Do Goldendoodles Like To Swim?

Many Goldendoodle owners often wonder if their furry friend enjoys swimming. While most dogs have an affinity for water, understanding your Goldendoodle’s specific inclinations is crucial. Before introducing your Goldendoodle to the pool or lake, it’s vital to determine their swimming capability and ensure their safety. Dive into the details below.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Swim?
[Goldendoodle Lexie (8yrs) chilling on the beach with “little” Golde Retriever brother Banks (10mo)]

Can Goldendoodles Swim?

Most Goldendoodles can swim, but it might take a little loving encouragement from you in the beginning. While Goldendoodles are water dogs, swimming is a skill that can be difficult and intimidating for your Goldendoodle to learn at first.

Remember, each Goldendoodle has its own personality. In general, Goldendoodles love swimming and being in the water.

This is because they are a mixed breed dog that is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Both dog breeds are water dogs, giving Goldendoodles webbed feet and curly, insulating hair that dries quickly and adds buoyancy.

In short, Goldendoodles are natural swimmers, they need to learn what to do with all these awesome tools.

An important thing to keep a note of when teaching your Goldendoodle how to swim is to get them accustomed to the water early so they can easily become more familiar with swimming.

They’re going to need to know how to enter and exit the water (mostly how to exit as they can be more than willing to jump right in, but they might not know where to exit the pool). 

A ladder for a Goldendoodle to get out of your backyard pool may be insufficient.

Make sure they don’t tire themselves out from swimming around looking where to exit the pool. If you want to get something to help your furry little friend get in and out of the water, you can always purchase some ramps and steps for the pool by choosing an appropriate product from Amazon.

Swimming In Lakes, Rivers, or the Ocean

HEALTH WARNING: There Are Dangers Associated With River and Lake Swimming! Read This Warning. Especially during warm summer months.

When swimming in natural waters such as the ocean or rivers, be very careful with the tides and currents, as they can often change.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and keeping them confined to pools or lakes is a much safer alternative than letting them swim in the natural waters. 

When taking your Goldendoodle swimming, be mindful of their age and how in shape they are. It’s important to keep their swimming sessions short if they’re too young or too old.

Younger pups will be inexperienced and might panic, and older dogs might think they are strong like they used to be, but they could tire out faster and could possibly drown. 

Luckily, because Goldendoodles are super intelligent, they are also very easy to train. It shouldn’t take long to get your dog to respond to simple commands (and even more advanced commands) by rewarding them with their favorite doggy snack. The same goes for teaching them how to swim.

For teaching your Goldendoodle how to swim, starting them off in a small, safe environment is important. The best pools to teach them how to swim are going to be small pools made out of hard plastic. Your standard kiddie pool is a great place to start.

You can also get them comfortable being in the water by filling it up a little bit at a time and then putting more and more water in there as they get acquainted with learning how to swim. Letting your dog learn how to swim in a hard plastic pool with no exit would be a big no-no!

Make sure they always have a place to exit the pool, as they can become exhausted from swimming around too much looking for their exit. 

Since safety is our #1 concern when looking after our pets, taking a course on first aid and CPR is not a bad idea.

You never know what might happen in the future, and it’s always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time.

Your training could not only save your companion’s life, but you could also save someone else’s dog as well. You can call your local Red Cross and see if they offer any courses on first aid and CPR for animals or you can check online here.

Do Goldendoodles Enjoy the Water? 

Do Goldendoodles Enjoy the Water?  Yes and no. No two dogs are the same. If you want to get your Goldendoodle to swim, the best bet you have is going to be to train them from a young age and provide a safe (and fun) environment for them to learn in.

When you start them off early, they will never think twice about having fun with you in the water because it will be something that’s always been a part of their life. The more often you take them swimming, the better. 

Throwing their favorite toy in shallow water is a good way to start out, and always make sure to reward them with their favorite snack afterward.

From there, you can increase the water by different increments until they feel safe with getting wet and jumping right in.

We don’t recommend letting your dog learn to swim in inflatable kiddy pools because doggy paws and inflatable plastic don’t go very well together.  Make sure whatever you do when starting out to make your dog feel comfortable and safe.

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Our Mini Goldendoodle at the NC shore after playing and swimming in the saltwater.

