Do Goldendoodles Get Hot Easily?

Hey, guess who?  It’s Jennifer with my adorable furry doodles, Sasha and Max, again!  We are looking forward to an exciting, adventure-filled New Year.  During this past year, I have had some people question whether my Goldendoodles get hot easily because of all that fur.  Never having thought about this question too much, I decided to take a moment and look up some information on the topic for my knowledge and everyone else.

Have a look at what I found out about Goldendoodles getting hot and what can be done if they do.

Do Goldendoodles Get Hot Easily? 1

Do Goldendoodles get hot easily?

Goldendoodles can get hot easily, just as any dog or human. The length of their fur coat, what type of activity they are doing, the outside temperament, and the Goldendoodle’s personality all factor into how they handle the heat. 

Some dogs naturally create extra body heat, which can easily cause problems because they don’t know how to sit still, relax or take a break.  Unfortunately, Goldendoodles, being a hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, likely inherited the “gets hot quickly” genes from their parents. This needs to be managed by their pet parents to prevent serious problems.

Thankfully, many things can be done to help manage the situation if a Goldendoodle ends up in this situation.  Ensuring that they have plenty of clean, fresh water for hydration can help reduce the likelihood of getting hot easily. 

Adequate rest, good health, the right temperature and conditions, and a short fur coat also help reduce the chance that they will get hot easily or overheat.  All of these positive factors also help reduce side effects if they DO happen to get hot.   

Each Goldendoodle is an individual who will respond to their environment differently.  Some will get hot more quickly than others, so fur baby parents need to know their dog and pay close attention to their Goldendoodle and signs of overheating. 

Thankfully they are not a breed that easily suffers from heatstroke due to their genetic background, but this can still happen to any dog regardless of breed, so close attention must be offered.

The Goldendoodle is a dog breed with a thick coat of fur that can sometimes cause them to get hot easier than other dog breeds.  Many factors play a role in producing this outcome but are easily managed and remedied when pup parents are aware.

Keep in mind, also, that puppies are less able to regulate their body temperature than adult dogs. Be extra careful if you take your Goldendoodle puppy out to play on a hot day. Miniature Goldendoodles are also going to get very hot faster than larger ones.

What determines how easily a Goldendoodle will get hot?

Many things determine how easily a Goldendoodle will get hot.  These include:

  • The Goldendoodles’ age
  • Their health and hormones or if they are pregnant
  • If the Goldendoodles’ coat of fur is long or clipped
  • How much hydration the Goldendoodle has received
  • Their nutrition and if they receive adequate food
  • How the Goldendoodle handles stress, anxiety, and of course, their temperament
  • The environment and weather surrounding the Goldendoodle

The age, health, and hormones of the Goldendoodle can cause them to get hot easily.  If the Goldendoodle is older, has existing health conditions, or takes medication, these can affect the body’s temperature or how easily they become hot or cold.

The length and condition of the Goldendoodles’ coat of fur can determine how easily they get hot.  Clipping their fur coat and keeping it shorter can reduce the possibility they will get hot and perhaps keep them more comfortable, but this depends on the dog itself and if they are easily stressed.

If the Goldendoodle doesn’t appear to suffer or get hot easily, there is probably no need to clip their fur unless their family seems to like it that way.

Hydration and nutrition factor very strongly in how easily a Goldendoodle reacts to heat and changes in temperature.  Dehydration can make it harder for the dogs’ bodies to respond to their environment and external situations.

Do Goldendoodles Get Hot Easily?

This can cause them to get hot easily in mild cases, but more severe cases of dehydration can cause health problems with organs in their body if they are left in this physical state.

Nutrition also is essential for minimizing the likelihood that they will get hot easily.  What and how much they eat creates a healthy dog, which helps them adapt and suffer less hot and cold fluctuations.

Believe it or not, stress, anxiety, and the Goldendoodles’ temperament can factor into how easily they get hot.  If an individual dog is generally hyper and easily stressed, this can cause their body to respond differently to their environment, potentially causing them to get hot easily.  An example would be the dog who has nervous energy and moves around the house a lot for no apparent reason.

Some dogs, regardless of the breed, are high-strung and respond to everything around them.  They run from window to window, checking outside, bark at every sound, play with every toy, and so forth.  These dogs can cause their bodies to become hot easily just by being who they are.

Lastly, the environment and weather conditions that surround the Goldendoodle affect how their body behaves.  If they are standing outside in the hot baking sun, they will get hot easily, this is true of any dog.  If their home life is riddled with stress and constant bustle, it can create an unhealthy environment promoting imbalances emotionally and physically.

