What Does A Poodle Look Like Without A Haircut?

If you are a Poodle owner, you will quickly realize that a haircut does these pups a lot of good, but what do they look like without one? Poodles are an incredible breed of dogs and are highly regarded for their loyalty, intelligence, and of course – their unique coats. However, their coats require a considerable amount of maintenance, grooming, and upkeep, which is why a lot of owners wonder what their Poodle would look like if their hair was to run wild.

What Does A Poodle Look Like Without A Haircut? 1

What Does A Poodle Look Like Without A Haircut?

A Poodle without a haircut will look messy. The Poodle’s hair will continue to grow excessively long, matted, knotted, smelly, and oily over time. This can also lead to health complications such as skin infections. 

Poodles stand out among a lot of their fellow canine counterparts, given that they have hair instead of fur. Dogs that have fur tend to be much more self-sufficient with their coats, as they will shed and essentially groom themselves. 

Dog breeds such as Standard Poodles, on the other hand, have hair which comes with a lot of benefits for a household, but it also implies that you will need to manage and take care of their coats. 

This can become quite laborious and costly, which is why many owners are curious about what their pups would like without a haircut at all. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at Poodle coats, how to manage them, and what the risks are of leaving them ungroomed. 

After extensively researching Poodle coats, I have been able to gather enough information to determine what this breed would look like without a haircut. 

My research has indicated that grooming Poodles is going to be mandatory, as a failure to do so will result in a poor aesthetic and even health problems for the dog. 

What Do Poodles Look Like Naturally?

Without a haircut, your Poodle will look messy, to say the least. After they are puppies, Poodles need to have their hair cut and they require regular grooming in order to stay happy and healthy. Show dogs need a lot more maintenance.

The coat of a Poodle is not like that of a typical dog with fur, as they are a breed that will suffer without maintenance. 

If you do not cut a Poodle’s hair, they look unattractive and will start to develop health problems. This is what your Poodle will look like naturally if you do not give them a haircut.

Excessively Long Hair

You can correlate the hair of a Poodle much closer to a human’s than you can another type of dog with fur. Consider what you would look like without a haircut. Your Poodle’s appearance will not be far off. 

Unlike a dog with fur, a Poodle’s hair will just continue to grow and grow – becoming excessively long. Although some people like the aesthetic of having long hair – you are not going to do your pup any justice by neglecting its coat in this way. 

Your Poodle’s long hair will become tedious in its day-to-day life. Although some people can procrastinate a Poodle haircut for a week or two, stretching it past this will result in your dog’s appearance suffering quite a lot.

What Does A Poodle Look Like Without A Haircut? 2


Maintaining a Poodle’s coat is more than your pup can handle on its own. The long hair will attract dust, dirt, and other debris, which will make your Poodle quite gross and unsanitary. 

Over time, you will find that your dog’s coat will start to become discolored as it catches more and more dirt. 

Eventually, the coat will become so dirty that it develops a very unpleasant oily texture. This will not only affect the physical appearance of your Poodle, but it will also cause them to carry around a very unpleasant smell, which can easily stink up a room or even your whole house. 

You can try to keep your pup’s hygiene in order by giving it frequent baths, but this will ultimately be a poor solution to getting a simple haircut. 

Matted & Knotted

It should come as no surprise that your Poddle’s coat will start to get quite matted and knotted. Without a haircut, your Poodles coat will run wild and become jungle-like. The hairs will start to intertwine together and they will get tangled up.

Thick masses of hair will develop throughout your Poodle’s coat. This is something that a simple bath will not fix. The appearance of your Poodle’s coat will look poor and petting them will feel unpleasant. Again, you can try to remedy this by brushing them, but overall, a haircut is going to be the most logical solution.


Poodles are not known for shedding. In fact, they are considered to be one of the best hypoallergenic dogs for people with allergies. 

If you bought your Poodle for its hypoallergenic qualities, you are going to find yourself sneezing much more often if you neglect their grooming needs. 

Once a Poodle’s coat gets long enough, it will start to shed its hair to cope with the lack of grooming. You will begin to see bits of hair all over your home, furniture, and clothes, which will require more frequent cleaning, washing, and upkeep from your end – regardless of whether you are allergic to dogs. 

Health Problems

Aside from the poor aesthetic that your Poodle will have without a haircut, one of the biggest reasons to keep your pup regularly groomed is to prevent certain health problems from developing. The most common of which are skin infections. 

Poodles that do not get routine haircuts have been known to get skin infections – especially if grooming is procrastinated constantly and excessively. The Poodle will develop red blotches on their skin underneath all of that hair which will irritate them and make them suffer.

If the skin infection is not treated immediately, it can easily start to develop in other parts of the body. At this point, a simple haircut is not going to resolve the problem and your Poodle is going to require medical treatment from a veterinarian. 

How Often Should I Cut My Poodle’s Hair? 

Your Poodle needs to get a haircut every 4 to 8 weeks. With that being said, there is some fluctuation here because each Poodle is different and people like their pups to have different hairstyles. 

The rate at which a Poodle’s hair grows varies from Poodle to Poodle. There is no set-in-stone figure for this but 8 weeks is usually about as long as you can push it before you start seeing negative drawbacks in appearance. 

If you see that your Poodle’s hair grows excessively fast, then you should expect grooming to be frequent – with 4 to 6 weeks being quite common for a lot of owners. 

However, another important factor to consider is that Poodles have a wide variety of different hairstyles. Poodles are a fashionable breed and you can choose the aesthetic that you want your pup to have based on your tastes. If you want your pup to look presentable and have a consistent appearance, this may require even more frequent grooming. 

Is it Okay to Shave a Poodle? 

Do not shave your Poodle. You may have noticed that a lot of Poodles can have bare skin on certain parts of their bodies, which may make you wonder if you can simply shave them when you get them groomed.

This is not advisable as a Poodle’s coat gives it a lot of protection from its external environment. It is quite common for Poodles to get sunburned when they are shaved in warm or hot climates. 

Although you can technically put sunscreen on your dog’s skin, it is much better to just leave them with some hair. In addition, a Poodle’s coat protects them from the cold. These pups rely on their hair to stay warm, which can be particularly uncomfortable and even dangerous for them in a cold region. 

What you can do, however, is shave certain parts of your Poodle to keep certain aesthetics alive. However, you should choose your Poodle’s haircut carefully based on the environment that you live in and, of course – the appearance that you want it to have.

Types of Poodle Haircuts 

Your Poodle can be groomed to fit any number of different haircuts and styles. These pups have very dynamic coats that can be trimmed and shaved in many different ways, which makes them one of the most fashionable breeds that you can get. 

With that being said, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of Poodle haircuts that are out there. Although there are dozens of Poodle cuts to consider, these are among the most popular options. 

Lion Cut

Perhaps the most famous Poodle cut of them all is the Lion Cut. If you have always wanted a pet lion, trimming your Poodle to fit this aesthetic is probably about as close as you are going to get to owning one.

This cut involves shaving some parts of your Poodle to be bare-skinned such as the back legs so that you can shape hair in certain areas such as the ears, chest, and paws to resemble a lion. 

Modern Cut

If you like the way your Poodle’s hair looks after about 2 to 4 weeks of growth and want to keep it that way, the Modern Cut is a great option. This is a simple cut and keeps your pup looking natural – while staying tidy and well-kept at the same time. 

Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is irresistible to a lot of owners, which is why it is one of the most popular options. Much like the name implies this hairstyle is all about making your Poodle look like a teddy bear – with your pup’s face hair getting rounded and the rest of the coat around the body getting cut mid-length.

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