Will My Goldendoodle Calm Down?

Dogs are known to have a lot of energy when they are puppies, and goldendoodles are no exception. Goldendoodle puppies have a ton of energy, and they are always ready to play. All that energy can be a lot for their owners, so naturally, goldendoodle owners look forward to when their puppy will calm down a bit.

A goldendoodle will usually calm down after 12 to 18 months. Goldendoodles are puppies for about 9 months, and that is when they have endless high energy. When they hit 12 months, their adult stage, these dogs calm down quite a bit from their puppy stage, but they are always ready for an activity.

We know that Goldendoodles do calm down, but sometimes it can be difficult to just wait for their energy to die down. Keep reading to learn more about a Goldendoodle’s life stages and how to help them calm down now.

Why They Have So Much Energy

Before we talk about the details of how much energy goldendoodles have for their age or how to calm them down, it is important to know why goldendoodles have so much energy. Understanding the root of the behavior will help you understand your dog better and how to solve the problem better.

The main reason goldendoodles have so much energy is because of their parent breeds. Goldendoodles are a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever. Both of these breeds, especially golden retrievers, are known for being energetic, playful, intelligent, and athletic dogs. As a result, Goldendoodles are intelligent, playful, high-energy dogs as well.

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Another common reason why your goldendoodle might have a little too much energy for you to handle is that they are still just a puppy. This is the case for most puppies, no matter the breed. Puppies have a lot of energy and are always up for a game or a walk. Because of the energetic nature of goldendoodles, this puppy energy is multiplied and has to be waited out.

Stages of Energy

Now that you know why your goldendoodle has so much energy, you can better understand the different levels of energy that a goldendoodle has during different stages of its life. A goldendoodle has three major stages of life, and we can gauge their energy levels based on the stage that the dog is at.


The first stage that a goldendoodle goes through is the puppy stage. This stage lasts until they are about 9 months old. At this stage, they have an incredible amount of energy and can’t seem to sit still for very long. They also don’t listen to you very well because they have so much energy to be spent. The puppy stages can be the time when your goldendoodle is the biggest handful.

During the puppy stage, you have to wait for most of that energy to dissipate when they become an adult. However, there are ways to make that energy more bearable during the puppy stage. They mostly require you to tire your puppy out, and we will talk more about that a little bit later.


The next life stage for a goldendoodle is the adult stage. Your goldendoodle will spend the most time in this stage and, depending on their specific genes and their health, it lasts for 7-9 years. During these years, the dog’s energy will gradually become less and less until they are a senior dog and have completely calmed down.

During its adult years, a goldendoodle will still have a lot of energy when it is needed, but they understand how to sit and relax for a while as well. When you invite them for a walk or to go outside, your goldendoodle will be more than happy to run around and get some fresh air. When you are at home, however, they will love to just sit on the couch with you and take a nap.


The last stage of a goldendoodle’s lifespan is the senior stage. These years are usually the last 3-7 years of their life depending on their health, behaviors, and if they have illnesses or injuries. These years are definitely the most calm, but if your goldendoodle is perfectly healthy, then they will still have plenty of energy for walks and games. A senior goldendoodle will spend more time relaxing and napping, but they stay true to their nature and have energy for when it’s needed.

How to Calm Goldendoodles Down

Now that you know about the different stages of a goldendoodle’s life and how much energy they typically have during each of these stages, we can talk about how to help a goldendoodle calm down.

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One super effective and easy way to help your goldendoodle calm down, no matter the stage they are in, is to get them some exercise. Oftentimes, your goldendoodle is being too energetic because they are restless and need to get their wiggles out. Every day, you should take your doodle for an hour-long walk, a 40 minute game of fetch, or even spend time teaching them tricks. Using their brains and figuring out tricks and training helps tire dogs out.

Another way to have a more relaxed goldendoodle takes some more time, but it will be long-lasting and well worth the time. While they are still young, you can train your doodle to be calm when it is not playtime. This way, they will understand when it is and isn’t playtime and when they are being too hyper. Try ignoring your dog when they are being too energetic and having a few seconds of being calm during playtime.

You should also provide your dog with plenty of toys so they can entertain themselves. If a goldendoodle has plenty of options for playing by themselves, then they will bother you less with their endless energy. Toys to chew on and figure out will tire out your dog even more because they are using their brain to play, which, as we mentioned, helps them use up a lot more energy.



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