How To Tell What Kind Of Coat A Labradoodle Puppy Will Have

The Labradoodle is one of the most sought-after dog breeds. One of the most challenging things is how to tell the coat your puppy will have.

There are many ways that people suggest to give you an indication of the type of coat that your Labradoodle will have. For those with a puppy already, knowing what kind of coat the puppy will have does not mean that you will love it any less, but it gives you a picture of what to expect as they grow up. Those looking to adopt might want to know the coat type to get a Labradoodle that will look like they envisioned in their plans.

How To Tell What Kind Of Coat A Labradoodle Puppy Will Have 1

How do you know what kind of adult coat a Labradoodle will have when they’re a puppy?

The easiest and best way to tell the coat your puppy will have is to look at their parents, especially if it is a subsequent (not first) generation Labradoodle. If both parents have the same coat type, the puppy will too. However, it might be harder to tell if the parents have different coats.

Being able to tell what kind of coat and color a puppy will have is a good thing for people looking to adopt a Labradoodle. While the color and fur of the dog will not matter to some people, it does to some—especially those who want a Labradoodle that does not shed a lot or has minimal grooming needs. It is therefore essential to know the different types of fur coats your Labradoodle can have.

There are mainly three types of coat that a Labradoodle can have. These are the hair coat, the wool coat, and the fleece coat. Even though it might be difficult to tell which type of coat your Labradoodle will have when they grow up, especially if they are very young, there are still ways of doing so.

Types of Coats Your Labradoodle Can Have When They Grow Up

As earlier indicated, an adult Labradoodle can have any of three coats. Let us look at each type below:

Fleece Coat: This is when your Labradoodle has wavy fur. The coat can be single or double-layered, characterized by low or moderate shedding. If you put your hand through the coat, its feel and texture are similar to angora wool.

Hair Coat: Dogs with this coat tend to have straight fur. The coat is double layered and is characterized by moderate or high shedding. It looks similar to the hair of a purebred Lab Retriever.

Wool Coat: The coat is usually corded or tightly curled. The wool coat is single-layered and characterized will low or minimal shedding. It is similar in appearance to the coat of a purebred Poodle.

When Can I Tell the Type of Coat My Labradoodle Will Have?

One determining how your Labradoodle puppy’s coat will look is that they all tend to look the same when they are younger. This is especially the case before they are less than six months old.

Before six months, the puppy coat of Labradoodles is slightly curly or wavy and also single-layered. It also feels very soft when you run your hands through it. However, your puppy’s coat starts to shed at about six months.

The time it takes for your Labradoodle puppy’s coat to shed entirely and show its final coat can vary. In some dogs,  it can take up to a year and a half for the puppy coat to clear fully. After the puppy coat has completely gone, you can tell the type of coat your Labradoodle will have.

How to Tell The Type of Fur Coat a Labradoodle Puppy Will Have

According to many breeder and Labradoodle experts, it is possible to tell the kind of coat your puppy will have when they become an adult. The truth is, for most people with no breeding or expert knowledge of this mixed breed, it can be challenging to tell.

First Generation Mix

It can get even more challenging if your puppy is a first-generation Labradoodle, with one parent as the Poodle and the other a Labrador. This is because your pup may have a mix of different traits, given that Labradors and Poodles have various types of fur coats.

Second and Subsequent Generation Mixes

It gets a bit easier to tell the kind of fur coat your Labradoodle puppy will have if they are a second, third or subsequent generation. It is also easier if your puppy is a backcross of a Labradoodle with either of the two original breeds (a Labrador or Poodle). 

In such cases, you can predict by looking at the two dog parents, and if they have similar fur coats, then your puppy will also have a high probability.

If the parents do not have a similar fur coat, it will be difficult to tell the fur coat the pup will have. You may wait until the dog has finished shedding off its puppy coat.

Below are some tips to help determine the coat your Labradoodle puppy will have when they are all grown.

How To Tell What Kind Of Coat A Labradoodle Puppy Will Have 2

Tips to Help You Tell the Adult Coat Your Labradoodle Puppy Will Have

If your Labradoodle has both parents with the same coat, the puppy will have the same type too. For example, if both parents have a wool coat, the pup will also have a wool fur coat.

Another tip, especially for puppies with parents with different fur coats, is to look at their muzzle hair. According to some breeders, the muzzle will resemble the final hair of your Labradoodle. For example, if the muzzle fur is curly, they are more likely to get a coat similar to a wooly coat like a Poodle.

Is It Important to Know the Type of Coat My Labradoodle Will Have?

Yes, and No. No, because most parents looking to adopt a puppy are not always concerned about the kind of fur coat the dog will have when they grow up; in a sense, it should not matter.

Yes, because they are set on adopting a Labradoodle and are allergic. For this type of pet parents, knowing is essential since they would prefer a dog with minimal shedding or a wooly coat that can trap shedding dander and thus reduce allergy symptoms.

 For allergic dog parents looking to adopt, we advise you choose a Labradoodle pup with a fleece coat as this is a hypoallergenic fur coat.

Ultimately, knowing the type your Labradoodle will have when they grow up can help you understand the grooming needs they might have in the future and how to better take care of them.

Can Labradoodle Coats Have Different Colors?

Yes, they can. There are many various colors that Labradoodle coats can have. The most common and classic colors are white, caramel, and solid black. Other Labradoodle coat colors include apricot, chocolate bridle, peach, red, and different beautiful colors.

How Many Times Should I brush My Labradoodle Coat?

A few factors can detect the number of times you should brush your dog’s coat, such as their activities. Generally, brushing your Labradoodle’s fur coat at least once every week would be best. This will help keep them clean and sharp, ensuring they remain healthy and prevent matting.

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