disease is another possibility. Take your puppy to the vet quickly, as the problem might be an emergency. 

Yellow Dog Poop

Sometimes, eating something that isn’t food will give your puppy yellow poop without hurting the puppy. Other times, there could be serious problems. Many different diseases can discolor a puppy’s poop in many different ways. 

Yellow poop is one of the less worrying colors, so you might not take the dog to the vet right away. Keep an eye on your dog’s condition and see if anything else is wrong. Sometimes, the dog might have liver, pancreas, or gallbladder problems. 

How Can You Tell if Your Dog Has to Poop?

Dogs often have to poop shortly after they eat. They also have to go after they get up and before they go to bed. A puppy might scratch at the door or whine if it has to go. 

A puppy might also circle around the house sniffing. This sometimes means that the dog has to go badly and is looking for a place to poop. 

Here'S How Often Puppies Should Poop! (Explained!) 4

What About Diarrhea?

Diarrhea can dehydrate your dog. Make sure your puppy always has water to replace the fluid loss. Take your dog to the vet after encouraging it to drink.

Usually, your dog will be fine. Something as little as temporarily being stressed out can cause this problem. Diarrhea is also a side effect of certain common medications for dogs. 

Feed Your Dog the Right Diet

Your dog should mostly consist of high-quality dog food. You can also feed it ‘people food’ sometimes, depending on what your dog can digest easily. Chocolate and a few other things are toxic for dogs. 

Key Takeaways

  • Puppies should poop roughly five times a day from eight weeks to six months. The frequency might gradually decrease, or it might stay the same for a long time. An adult dog doesn’t poop nearly as often. 
  • Talk to your vet if there seems to be anything wrong with your dog’s bowel movements. Black and red poop are the most worrying because it may mean internal bleeding. Diarrhea, yellow poop, and constipation are less worrying but you should still call your vet. 
  • Feeding your dog the right food can keep it healthy, including giving it a healthy digestive system. 

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