7 Reasons Your Dog Buries His Head In The Couch

If you have ever seen your dog neck-deep on your couch, you’re probably thinking, “why do dogs bury their head in the couch?” Whether it is because you want to protect your furniture or are curious about when your dog developed this habit, there is no denying that every dog is unique, and understanding their behaviors and personalities can be a little confusing.

7 Reasons Your Dog Buries His Head In The Couch 1

Why does my dog bury his head in the couch?

Your dog could be burying his head on the couch as a way to relax, find comfort, or because he is stressed and anxious. Your dog could also be reaching for food stuck in the folds of the couch or wanting to scratch his face or nose. He may also be trying to mark the couch as his territory.

That being said, there are loads of positive as well as negative reasons that make a dog bury his head on the couch. Your dog might be looking for your attention or silently asking for a treat. It is definitely strange, but you must consider whether something in your home is different and how long your dog has been doing this.

As dog experts, we’re here to clear up your confusion and resolve your concerns. Here, we will look at different reasons a dog may bury his head in the couch, how to proceed, and whether or not this should concern you.

Why Do Dogs Bury Their Head on the Couch?

Keep in mind that every dog, regardless of its breed, will bury his head in the couch at some point. It is a normal trait, just like dogs bury their heads in the ground, on blankets, and even within the clothes of their masters.

However, the reason why dogs do this might differ. Here are a few reasons why your dog is burying his head in the couch:

1. Stress and Anxiety

If your dog is feeling anxious or stressed, you will notice that their body language becomes more pronounced, and they might pace around the house or start to growl at random times. During these times, the couch is seen as a hiding place where dogs can escape. All they need is a piece of furniture behind which they can conceal themselves from their human friends.

Another behavior pattern you might see is your dog digging and laying on the couch, often throwing around the pillows to find a comfortable spot.

Usually, dogs do this when they find themselves in an uncomfortable position and want to divert their attention elsewhere so they can remain distracted.

7 Reasons Your Dog Buries His Head In The Couch 2

2. Method of Relaxing

Most humans should be able to understand this reason- after all, you probably purchased the couch so that you could unwind on it after a long day!

Your couch is not only super comfortable for you but also for your dog. In a number of ways, a couch resembles a dog’s bed. If your couch is adorned with many blankets or cushions, your dog might naturally gravitate toward it.

There might be nothing bothering your dog, but the sight of all the pillows might make your dog want to relax and get comfortable on a lazy Saturday.

3. Hunger Instinct from When They Were Younger

Younger dogs are more prone to burying their head on the couch, but this personality trait might also be seen in older dogs as they progress through life.

Newborn puppies spend most of their young lives with their heads buried within their mother as they drink her milk and fall asleep.

When dogs grow up, they might portray the same trait as a response to hunger. They may be trying to tell you that they are hungry and will often quit burying their head in your couch as soon as you get them some food and they are full and satisfied.

4. Marking Territory

There are a number of reasons why dogs sniff. After all, the sense of smell is vital for dogs- it is how they understand the world around them.

Many dog owners know that their dogs commonly mark their territory by urinating on a certain spot. While this is true, a dog’s nose is also very powerful and carries a number of scents.

When you find your dog burying its head in your couch or clothes, it may be because your dog is trying to mark its territory. This is a behavior pattern that is displayed by lots of other animals as a way to mark their dominance.

5. Feeling Itchy

Your dog might have a rash that is itching on their face or nose that they can’t seem to get to with their paws. For us humans, it is an easy task- all you have to do is free your hands and scratch away.

However, dogs are not as fortunate. They find it difficult to reach certain spots on their body, even when they are feeling extremely itchy. However, when they bury their heads on your couch, they might be feeling some relief as the pillows may help them in itchy hard-to-reach places.

6. Winter Season

Winters can get extremely cold. Everyone likes to snuggle up in their blankets as the temperature drops to keep themselves warm when the hot summer months finally come to an end.

When it gets chilly, dogs use their fur to keep themselves warm. However, some dog breeds do not have as much fur on their bodies, or you might have groomed them so that their fur is shorter than it used to be.

Due to this, your dog may find that curling up on the couch and burying their head in the pillows might help them preserve heat, keeping their bodies warm and comfortable. On days like these, don’t think twice before joining your furry friend on the couch and cuddling with it so that you both can stay warm.

7. Hidden Food

You would be surprised to know that dogs have a sense of smell that is much, much stronger than their human counterparts. If we were to put a number on it, their nasal sense could be 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than that of humans.

If you have lost a toy or dropped some food on your couch without realizing it, your dog might be on the lookout for it. This is why it may have its head buried in the folds of your couch at all times. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and it is hard to distract them once they want something.

Moreover, if you have gotten your couch covers washed and find your dog buried within the fresh covers, it may be because it finds their scent delicious! Dogs are playful yet strange creatures who get fascinated by the simplest of things. That is why we love them so much.

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