What To Bring With You When Picking A Puppy From A Litter

Are you wondering what to bring when picking a puppy from the breeder? Here’s what to bring when picking up puppy from the breeder.

What should I bring with me when picking a puppy from a litter?

Make sure to bring the soft collar, leash, carrier or crate, camera, and soft treats whenever you go to the breeder to collect your puppy. No matter how exciting this is, ensure to pack the basics. After all, you want the puppy’s transition phase to be as comfortable as possible.

We sought to understand how best to get puppies from breeders and introduce them to their new homes. 

This led us to talk to many breeders and first-time pet owners. As a result, we discovered several items, most of which are categorized into different groups that your puppy needs to get used to their new surroundings. All these are captured below.

What To Bring With You When Picking A Puppy From A Litter 1

Supplies Related to Food and Nutrition

Besides the basics you must get when picking your puppy from the breeder, it is essential to go further and prepare for its arrival. 

This means getting the right food ready. When you pick your new puppy, chances are they are already weaned and eating independently.

Please focus on the puppy’s nutrition to help them adjust better in your home. Talk to your vet or breeder to know which foods are best balanced to meet the puppy’s needs and support healthy, wholesome growth and development. 

Some of the things you should concentrate on as far as food and nutrition are concerned include:

  • Getting puppy-specific foods
  • Go for soft treats that are great when training the puppy. It would be best if you asked the breeder or vet for the best recommendations.
  • Get an appropriate water dish.
  • Invest in a good food bowl for the puppy’s age and size
  • Have specially designated food containers for the puppy’s food.

What Supplies Do You Need for Comfortable Sleep?

You should expect challenges when your new puppy sleeps all through the night. The challenges are similar to those you may face with a new baby. 

However, with a bit of preparation and focus, it is possible to get the puppy to sleep better.

Here are a few things and supplies you may need to achieve this goal.

Get Soft Beds and Pillows

Remember, the goal is to make the puppy sleep comfortably. However, this can be a challenge if the puppy is a chewer. 

Use old blankets to set a comfortable space for them to avoid feeling the pinch when they destroy the beds within the first few days.

Get a Crate

Most puppies struggle when they don’t feel safe and protected. A crate is an excellent way to inspire a sense of safety and comfort. This feels like a special sleeping den specially designated for the dog only.

Get them Canine Lullabies

These are special songs that are perfect for restless puppies. These songs soothe and will ease the puppy to sleep.

What To Bring With You When Picking A Puppy From A Litter 2

How Do I Keep My Puppy Busy

Puppies are super playful and will be destructive when they are not engaged. Unfortunately, you may not always be available to play with the new puppy all the time. Ensure you provide toys and other tools to keep the puppies busy.

Get them Toys

Puppies will always appreciate toys. Make sure your puppy toys are strong, safe, and durable. Also, choose toys appropriate for the puppy’s size and age.

There are several types of puppy toys out there in the pet store. Ensure they are not hazardous and will not serve as choking agents. Below is a guide for choosing suitable toys for your puppies.

Chew toys should be made of hard rubber.

Always choose unstuffed toys and animals since puppies will constantly chew on the toys they play with and eventually get to the stuffings, which is unsafe.

Invest in fetching toys to keep your pipes active. These include flying disks and balls.

Get them safe rope toys that they can play tug with. Such toys help with flossing and exercising the puppy’s teeth.

Get toys that encourage your puppy to develop critical thinking skills. Go for treat-dispensing toys to achieve this.

Is Training and Walking Necessary for your New Puppy?

You may be so excited about getting a new puppy that it is possible to start training them too early.

Note that your vet recommends waiting until the puppy has had all their core vaccinations before taking them to public places such as dog parks, daycare, or boarding facilities.

Training is excellent, but ensure your puppy is safe enough to interact with other dogs and puppies.

Realistically, vets will recommend these activities to commence at five months when the pet has received all the essential vaccinations and treatments. Then, they are likely to survive and recover if they get infected when socializing with other dogs.

However, this does not mean the puppy should not get a basic workout. You can have them take walks inside your yard, where most things are controlled.

Introduce them to harnessing and leashes, and have them walk inside your fenced yard.

Some of the items you need for such training include:

A collar and leash. Get these, especially if you didn’t already get them when taking the puppy from the breeders. They can help with controlling the puppy when on walks.

Investing in no-choke harnesses for puppies is also a good idea.

Treat bags for training. You will undoubtedly be rewarding your puppy every time they get something right. 

ThisThis means that you may have to bring a few soft treats for this, and the best way is to carry them in a treat bag or pouch.

Get a puppy friendly first aid kit. You should always be prepared in case your puppy is hurt and you need to attend to it immediately.

Bring poop bags to collect any poop. Puppies may go during training, and you need to keep the environment clean.

Warm sweaters of puppy coats. These are important if you are training outdoors in cold weather.

What Do You Need for House Training?

In case you choose to potty house train your puppy, get the following supplies:

  • Potty-training pads for puppies
  • Odor-eliminating enzyme cleaners
  • Roll of paper towels to clean up messes
  • Appropriate pooper scooper for when you start going outside

What Grooming Supplies Do You Need for Your Puppy?

Puppies need to be kept clean and well-maintained. This requires special grooming. To achieve this, you need the following tools.

  • Puppy combbrush set
  • Puppy nail clippers
  • Puppy-safe shampoo/conditioner
  • Puppy ear cleanser
  • Soft cotton balls
  • Puppy brush. This is a soft rubber tip needed for the finger when brushing the teeth
  • Puppy-safe toothpaste

There are so many items you need to care for a puppy when you first get it. First, talk to the breeder to understand what you need.

What To Bring With You When Picking A Puppy From A Litter 3

Key Takeaways

  • Puppy care is delicate and should be prioritized
  • Getting your puppy from the breeder requires adequate preparation
  • Always find out which puppy supplies are essential when bringing the puppy home for the first time
  • Safety is a priority whenever you get the puppy from the breeder
  • Work closely with the vet and breeder when transitioning your puppy from the breeder.

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