Does a Goldendoodle Coat Change?

While we would love our Goldendoodles to stay small and little puppies forever, this is not something that will happen. As they get older, you will notice a lot of changes in the Goldendoodle outside of them just getting bigger. And one of the big changes that will show up is some changes in the hair and fur. But you may wonder whether the coat on your Goldendoodle is able to change or not and some of the changes you are likely to see with this.

The Goldendoodle coat does change. The soft puppy fur often falls out slowly starting when the puppy is between 6 to 10 months old. Within two years, they will get their adult fur, which is often tougher and curlier than before. The color of the coat can change as well, often lightening up as the dog gets older, though there are things you can do to help brighten it all up.

Let’s take a closer look at why the coat change happens with the Goldendoodle and some of the different things you can look for and expect when it comes to these coat changes in your dog based on their age, their nutrition, and how much time they spend outside.

Does a Goldendoodle Coat Change?

The Goldendoodle does see a coat change as they get older. This can be through different colors and more. For example, the fur that the Goldendoodle has when they are a small puppy will not be the same as it is when they get older.

Your puppy will lose the soft fur that they have when they first come home to you. This can eventually get replaced by a coarser fur that is often curlier in the process.

In addition, the adult coat is typically lighter than it was as a puppy. The puppy fur is most likely to fall out and shed when the puppy is between 6 to 10 months of age. However, it will take some time for the fur to completely change and it could be up to 2 years before the fully mature adult hair will start to come in.

There are a few changes that you may notice when it comes to the fur of your Goldendoodle. First, the adult fur is going to be tougher and curlier. You will notice as time goes on that the fur is not as soft as it once was. There is also a change in color most of the time as the Goldendoodle starts to get older.

While the puppy fur may be a darker brown or more of a Golden color, it is not uncommon for this to lighten up. Even for the darker hair types, white can start to creep in as well.

What Colors Can My Goldendoodle Be?

A Goldendoodle is going to be a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. They are a lot of fun to have around the home and they have different colors in their coat as well. You can find almost every color of the rainbow depending on the coat of their parents and which genes they tend to get from one or both of the parents.

For example, it is not uncommon for you to see a Goldendoodle that is silver, grey, caramel, apricot, brown, and black. They can also have different styles of their hair from straight, wavy, and curly.

The color of the coat is often going to come from the Poodle parent, though sometimes it will surprise you and come from the Golden Retriever as well. The fur is often low maintenance and the curlier the hair, the less shedding that would happen.


Why Is the Color Fading for My Goldendoodle?

There are a lot of different reasons why the hair color of your Goldendoodle is going to fade or start to change colors. Some of the most common include:


It is pretty common for the Goldendoodle to have their coat be lighter as they age. This is more common though when the Goldendoodle is light colored to start with.

The darker ones, including those with black hair, tend to not lighten up until they start to get more white. It is not uncommon for the coat of the dog to slowly change as they get older, especially as they get out of being a puppy.


It is surprising how much the nutrition will affect the coat of your dog. If the dog is not on a good diet and does not receive all of the minerals and vitamins that they need, this could lead to the coat being more faded than it should.

It could also result in more matted shedding in the coat because there are not enough vitamins in the food either. Change up the diet for your dog and see what a difference this makes in the health of their coat.


The sun may also be to blame when it comes to the coat color of the Goldendoodle. If your dog likes to spend a lot of their time outside playing, then this is most likely the cause.

While being out in the sun is good for your dog and will help them to get all that energy out and feel good, it can also cause the coat to fade at the same time. This happens because the sun will bleach the hair, similar to what it does for human hair.


Allergies can cause the dog to have a dull and patchy coat. If you notice that the Goldendoodle is itching and scratching all the time, then it is likely something is irritating the skin.

The skin that is irritated can cause a change in the color of the coat. In some cases, the allergies will get bad enough that they cause the dog to scratch and bite at the fur. This may lead to patches of matted or missing hair that can ruin the health of their coat. This will also make it more likely that their coat will fade.

Illness and Disease

If your dog is ill or has some disease, it is possible that this will cause the hair to fade in color somewhat. Almost any illness can cause this to happen. A sick dog will generally have a coat that will fade out.

It is more likely to happen when the illness or disease is severe. But as the dog starts to get healthier again, you will notice that the hair will get brighter too.

Can the Color Brighten on My Goldendoodle?

It is also possible that the color is going to see a brighter color in their coat. There are also a few things that you can do to help with this. These include:

The Seasons

As the seasons change and the sun starts to lessen in intensity, you may notice that the Goldendoodle could start to see their coat brighten.

The sun bleach from the summer will sometimes wear out and you will start to see the original colors of the fur show through again. You will notice some seasonal changes with the fur of your dog as well.


If you took care with the nutrition that you provide to the Goldendoodle, you will quickly notice a difference in the coat. Sometimes it will brighten up a bit, but it will also become more manageable over time.

The coat will become shinier and silkier in the process while helping the dog to be as healthy as possible. The proper minerals and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat in the Goldendoodle.


Grooming the dog is one of the best ways to improve their coat. When you give them a good brushing each day, not only does this help to get rid of the mats that show up in the fur, but it will spread around the essential oils that are in the fur.

These oils allow the coat to be shiny and look nice. Monthly baths are an important part of this process as well. Take care to do the bath well to help your Goldendoodle to stay healthy for the long term.


The overall health of the Goldendoodle is going to help affect the condition of their coat. For example, if your dog has just recovered from being sick, then it is likely the coat will brighten as they heal.

A healthy dog will produce the right amino acids and proper oils. A healthy dog is a happy dog that has a great coat.

Understanding the Coat for Your Goldendoodle

Each Goldendoodle is going to be unique and this can result in a lot of different colors in the coat that you see. Even two dogs from the same litter will have differences when it comes to their coat as well.

While there are some things that can change up the coat and giving them a healthy diet and lifestyle can make the coat better, you will find that each Goldendoodle is completely unique!

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