Teddy Bear Puppies: Breed, Training, and Grooming Explained

Teddy Bear puppies are proving to be the new trend for pet owners as their demand increases both in the U.S. and abroad. So, what is a teddy bear puppy?

Teddy Bear Puppies: Breed, Training, And Grooming Explained 1

What’s a teddy bear puppy?

A Teddy Bear puppy is a crossbreed of Bichon Frise and Shin Tzu breeds. They are small-sized and physically cute dogs with a hypoallergenic coat. They closely resemble teddy bear toys and are known as Shuchon or Zuchon.

As an owner for the past three years and with reviews of other owners, I’ll give you the good and bad of adopting or buying a Teddy Bear puppy for a pet.

I also asked dog breeders why Teddy Bear puppies are gaining popularity over other small-sized dogs. Here are some qualities that make Teddy Bear puppies so popular.

What Is The Physical Appearance of Teddy Bear Puppies?

Here are some key physical characteristics that set Teddy bear puppies apart from other small breed dogs.

  • They are small in size even in adulthood, reaching an average height of 12 inches. An adult, a Teddy Bear dog, weighs between 12 to 14 pounds.
  • The dog breed has a round face, attractive eyes, and a button nose, with a squashed muzzle earning the name for the lovable toys.
  • They have drooping medium-length ears and wags their fluffy tail.
  • Teddy Bear breeds coats are soft and fluffy, which you can clip or keep long. Their skin comes in many colors, making each dog look unique, unlike other breeds in the category, such as Bichon Frise.
Teddy Bear Puppies: Breed, Training, And Grooming Explained 2

What Are The Character Traits Of Teddy Bear Puppies?

Teddy puppies are a mix of two breeds and inherit many good qualities their parents have. The dogs are affectionate, calm-tempered, and friendly. 

These dogs make friends among other furry friends and socialize with other pets, including cats.

They love cuddling their owners and spending time with them, so if you leave your Teddy Bear dog for long,  they may get anxious. The dogs enjoy playing hide and seek, chewing toys, and solving treat puzzles.

Teddy Bear dogs also like swimming, fetching, and roaming on their own. These family-oriented dogs seek opportunities to be held, spoiled, cuddled, and pampered.

Teddy Bear Dogs Have the Following Temperament Traits.

  • They love human company
  • They are less vocal than their counterparts. Teddy Bear dogs will alert you when there is a visitor, but they don’t create nuisance barking.
  • The breed is eager to please and intelligent, making them learn quickly.

Teddy Bear dogs make the best furry friends with kids. Their size and gentleness make them safe to play with small children; the dogs are agile and mischievous enough to entertain older kids and grown-ups.

 Is It Difficult To Train Teddy Bear Dogs?

Teddy Bear Puppies: Breed, Training, And Grooming Explained 3

These dogs inherit both their parents’ traits, Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, who are intelligent and eager to learn. 

Teddy bears are the easiest dog breed to train. Arm yourself with treats, and then you will have an apt learner who loves following orders.

However, dogs have some minor weaknesses that will come out no matter their intelligence, as there are animals too. 

They are not difficult to train, but repetitive tricks bore them and become distant. Ensure you have yummy treats and toys during training to win the attention of the Teddy Bear dog.

You will have fun training a Teddy Bear Puppy, and the experience is rewarding. The dogs are attentive and eager to learn new tricks.

They show off what they know and will try a lot to please the owner. Treat your Teddy Bear accordingly, and you will have a loyal and affectionate friend.

How Often Do Teddy Bear Dogs Need To Exercise?

Unlike other small-breed dogs, Teddy Bears are not that much active. They require moderate exercise to maintain a healthy life and be fit. 

They, however, need to engage in physical activities and may need daily walks or a few hours of play to be happy. 

Why not take your fur and enjoy their company as you burn those extra calories? They also love spending time with their owners, so expect most of the time to cuddle and get kisses from a Teddy Bear puppy.

Are There Specific Grooming Requirements For Teddy Bear Puppies?

All dogs require regular grooming to keep them healthy and clean. To maintain your Teddy Bear’s cute look, you must regularly groom the dog. The breed is hypoallergenic, meaning they don’t shed much fur.

Their face and the soft, fluffy coat earn them the name Teddy Bear dog. You can opt to maintain your furry friend’s skin long or trim it according to your preferences.

Grooming Responsibilities For a Teddy Bear Puppy

  • The coat needs regular brushing, at least twice or thrice a week, to become matted and have knots that make grooming difficult, while the Teddy Bear loses their cute look.
  • Bathe your Teddy Bear at least once a month to maintain shiny fur.
  • Brushing your Teddy Bear’s teeth is recommended, and cleaning their ears to prevent infections and other diseases that may arise from the accumulation of dirt.

Good grooming leads to a healthy life, and I recommend that you don’t neglect your little Teddy Bear. 

An Unkempt Teddy Bear coat can lead to painful hotspots in your pet’s skin, and it can also attract external pests like fleas and may result in skin infections.

It also ensures you live in a safe environment while having a joyful, healthy furry friend. 

Dogs are known to carry pests that they can transmit to humans, so those baths will keep your dog healthy and protect you and your loved ones.

Key Takeaways

  • A Teddy Bear puppy will fit nicely in limited spaces like apartments.
  • Due to the size of Teddy Bear puppies, they are safe when playing with small children
  • The American Kennel Club officially intends to recognize the Teddy Bear dog as a breed.
  • Teddy Bears come in various colors, and you will have plenty of choices. Some have a single-colored coat, but many come in a shade of two or more.
  • Teddy Bear dogs are playful and like joining their owners in games. 

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