These imbalances can put a strain on a Goldendoodles’ body, making it easier for them to get hot or cold easier.

What are the symptoms that a Goldendoodle has become too hot?

There are quite a few symptoms that a Goldendoodle has become too hot.

These include:

  • Fast pulse
  • Panting
  • Lethargy
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Red gums and tongue
  • Seizures

These are just a few symptoms that a parent or human companion might notice in a Goldendoodle that has become hot easily.  Some symptoms are more severe than others, like a seizure, and should be considered an emergency and immediately addressed with their vet.

Warning signs can come on quickly and suddenly and be one, some, or all of the above.  Conditions can escalate rapidly; therefore, prompt attention should be given to prevent the situation from becoming severe or dangerous.

What can be done to help a Goldendoodle that gets hot easily?

There are a few things that can be done to help a Goldendoodle that gets hot easily.

The first step is to change the environment.  If the Goldendoodle gets hot easily due to the weather, outdoor sunshine, and heat or indoor heat, change the environment to a cooler one.  Add some air condition or a fan, and find a shady spot.

If the environment is stressful or causing the Goldendoodle to be hyper or stressed, moving them to a calmer environment will help them relax a bit, and their physical body should gradually return to normal.  This situation usually happens in tandem with other issues, for example them feeling overstressed and nervous and being dehydrated.

Do Goldendoodles Get Hot Easily?

In either situation, this change should be done as gently as possible to protect the Goldendoodles’ health.

At this point, providing a bit of water can help restore physical and emotional balance.  Offer sips of water at periodic intervals to prevent vomiting or increase dehydration they may be experiencing.

A cool cloth can be used to gently and slowly cool them down if they have become hot very easily.  Both of these processes should be done in a manner that allows the overheated Goldendoodles’ body to adjust better.

If the Goldendoodle tolerates this well, after a time, perhaps offering tiny bits of treats can also help them feel better emotionally and physically since most dogs at this point will want to get back to the business of life.

This should only be done in favorable situations.  If the Goldendoodle appears to be extremely hot in a short period where they might be suffering heat stroke, it is best to contact their veterinarian before offering food.

Lastly, offer some loving support.  Sit with the Goldendoodle to make sure that they are cooling off properly.  Offer soothing words and gentle touch to help calm them emotionally.

It should be noted that some dogs have a hard time unwinding and letting go.  Goldendoodles that suffer from this issue need a loving pet parent that pays close attention to them.  With this kind of supervision time outs for health breaks can be implemented to prevent the dog from overheating and suffering problems from lack of rest.

If a Goldendoodle gets hot easily, could it mean they have a health condition?

Yes, a Goldendoodle getting hot easily can sometimes signal a health condition that needs to be addressed with their veterinarian.

Suppose all the bases are covered, including nutrition, hydration, environment, fur coat, and stress level, and they appear to get hot easily on a regular basis.  Perhaps they appear to get overheated when everyone else feels fine, including other dogs in the house.   In these situations, it may be time to consult their veterinarian for a checkup to make sure nothing is wrong with their health.

Is there any way to prevent a Goldendoodle from getting hot easily?

Yes, there is much that can be done to prevent a Goldendoodle from getting hot easily.

Ensuring that their home life and the environment are healthy and safe can minimize physical and emotional issues that can affect a Goldendoodles’ personality and emotional state, which means less nervousness and the likelihood that they will overheat.

Some dogs don’t know when to stop and love to play and run around all the time, this is where the pet parent has to do the job of offering little mini time-outs.  These time-outs don’t have to be a punishment but simply time to change the activity and rejuvenate.

Making sure that your

Providing adequate and healthy food and fluids and helping them stay fit with annual trips to their veterinarian can work wonders for their overall health, including keeping their internal thermostat working properly and efficiently.

Keeping their fur coat shorter during the summer months and if the home’s temperature is to be warmer can have an impact on their health and how easily they become hot. A good shaving and a haircut decrease how much heat stays trapped in your dog’s coat.

A haircut can also prevent mats and reduce the amount you need to brush your Goldendoodle.

Exercising at times that limit their exposure to the sun and hot weather can make a difference.  An example would be going for an evening walk as opposed to a mid-afternoon walk. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone is unique in how their body responds to their environment and how easily they become hot. 

Goldendoodles can become hot easily, like other dog breeds.  If the conditions are right, this can spell trouble, but with close attention from those that love them, this is less likely an issue.

If a Goldendoodle appears to become hot easily, it can be remedied quickly with quick action and the right tools!

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