Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Held?

I bet some of you have thought about whether or not Goldendoodles like to be held.  I know this thought has crossed my mind from time to time.  With all that cuteness, they probably get plenty of physical attention but do they like it? I am curious to know.

I had some spare time today so I thought I would investigate; hope you enjoy the information I located.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Held?

Yes, Goldendoodles do like to be held.  The Goldendoodle is as loveable and affectionate as they look, like the teddy bears they look like.  They enjoy being held and spending time close to their loved ones. 

Whatever the loving activity is, they enjoy snuggling, cuddling, giving kisses, and of course, being held.  Being held provides them with the opportunity to share the abundance of love and affection they have to share. 

This also provides them with increased moments to be available for any love, affection, and physical touch that their loved ones want to share.  Each Goldendoodle will be unique in how much they like to be held on a given day and for how long. 

They will not necessarily prefer who holds them, from one family member to another and perhaps even the neighbor. They will readily accept love and affection from all because they have an amiable, loving nature that makes it natural for people to want to hold them.  This nature is due to their genetic breeding from two pure bred dogs that both are very friendly and affectionate.

The Goldendoodle is a cross-bred dog that enjoys being held a lot.  These dogs are bred from two distinct purebred dogs that are both loveable, affectionate, and friendly people pleasers.

Due to their parental background, they have traits of being very affectionate, loving, and friendly.  These character traits lend themselves well to Goldendoodle which is one of the reasons so many people adore these dogs.  It also doesn’t hurt that they look like a teddy bear, which, of course, are cuddly, soft, and loveable.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Held?

They like being held and will love nothing more than to spend lots of time in the arms of those they care about most.  The Goldendoodles’ affectionate nature will mean that they not only like to be held but also that they thrive best when they receive this attention.

Being held for the Goldendoodle offers numerous opportunities to receive loving affection and attention and share it.  This makes them a perfect companion animal for many individuals and families.

While every Goldendoodle will have their unique personality and way of expressing and receiving love, being held will always be vital for them, it allows them to be close and physically connected to loved ones which is what they were bred for.

Goldendoodles are very friendly, so it is possible that many of them will not be too particular as to who is holding them.  Depending on how strong the bond is between them and their loved ones, some Goldendoodles will prefer their pet parents.  If given a choice between their pet parents and someone new, they will likely choose those they love.

New house guests and friends will still experience the wealth of love they have to share by the Goldendoodle being held, but it may be for a shorter period. This being held by a newcomer can be thought of follows:

Hi, welcome to our house, I am so glad you’re here to visit, it’s nice to meet you.  You can pet me if you want.  Here let me give you a kiss to show you.  Okay, see we love having new house guests so lets find something fun to do.

That might be about it, and then they might want to get down on the floor or back into familiar, loving arms for the time being until they know you better.

This reaction can be different for every Goldendoodle and varies depending on personality traits and the household’s mood.

Is there a way to increase the amount of time a Goldendoodle likes to be held?

Yes, there is a way to increase the amount of time a Goldendoodle likes to be held.  While want can’t imagine this being a problem since Goldendoodles are known to be love bugs, it’s easily fixed if that is the case.

For the Goldendoodle that happens to be less affectionate than the rest, spend more time showing affection, love, and attention to the Goldendoodle while they are being held can increase the chance that they will want more of it.

Set aside time or various time slots throughout the day where they are picked up and held either while moving about the house or sitting down to relax.  Use this time to talk to them, sharing words of praise and affection.

Offering some good scratches, or pets and a good old belly rub while in these moments offer an even greater positive vibe and connection.  Pet parents can share things with them while being held, talk about what type of game you want to play with them, use their name, and shower them with love and affection while the Goldendoodle is being held will bring positive results.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Held?

With repeated exposure to this level of physical touch, holding, and positive affection, they will respond in kind by wanting more of it, as well as offering their own.  We all respond to increased affection positively.

If a Goldendoodle likes to be held too much, how do I decrease this without upsetting them?

If a Goldendoodle happens to like to be held too much, the way to decrease this without upsetting them can be to shorten the time they are held.

Some people who are pet parents to Goldendoodles may not need as much physical attention as their dogs.  This can be an affective remedy that works because it doesn’t completely change being held, only shortens it or limits the time.

Each time they are being held, shorten it slowly to what feels comfortable.  This way, the Goldendoodle still receives physical attention, but the time frame is shorter to take into account for the pet parents’ needs.  This is being considerate to both Goldendoodle and pet parents.

If that doesn’t work, then it is possible to keep longer sessions where the Goldendoodle is being held but lessen how often.  Perhaps three times a day, they are held for a half-hour, it can be swapped to two sessions for forty minutes, or whatever works.

When these holding sessions are shortened either in quantity or time, it is always essential to ensure that the Goldendoodle’s time is real connection time.  The shortened time should be quality time that meets their needs as a dog as well as the pet parents.  Nothing should be lost in connection or bonding just because the amount of time spent is different.

Can I teach my Goldendoodle other ways to show affection that won’t include being held?

Yes, you can teach a Goldendoodle other ways to show affection that won’t include being held.  Each time they want to be held, you can redirect their attention to another activity that will be equally connected.

For instance, they want to be held, and you get down on the floor for a few minutes and play some games and activities that bring you both closer together and more connected.  During this play, you can pat them on the head, scratch their belly, lay beside them, and whatever else brings you both happiness.

While some dogs may not like this physical attention as much, they can grow into it with time and patience.  It may never replace their need and want for being held, but the Goldendoodle may accept it with time.  Some dogs may insist and still want to be held, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, despite each dog having its way of expressing love.

Are there other ways to express affection and love for my Goldendoodle that doesn’t include them being held?

Yes, there are numerous ways to express affection and love for your Goldendoodle that doesn’t include holding them.

Having the Goldendoodle sit or lay beside you while you offer them the much-needed physical connection they crave can go a long way.  Resting a hand gently on them, petting their head, scratching their ears, and giving a good old belly rub offer great physical connection. Other ideas include getting on the floor for some wrestle around time, and playing with them to connect, bond, and create a stable, loving relationship with a Goldendoodle that doesn’t keeps both you and them happy.

Closing Comments

Being held is as vital as breathing.  Goldendoodles need this just as much as we do.

Their gentle and loving nature makes them magnets for this type of attention, and thankfully they thoroughly enjoy it.  So reach out, pick up that Goldendoodle puppy and give them some loving attention. You will benefit just as much as they do!

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