Why Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs? (7 Reasons Why They’re Great!)

A Mini Goldendoodle can be a great addition to your home. 

They are a smaller version of your favorite Goldendoodle, giving you a lot of the love that you need with all the great features that you need in a dog in your home. 

As you are deciding which breed of dog is right for your family, you may wonder why the mini Goldendoodle is a good choice for you. 

Why Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs?

Mini Goldendoodles are good dogs for families. They are intelligent, easy to train, loyal, easy-going, low-shedding, and have one of the best temperaments out there. Mini Goldendoodles combine everything great about Poodles and Golden Retrievers but in a more compact size than Standard Goldendoodles.

There are a lot of different reasons why the Goldendoodle is a good dog for your family to enjoy.

They are loyal and friendly, they get along with children, and they have a great temperament as well. 

7 Reasons Mini Goldendoodles Are Great Dogs!

Some of the big reasons why you should consider a generation of Mini Goldendoodle for your family include:

Why Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs? (7 Reasons Why They’re Great!) 1

Reason #1 – They are Smaller and Better for Apartments

The mini Goldendoodle is naturally smaller than their Goldendoodle counterpart. 

This can help a lot of families that may be deterred a bit by the bigger size of the traditional Goldendoodle. 

The regular Goldendoodle is going to be 50 pounds or heavier. 

While there are many dog breeds that are much bigger than this, this can be large if you are not ready for such a big dog or you are worried about fitting this dog into your apartment. 

A better option is to go with a mini Goldendoodle. 

They are a smaller size, helping them fit in your home or apartment a little bit better. 

They are also easier to clean up after because you do not have a dog that is quite as big for your living space. 

They still provide all the great love and attention that you need from the Goldendoodle. 

Having a big dog is sometimes a challenge, but a smaller one is going to make them easier to manage and can help with having them fit into your apartment or small home as well. 

Reason #2 – They Have a Great Temperament

The Goldendoodle is known for having a great temperament that every family is going to love. 

They rarely get upset or mad when they are playing with children, even when the children are a little bit rough. 

While parents do need to monitor the children to make sure the dog is fine, you will find that the Goldendoodle loves to rough house and have a lot of fun with the children in your home.

They will not bite, they have a lot of fun playing and running around, and you can easily train them on how to behave around the home. 

They know how to stay calm and relax all the time, but they also know how to have a lot of fun. 

When compared to some of the other dogs you can choose for your home, you will find that the temperament of the Goldendoodle is much better than a lot of other types of dogs. 

They are friendly, they are up for any adventure, and they have a lot of energy to help wear your kids out and give them some of the workout and more that they need. 

As long as you give them some love and attention, this breed will be your friend forever. 

Reason #3 – They are Easy to Train

The Goldendoodle is an easy dog to train and everyone in the family can get in on the fun when it is time to do this. 

Your Goldendoodle likes to have a bit of a challenge along the way, enjoying learning something new and having time with their owners. 

You can quickly teach them the rules of the home and after a few repetitions, they will have it down. 

While other dogs take some time to learn basic commands and to go through training, the Goldendoodle can catch onto things very quickly. 

As an owner of the Goldendoodle, it is important to keep training your dog and helping them to learn more things.

This dog is very intelligent, which means that they get bored easily and need more mental stimulation than some of the other dogs out there. 

You can find new tricks or new toys to help them get trained and to keep them out of trouble. 

Reason #4 – They Love Their Owners

One of the best things about owning a Goldendoodle is the amount they love their owners

These dogs are very attached to their owners and you may find that it is difficult to convince them to give you the space you need during the day. 

They want to spend time with you, whether it is around the house, on a long walk, or just sitting down together and watching a show with one another. 

It is important to give this breed, whether you have a mini Goldendoodle or one that is the traditional size, all the attention that they need.

They crave this and know how to cause some trouble if you do not provide it with them. 

The good news is that this is the way they show how much they love their owners so you can rest assured knowing that this is a dog who loves you very much. 

Reason #5 – They are Loyal

When you are looking for a loyal dog in your home, you will need to consider the Goldendoodle. 

No matter what type of Goldendoodle you choose to go with, all of them are immensely loyal dogs to everyone in your family. 

Whether you are getting one to hang out with you or you would like to get one to add to a family full of kids, this is one of the best dog breeds to add into the family. 

They will protect everyone and know how to be gentle and careful, even with small children. 

Some dog breeds are only good with certain families and others may not do well when they are around families who have small children. 

This is not true when you are working with a Goldendoodle. 

These dogs are easy to train and understand how to play with kids well. In fact, your children and your Goldendoodle will love spending all day playing with one another all day long. 

Reason #6 – They Have Minimal Shedding

One of the big reasons that families love to go with this dog breed over some of the others is that it does not shed that much. 

Depending on the type of breeding done, the shedding can be minimal to nothing on this type of dog. 

This is due to the Poodle having a minimal amount of shedding that gets mixed in there and makes this the perfect dog for many families who are worried about allergies or having to clean up a big mess. 

If you have someone with severe allergies in the home, you may have considered not having a dog or another pet at all.

However, with the mini Goldendoodle, you not only have the perfect companion, you get a dog who will not shed that much at all. 

This can make it easier to keep your home clean when you bring the dog home as well. 

Why Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs? (7 Reasons Why They’re Great!) 2

Reason #7 – They Get the Best of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle

The Golden Retriever and the Poodle are two popular breeds that families like to bring home. 

They like all of the laughter and intelligence and loyalty that you can get from both of these animals. 

They often come in the perfect size for most families and provide hours of entertainment to children and adults alike. 

With a mini Goldendoodle, you get the positives of both these breeds all in one

This can make them the best dog breed to have in your home. 

Most breeders work hard to pick the best parents when they breed them together, ensuring that you will get all of the great options that you want from both of these dog breeds. 

Choosing a Mini Goldendoodle

When you are looking to add a new dog to your family, the mini Goldendoodle is a great option. 

They have all of the great benefits of the regular Goldendoodle, with the benefit of being a little bit smaller for your family to handle. 

While shopping around, do your research and make sure that you purchase from a reputable breeder. 

This will help you get a dog that has good parents and will not have a lot of health problems all the time. 

With a mini Goldendoodle in your home, you will see just how great this dog breed can be.

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