Is A Goldendoodle A Good House Dog?

I am sure some of you wonder which dogs make good house dogs, and particularly how the Goldendoodle rates.  I wonder about that too.  I did a bit of research yesterday and found out quite a lot about this topic.

I hope you will take a moment and read along.

Is a Goldendoodle a good house dog?

Yes, a Goldendoodle is a good house dog.  This friendly, loveable, and energetic companion animal makes a great family pet.  They are very gentle and fun loving, helping them get along with many people.  This friendliness isn’t limited to just adults as they get along great with children.  They also have a agreeable and loving nature that helps them get along with other dogs and cats that might live in a house. 

Goldendoodles can be very energetic, which can be beneficial for families with children that will delight in this dog’s warm, loving, and adventurous side.   They make a good house dog because they are brilliant and well mannered. 

Is A Goldendoodle A Good House Dog? 1

This behavior means that they will learn house training quickly and follow house rules.  The Goldendoodle is also a good house dog because it is considered hypoallergenic and low shedding.  The low shedding and hypoallergenic dog coat can be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies, and those who don’t like to have dog hair all over the house. 

For those pet parents that don’t like to clean all the time these dogs can be just the right fit for a house dog.  Due to their hybrid background, they are compassionate and bond strongly with those they love, their family.  The Goldendoodle is a well-rounded dog that makes a good house dog in various home settings and they also adapt well.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog that comes from purebred parents.  They take on the qualities of their crossbred parents.  These qualities of gentleness and friendliness will make a Goldendoodle a good house dog in numerous household setting.  From families with children to seniors, or families with multiple dogs, or even cats, they get along well with others and behave accordingly.

With a fun-loving personality that is sweet and friendly, they will enjoy spending time playing with everyone in the house.  Adventuresome and energetic, they make a good house dog that can keep up with children in all their activities.

They also make a good house dog for active seniors that want the comfort of a companion animal in their lives.  In this situation a Goldendoodle will enjoy the one on one attention that they receive and are readily willing to share their own love and affection. 

Is A Goldendoodle A Good House Dog?

While they do need exercise and attention they adapt well to various situations, households and people.  They also make a good house dog with seniors because they bond strongly and love being close to their family.

If a Goldendoodle is placed in a home with another dog or a cat they are friendly enough to share the home without causing much of a fuss.  They make a good house dog in these homes because they are very open and accepting.  Their character and temperament can make it easier for the other pet to live with them in harmony.

Another aspect of their breeding and background that makes them a good house dog is their intelligence and trainability.  With high intelligence and a people pleasing attitude they will learn what is expected easily and quickly.

Goldendoodles also have excellent quality of being hypoallergenic, making them a good house dog in those homes where someone suffers from allergies.

They received a coat of hair that is hypoallergenic from one of their pure bred parents.  Families with children who suffer allergies, and adults who suffer can have a dog and a safe and healthy home. 

This makes the Goldendoodle a good house dog in these unique situations.  Many people who suffer allergies struggle with wanting to have a dog but needing to protect their health.  The Goldendoodle comes to the rescue.

If this isn’t enough, for those individuals and families that don’t like dog hair everywhere or have no time to clean, the Goldendoodle is a good house dog because they are low shedding.

A Goldendoodle will make a good house dog in various home settings with a wide variety of people because they are versatile and have so many redeeming qualities.

What is considered a good house dog?

Various qualities make a dog, a good house dog.  Each family with have their own set of unique traits that they find appealing for their lifestyle.

That being said, there are some traits that every dog should have for them to be considered a good house dog, regardless of the home they live in.

A good house dog should be intelligent and trainable.  This trainability and smarts lends itself to a Goldendoodle learning what is expected of them in their home environment, and while around others. 

Is A Goldendoodle A Good House Dog?

They need to learn such things as to keep barking to a minimum, keep of the couch or to leave the cats food bowl alone.  This creates a harmonious life for everyone in the house, including the Goldendoodle.

A good house dog should also be friendly and loving.  This does not mean that they must hop on everyone’s lap when they sit on the couch and offer kisses.  However, they must be able to get along well with others, whether it is a child, a visitor, or the house cat. 

Certain breeds are better at this then others.  Dogs that are bred for dominant occupations such as guarding a house would make a good house dog for that purpose but not when it related to their relationship with others.

To be a good house dog, a Goldendoodle must like being indoors, at least a good part of the time.   They can be energetic but not to the point of being obnoxious or disturbing to others.   A good house dog should also enjoy spending time around others and being close to those they love, their family.

These few qualities are the basics of what makes any dog a good house dog, regardless of breeding.  Again, this depends on the family and what purpose they dog will hold in the family and house.

Is there any time when a Goldendoodle wouldn’t make a good house dog?

Yes but this depends on their purpose in the house and family.

If a Goldendoodle is to be a guard dog or watch dog in the house and family, then they wouldn’t make a good house dog.  They would not be the best or first choice in these situations. Their friendliness will not support their role as protector in a house so they wouldn’t make a good house dog in this situation.

Being a good or not good house dog is related to what the family is searching for in their four legged furry companion.  If they want a companion animal that will be friend, sleeping partner, comic relief and tag along buddy a Goldendoodle will win hands down.

If the families idea of a good house dog is a dog that keeps everyone in line including kids, other animals and intruders, then no a Goldendoodle wouldn’t make a good house dog.

Each dog breed, whether cross bred or pure bred has a specific purpose.  Guard dogs and working dogs have certain things they are good at.  This doesn’t mean they don’t make a good house dog, it depends on the house and family.

Goldendoodles are good at bonding, being companions and providing friendship and love.  This doesn’t mean they won’t tell you when an intruder is coming but they make a good house dog in those homes and families that want a dog for companionship.

Another area that determines if a Goldendoodle won’t make a good house dog, and that is training.  While they are intelligent, if for some reason an individual Goldendoodle resists training or has a rebellious nature they may not make a good house dog.

A Goldendoodle can suffer from separation anxiety, may also not be a good choice as a house dog.   Training can minimize this issue but only if they respond appropriately to training and a separation ritual.  If not, they may end up chewing things, scratching at doors, barking nonstop, and other negative behaviors when their loved ones are away.  These behaviors are not that of a good house dog.

It is important to note that even the most well trained and obedient Goldendoodle can have an off day, so patience must be given.

If the Goldendoodle is a good house dog, will they always get along with other dogs and cats?

Many a Goldendoodle will get along with other house pets because they have a very welcoming and loving personality.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be a case of one having an off day or simply not liking the other fur babies in the house.  This also doesn’t mean they aren’t a good house dog.

Each dog is unique in temperament and personality.  While the Goldendoodle is a dog that gets along with almost everyone, this is related to the crossbreed group as a whole.  Individuality and life circumstances can cause a dog to be friendly or not to another dog or a cat.

Is A Goldendoodle A Good House Dog?

Thankfully, however, their friendliness and gentle nature prevent this from being a problem.  For the pet parent that might rarely encounter this issue, time and patience will help the animal pair find a solution that works for them, whether that is avoidance or something else.

Final Thoughts

A Goldendoodle is a good house dog because of their numerous positive and redeeming qualities that so many people adore.

Whether it is their friendly and gentle personality or their low shedding and hypoallergenic coat of fur, they sure are a dog everyone can fall in love with!

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