If they aren’t too keen on going into the water at first, try holding them, sitting down in shallow water, and then setting them next to you. Let them know it’s safe to stand up in the pool and be there with them the whole time.

This extra sense of security will help younger dogs who haven’t learned how to swim yet feel safer and increase the likelihood of them enjoying the water. 

Never put your dog into waters that you yourself wouldn’t be comfortable swimming in. If it’s too cold outside or the currents/tides are too strong, then find another way to have fun with your pet.

There’s plenty of ways to give your Goldendoodle exercise, and there’s no reason to ever put their lives in danger. 

Even though your Goldendoodle is enjoying the water, it takes a lot of energy out of them. Make sure you always have fresh water nearby for them to drink and rehydrate.

You don’t want to let them swim for long periods of time, as an exhausted dog can be at risk of drowning. 

Are Goldendoodles Good Swimmers?

Are Goldendoodles Good Swimmers?  For the most part, yes, Goldendoodles seem to have a natural-born love for swimming.

I’ve noticed that not all Goldendoodles are the same type of swimmers. Some might feel more comfortable doggy paddling with their belly under the water, and some might feel completely fine dunking their whole body underwater, no matter what the situation.

Get to know what type of swimmer your Goldendoodle is, and you can find different ways to play with them in the water.  Goldendoodles are natural athletes. They are going to need extra food on the days they are more active than others.

Make sure to only let them swim for 5 – 10 minutes when they’re swimming for the first time. It’s very physically draining to swim in a pool, and it’s no different for dogs. 

A good thing to keep in mind is to let your dog swim for 5 – 10 minutes and add an extra five minutes per month of age.

For example, if your dog is three months, they can swim 15 minutes, and when they turn four months old, it’s ok to increase their swim time to 20 minutes a day. When they’re fully grown, they can swim for a much longer time. 

It’s important to note that no matter how good of a swimmer your dog is, there are other things you need to be on the lookout for to make sure your dog stays safe.

During the late summer, algae can grow on top of standing waters in lakes (and other still waters), and if they end up swallowing some, it can be poisonous enough to kill any pet that swallows the water. 

If your Goldendoodle hasn’t become a good swimmer yet because they’re new or afraid of water for some reason, then you can always reassure their safety by purchasing a doggy life vest (with handles so you can easily pull them out of the water, if necessary).

The most recommended high-quality dog life jacket for Goldend Doodles can be found here.

If you want to take your dog for a swim for the first time and you’re not sure how they’ll react to deeper waters, we always recommend safety first

It’s always best (especially if it’s your first time taking your dog out to unfamiliar bodies of water) to consult your veterinarian before taking your Goldendoodle out on your next vacation.

Most dogs are used to drinking fresh filtered water from their doggy bowl, and if they haven’t had time for their immune system to build up the proper bacteria in their stomach to fight off the foreign bacteria that are often found in certain types of water, then you’re going to want to make sure you know ahead of time. 

Keep safety on your mind at all times. Never leave your dog unattended and unsupervised. Goldendoodles are very smart and energetic dogs. They will find ways to entertain themselves if left alone, and you have to be very cautious if you ever leave them alone, especially around bodies of water.

What about Minis? Do Mini Goldendoodles like to swim?

Mini Goldendoodles will love swimming just as much as Standards. Standard, Moyen, Miniature, and even Toy and Teacup Goldendoodles will all have the same enthusiasm for the water and for swimming.

Just keep in mind that smaller Goldendoodles may have more enthusiasm for swimming than they have energy, and are likely to get tired more quickly than larger Goldendoodles.

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Your Thoughts?

Tell us about your Goldendoodle in the comments below. Is your Doodle a water dog? As much as Lexie loves to swim, she hates getting her feet or tush wet outside in the rain! We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! Thanks in advance for sharing!

Some Final Thoughts About Goldendoodles and Swimming

Be mindful and train your Goldendoodle puppy to swim, if possible. When they’re in or out of the pool, make sure they are obedient and come when called.

Make sure they feel safe at all times and reward them when appropriate.

Go the extra step and take some first aid and CPR classes.

Buy them something to help aid them in swimming if you think it will help, whether it’s a life vest for the ocean or some doggy steps for the pool.

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