What Is An Australian Goldendoodle? Crikey!

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in demand for designer pets – with the Australian Goldendoodle being an up-and-coming breed to consider. Mix-breed dogs like the Australian Goldendoodle, combine the best qualities of various pure-breds into one pup, which enables owners to control the characteristics of their canine companions. However, the Australian Goldendoodle is particularly complex as it combines multiple hybrid dogs together. 

What Is An Australian Goldendoodle? Crikey! 1

What Is An Australian Goldendoodle?

The Australian Goldendoodle is a mix between the English Goldendoodle and Australian Labradoodle. This is a dynamic breed that can contain as many as 6 different dog breeds and is known for its playful personality, hypoallergenic qualities, and wide range of size options. 

We are finding that dog breeders are getting more and more experimental with their work. At one point, pure-bred dogs seemed to be most desirable by owners, but this has taken a turn – with the demand for designer dogs skyrocketing. 

Each dog has its own specific characteristics and personality traits, which come with benefits and drawbacks. 

Professional dog breeders have been combining various breeds together to bring out the best qualities of each canine. This is happening with various breeds and one of the most dynamic pups that you can get is the Australian Goldendoodle. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the Australian Goldendoodle in more detail.

After extensively researching the Australian Goldendoodle, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the qualities and characteristics of this breed. 

My research has indicated that given the complexity of this dog’s genetic makeup, it is best to buy one from a reputable breeder to ensure that its ancestral background is genuine.

Australian Goldendoodle History 

Australian Goldendoodles have not been around for a very long time – with the first breed popping up in the 1980s. This is not your everyday mix-breed canine as its genetic makeup is particularly complex. The two parent breeds required to breed the Australian Goldendoodle are the English Goldendoodle and Australian Labradoodle

The English Goldendoodle is bred from the Poodle and Golden Retriever. Whereas the Australian Labradoodle is a mix of Labrador Retriever and Poodle – with different variations of Spaniels being combined to give the breed interesting coat colors.

The Australian Goldendoodle is also referred to as the Doubledoodle – given the fact that it combines two ‘doodle’ breeds into one. With that being said, it is easy to confuse this breed with similar ones such as the Aussiedoodle. Although the names may sound similar, each breed does have a different genetic makeup and characteristics. 

Australian Goldendoodle Personality Traits 

What Is An Australian Goldendoodle? Crikey! 2

One of the main reasons why Australian Goldendoodles are on the rise is due to their amazing personality traits. These pups are incredibly loving and affectionate, which is why they are often irresistible to owners.

The Australian Goldendoodle is a pup that loves to love and it has dynamic personality traits that make it fit right into any household. 

This canine companion has a great temperament and does not have a bad bone in its body, which is why they are often regarded as the ideal family dog. However, these are really perfect dogs for anyone and everyone. The upbeat and playful personality of the Australian Goldendoodle is guaranteed to bring joy into your life.

In addition to being playful and friendly, the Australian Goldendoodle is also incredibly intelligent. Many owners are often baffled by how a single dog can have so many shining qualities. To understand this, we need to take into account the dynamic nature of this breed’s ancestry. 

Given the fact that the Australian Goldendoodle has genes from the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever, it is easy to see why they are so loving and affectionate. Whereas the intelligence and cleverness of the Australian Goldendoodle come from its Poodle background. 

Australian Goldendoodle Trainability

If there is one thing that you do not want to overlook with your pup it’s training. This is such a critical part of your dog’s development and it will greatly influence its personality and behavior in life, which is why trainability is an important characteristic of any canine. 

When you bring an Australian Goldendoodle into your life, you will be amazed by how quick these dogs are to learn. Their capacity for intelligence is astounding and they will be very intuitive when you start to train them. 

The trainability of the Australian Goldendoodle comes from its Poodle genes. Given the fact that the Australian Goldendoodle has Poodle genes from both sides of its genes, this pup is particularly intelligent and easy to train.

Australian Goldendoodle Size & Coat

One characteristic of the Australian Goldendoodle that is often more challenging to pinpoint is its size. The background of this pup is dynamic, to say the least, which can affect how small or how large it can be.

Although the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are generally quite predictable with how large they get, Poodles can greatly vary in this regard. 

The weight of the Australian Goldendoodle can fluctuate from 15 to 80 lbs. Whereas their height can be anywhere from 15 to 24 inches. This huge range in size characteristics is yet another quality that makes the Australian Goldendoodle such a complex breed. The reason for this fluctuation is due to how small and large Poodles can often be, as you can find this breed in the following sizes:

  • Toy
  • Miniature
  • Medium
  • Standard

Depending on the type of Poodles that were used to breed the Australian Goldendoodle, this pup can also vary in how small or large it gets. The Australian Goldendoodle can be even harder to gauge given that it is bred with two different Poodles. In order to get an exact size characteristic for a Goldendoodle, a breeder needs to mix two identically sized Poodles in the process.

A lot of owners tend to want a specific size for their pup before they buy it, which can be challenging to achieve with the Australian Goldendoodle. If you want a sure thing for your Goldendoodle, make sure that you are dealing with a professional and reputable breeder. 

Lastly, the coat of the Australian Goldendoodle can vary in characteristics. This is due to the breed having a huge variety in its genetic background. 

With that being said, these pups are regarded for their hypoallergenic qualities, as they are low-shedding dogs that have hair instead of fur. This makes them great options for people with pet allergies, however, their coat does require a considerable amount of grooming and upkeep to stay healthy and presentable.

Australian Goldendoodle Price

The price of an Australian Goldendoodle is not cheap. These are complex dogs and pretty much always require the skills and knowledge of a professional breeder, which is why they usually cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. However, there are Australian Goldendoodles sold for $3,500 and up. 

Although there are Australian Goldendoodles being sold for cheaper than this at around $600, these are often from amateur breeders or even puppy mills. 

Given the dynamic breeding process of the Australian Goldendoodle, you should make sure that you buy your pup from a breeder that knows what they are doing. 

Naturally, the biggest factor that influences the price of this dog is its breeding process. However, another characteristic that often results in an increased price is the size of the Australian Goldendoodle. Generally speaking, smaller variations of this breed are rarer and in higher demand, which is when Australian Goldendoodles can get very expensive.

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