Will Two Male Goldendoodles Get Along? Secrets To Success!

After owning a Goldendoodle for a few years, I was a little hesitant to buy a second one since I wasn’t sure if two male Goldendoodles would get along.

Will Two Male Goldendoodles Get Along? Secrets To Success! 1

Will two male Goldendoodles get along?

Two male Goldendoodles will usually get along since Goldendoodles are naturally friendly and caring dogs. Male Goldendoodles get along with each other just as well as they get along with any other dog breed.

Goldendoodles are one of my favorite dogs since they are so easy-going and can get along with humans and other dog breeds. Though male dogs from some other breeds may be prone to fighting, male Goldendoodles tend to be more accepting of other male Goldendoodles.

Do Male Goldendoodles Get Along With Each Other?

Having one Goldendoodle in our household brought us great joy, but having two male Goldendoodles made each day even more joyful and lively.

On top of getting along with each other, male Goldendoodles are likely to be entertained with each other since they are typically very playful.

Our first male Goldendoodle seemed to really appreciate having another Goldendoodle around to join in his adventures.

When it was time to buy our second Goldendoodle, I wasn’t sure if it was better to get a male or female Goldendoodle.

As much as I love Goldendoodles as a whole, there was only enough space in our house to accommodate one more dog.

Before picking another Goldendoodle, I wanted to make sure two male Goldendoodles would get along and not fight over food and territory.

However, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and think two male Goldendoodles would cause a ton of mischief.

Even though I read plenty of books, articles, and online message board posts about Goldendoodles, I wanted to check for myself if our first male Goldendoodle would get along with another male Goldendoodle.

Will Two Male Goldendoodles Get Along? Secrets To Success! 2

Since Goldendoodles were relatively rare for me to see in our community, it was hard for me to quickly find another male Goldendoodle to interact with our dog.

When I was finally able to arrange an appointment with another male Goldendoodle, I was excited to see how our dog, Popcorn, would react.

When we met with other male Goldendoodle’s owners at a nearby park, I could instantly see the excitement in both Popcorn and the other dog.

I’m not sure if this contributed to their excitement, but perhaps since seeing another male Goldendoodle was such a rare sight to both dogs, it made both dogs even more excited to play with each other.

After playing with each other for an hour or so, it was clearly evident Popcorn would be fine with another male dog Goldendoodle.

Though it was great to see Popcorn get along so well with another male Goldendoodle, we later learned that Chester had lots of experience being around another male Goldendoodle.

I tried to not think about it too much and focused more on finding a second male Goldendoodle that would be a good fit for Popcorn.

Since all dogs have their own personality quirks and preferences, I knew there would be some risk it wouldn’t work out well.

I was very confident it would eventually work out if we took good care of both dogs and gave them time to get acquainted.

When we found the listing for a male Goldendoodle that looked similar to Popcorn, we decided to visit the other dog to see how they would react to each other.

Popcorn seemed to be fine around the new male Goldendoodle, so we decided to buy it and name it Finn.

Though Popcorn and Finn seem to get along, it wasn’t exactly the same as it was when Popcorn met Chester at the park.

Popcorn seemed to be more hesitant to get close to Finn, which was likely due to Finn’s much smaller size.

On the other hand, Finn was adorably excited around Popcorn, which was likely due to his immaturity and newness to the world.

Since Goldendoodles crave lots of love and affection from their owners, they are often very perceptive of how humans act, so it’s important to give your Goldendoodles equal attention.

Even if you show love to both Goldendoodles, one might feel sad if he thinks he’s getting less love and affection than the other Goldendoodle.

Much of how you treat your dog depends on the specific traits your dog exhibits, so you shouldn’t follow any hard and fast rules when doing anything with your dog.

I would normally see Popcorn being the more caring dog by letting Finn get away with rough play and taking toys away.

To make sure we create a harmonious environment for our Goldendoodles, we try to avoid putting them in situations where conflict may arise.

For example, we try to make sure we feed both dogs the same amount of food at the same time.

It’s probably so secret that dogs value food very much, even compared to getting love and affection from their owners.

To make sure you and your dogs are safe, you should avoid managing food in a way that might make your dogs aggressive.

We try to feed our male Goldendoodles an equal amount of food and treats so they won’t feel any jealousy and act out with aggression.

What Other Male Dogs Get Along With Male Goldendoodles?

Since we often bring our male Goldendoodles to public parks, they often encounter other male dogs and have positive and fun experiences.

Male dogs that come from breeds that are friendly and have other traits of a Goldendoodle usually get along well with our male Goldendoodles.

Though basing your interactions on common character traits is a good start, you should always be cautious when your dog encounters other dogs for the first time as they may have personal traits that might stir up conflict.

Some of those traits could be adverse to the specific traits of your male Goldendoodle.

When encountering a stray dog, you should keep in mind that even friendly breeds can be aggressive when they are hungry or feel threatened in some kind of way.

Since we sometimes encounter aggressive dogs from breeds that are usually calm, we have learned to be cautious regardless of positive experiences with other dogs from the same breed.

How To Test Compatibility With Your Male Goldendoodle

One of the best ways to see if your particular Goldendoodle can get along with another male Goldendoodle is to seek out dogs in a public area or arrange an appointment to have your dog play with another dog.

We often have our male Goldendoodles play in public parks to build up their comfort level around strangers and other dogs.

If your Goldendoodle can get along with a group of dogs from various breeds, there’s a much greater chance they’ll get along with other male Goldendoodles.

Getting a male Goldendoodle to get along with another male Goldendoodle isn’t just a matter of breed and gender compatibility, it’s also a matter of compatibility between a dog’s individual traits.

The more your dog is comfortable around other humans, dogs, and other animals, the more they should be comfortable being around other male Goldendoodles.

Key Takeaways

  • Male Goldendoodles get along well with other friendly dogs, including other male Goldendoodles.
  • Though male Goldendoodles are generally caring and accepting of other dogs, you should be cautious when introducing new dogs to your Goldendoodle.
  • To get your male Goldendoodle better acquainted with other dogs, you might consider taking them to a park or other area with a variety of dogs.

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