Are Mini Goldendoodles Cuddly?

As prospective dog owners, every little thing about your dog matters, especially its gentleness and affection, which are very often manifested as cuddly behaviors in dogs. Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not the huggable mini Goldendoodle ever sits still long enough for cuddle time.

Mini Goldendoodles are cuddly. Known for their energetic yet sweet, loving personalities and teddy-bear look, mini Goldendoodles are almost always up for cuddling, especially in their puppy years. However, these energetic dogs are always moving, so they may want to play rather than cuddle.

In this article, we’ll discuss mini Goldendoodles: their temperaments, what they are, and most importantly, their cuddly tendencies.

What is a Mini Goldendoodle?

If any dog could fool you into thinking it’s a stuffed animal, it’s the mini Goldendoodle. This hybrid has become increasingly popular over the years because of its hypoallergenic tendencies, and to make them even more irresistible, these cute dogs have the most darling teddy-bear face and beautiful coats that come in a variety of textures and colors.

Some of the most common colors are gold, cream, apricot, and cinnamon-red, but mini Goldendoodles can also be found in solid blacks and browns, and even other patterns like merle, brindle, phantom, and more.

Likewise, mini Goldendoodles are most often found with wavy or curly coats, but they can also have a straight coat, though that is much rarer. Mini Goldendoodles with a straight coat are more likely to shed, thus making them less hypoallergenic than dogs with wavy or curly coats.

Mini Goldendoodles are the result of a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Mini or Toy Poodle. Because of this, mini Goldendoodles have a range of sizes. Usually, full-grown mini Goldendoodles are 13-20 inches tall and weigh about 15-35 lbs. Because all dogs are different, though, some mini Goldendoodles may be outside this range.

Common Temperaments

Are Mini Goldendoodles Cuddly? 1

In addition to being the cutest on the outside, mini Goldendoodles also have amazing temperaments. Mini Goldendoodles are said to be the best of both worlds, combining the intelligence of the mini Poodle with the gentleness and willingness to please found in a Golden Retriever. These traits are just the beginning.

Mini Goldendoodles are also very playful and goofy. These people-pleasers know how to keep the attention on them for sure. In addition to this, mini Goldendoodles are also very friendly. While this diminishes any and all hope of having a guard dog, knowing that your mini Goldendoodle will become you and your family’s best friend is a pretty good plus of these cuties. They’re also extremely loyal, cementing that bond even further.

However, just because your dog is friendly, that doesn’t mean you should bombard them with company, whether it’s people or dogs. Goldendoodles are prone to anxiety and can become nervous and skittish when surrounded by unfamiliar people. This may also manifest in aggressive-seeming behaviors, especially if your dog wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy.

Though social anxiety may present itself in your dog, mini Goldendoodles tend to struggle most with separation anxiety. Because of how loving they are, and how dependent on their family’s attention they are, mini Goldendoodles struggle with being left alone, especially for long periods of time. If this gets too serious, mini Goldendoodles may resort to destructive behaviors.

Common Behaviors

Because of their fantastic temperaments, mini Goldendoodles are great family dogs. They love children and can play with them easily, as long as the child knows how to play with a dog respectfully. That being said, please don’t leave young children alone with the dog, just in case.

Mini Goldendoodles are also known for having plenty of energy, a characteristic inherited from both of their parent breeds. This energy is paired with enviable agility. Because of these two traits, mini Goldendoodles require at least 30 minutes a day of good exercise. Your dog loves the outdoors, so why not take advantage of it? Try a nice swim, a hike, a walk around the neighborhood, or even a nice morning run.

Even though mini Goldendoodles aren’t the most vocal of dogs, they might still bark when people knock at the door, more out of excitement than out of aggression. Because of this, mini Goldendoodles can make good watchdogs, but with their friendly temperament, they are definitely not guard dog material.

Additionally, mini Goldendoodles will do anything for attention. They’ll cuddle, they’ll do tricks for treats, and they may even bark or nip occasionally. Remember not to ignore your dog’s need for attention, as this can lead to separation anxiety, that may manifest in destructive behaviors.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Cuddly? 2

Mini Goldendoodle Cuddles

If you ask anybody, they’ll probably tell you that Mini Goldendoodles were made to be cuddled. Just look at that face and you’ll be convinced: those teddy-bear features are too cute!

Cuddling with your mini Goldendoodle is just another way to give them the love and attention that they need, especially after you’ve spent a long day at work. If you do work long hours, you may want to either rethink getting a dog, or make sure someone can be there for at least part of the time that you’re gone, so you don’t trigger your mini Goldendoodle’s separation anxiety.

Mini Goldendoodles are known to be very affectionate dogs, so yes, they do like to cuddle. Honestly, they just love human contact in general. They’ll follow you all over your house just to be with you, making sure to stand right next to you as you go about your day, and are usually overjoyed to be petted and/or cuddled.

Sometimes, your mini Goldendoodle may not be in the mood for cuddles, and that’s okay! You’re probably not in the mood for cuddling all the time either. With your mini Goldendoodle, this is most likely because of their love of playing. These playful dogs need plenty of exercise and brain stimulation to keep them happy. This can also act as a great way to get your dog ready for cuddles. A sleepy mini Goldendoodle is the perfect cuddling companion.

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