Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

Does anyone think about their Goldendoodles personality?  I know I sure do.  When I spend time with my Goldendoodle, I wonder if she has a stubborn streak.  Oh, I know she is loving and friendly, but I think she can be headstrong too.

I tracked down some useful information on this topic. I hope you will take a moment and have a look.

Are Goldendoodles stubborn?

Yes, Goldendoodles can be stubborn dogs.  Goldendoodles are very intelligent due to their breeding background from two purebred parents, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.  This intelligence can make it easy for them to learn and be trained, but it can also make them stubborn and headstrong. 

To combat stubbornness in Goldendoodles, it is best to begin training as early as possible and consistently. Stubbornness is related to behavior, and Goldendoodles can suffer from some behavior issues. 

They can be both stubborn and, at times, naughty too.  As a crossbreed, they take on their Golden Retriever and Poodle parents’ qualities.  With this sometimes comes unsavory attributes that are a part of their heritage. 

When it comes to stubbornness, Goldendoodles can resist training, not because they are not smart enough, but because they are too smart.  It may seem that they are testing how smart you are at times for pet parents!  Socializing can help combat stubbornness and other negative personality traits early on, as can consistent training.   

Training can help teach them what coping behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not.  This training should be from a firm but loving pet parent or trainer.  Patients must be given with a persevering nature.   Goldendoodles communicate through body language and sounds. 

When training Goldendoodles or any dog to be less stubborn, it is essential to remember harsh measures, tones, and treatment don’t teach the Goldendoodle or other dog to learn what is expected.  These measures teach fear, which is never acceptable no matter how stubborn, naughty, or upsetting their behavior.

Goldendoodles are crossbred dogs with Poodles and Golden Retrievers as parents.  They carry with them both negative and positive traits from both pure breeds.  They can be stubborn, which is one such negative or challenging behavior that Goldendoodles does.

Due to their high intelligence, which comes from their Poodle background, they can be headstrong and resist training and behave poorly, including their stubborn nature.  Many might believe this is because they can’t be trained. This is far from the truth.  It might be more appropriate to say that they are so smart that we humans need to prove that they should listen to us.

Training Goldendoodles should begin as early as possible to combat how stubborn they become and other negative traits they may have, including that naughtiness that will have them chewing things and being destructive.

Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

Training begins early on in every dog’s life passively.  This passive training is the natural socialization between the mother dog and her puppies and amongst littermates.  She passively teaches them what she will and will not allow of her puppies while learning what is okay and not okay to do with each other.

Beyond these moments, more formal training for obedience and socializing with other dogs, humans, and other pets teaches Goldendoodles valuable life skills, which can even combat issues with how stubborn they will behave.

Training should be through a firm but loving hand that is never abusive, neglectful, or harsh.  The best way to communicate with Goldendoodles when trying to teach and train and minimize negative issues like being stubborn is to use body language.  Body language and sound are how dogs best communicate.

What does it mean for Goldendoodles or other dogs to be stubborn?

For Goldendoodles or other dogs to be stubborn, they are determined not to change something and resist or refuse.  This behavior can be modified through adequate and thorough training and social skills for any dog, whether Goldendoodle or otherwise.

Does age factor into if Goldendoodles are stubborn?

Being stubborn for Goldendoodles or other dogs is a learned behavior trait.  For Goldendoodle puppies, being stubborn is easier to manage and minimize because they are young and more receptive to training and socializing.

Older dogs become harder to train, making negative behavior traits like being stubborn harder to reduce or modify.  It is not impossible to do, but with each year that passes in a dog’s life, it can be harder to change as humans.

Patience but persistence is the right mindset when tackling being stubborn for an adult or senior Goldendoodle.

Can a Goldendoodles home environment or family promote or reduce stubbornness?

Yes, a Goldendoodles home environment or family can promote or reduce stubbornness.

Like other negative qualities that we all express at one time or another, being stubborn is only as effective as its reaction.  If the stubborn nature is met with little response other than modifying the behavior, it is less likely to continue or become a problem.

An example would be a Goldendoodle is chewing a favorite shoe.  The pet parent tells the dog to “give” the shoe, “drop” the shoe, etc.  The Goldendoodle behaves in a stubborn manner and refuses to “give” or “drop” the shoe.

From here, the situation might escalate with the pet parent reacting further by grabbing the shoe and attempting to pull it from the dog’s mouth.  This reaction has created a sort of game for the Goldendoodle.  Oh boy, she doesn’t want me to have the shoe. I love this shoe. This is great. I am never giving up on this shoe!

The reaction reinforces the behavior and stubborn attitude.  An acceptable response to this situation would be to insist that the shoe be given calmly.  If that doesn’t work, changing tactics and diverting the dog can effectively remove the shoe from the dog’s mouth while forcing them to give up their stubborn nature.

This could be done by picking the Goldendoodle up and placing it in a crate or other place until they let the shoe go, although this may not work because now they are bored, it may reinforce the behavior and stubborn nature.

The diversion could be grabbing a toy and attempting to play with the Goldendoodle, which may interest them enough, so they let go of the shoe and forget about being stubborn.

Lastly, another avenue to limiting this behavior and stubborn nature is to continue to insist the shoe be given while taking hold of it in a boring way.  Give mommy the shoe.  I am not letting go of the shoe, so give it to me.  At this point, you may end up sitting for a couple of moments until they give it up; depending on how stubborn they want to be, it can last longer.

Stubbornness is a behavior trait that can easily be minimized with consistent training repeated as often as needed until the new behavior is learned and the stubbornness is gone.

Do health factors create stubbornness in Goldendoodles?

No, there are no health issues that would create a behavior issue like a stubborn nature for Goldendoodles.  Behavior issues are more related to emotions and feelings the dog might have and environmental triggers.

Why is training so necessary to reduce stubbornness and other behavioral problems?

Training and socialization are essential to reduce stubbornness and other behavioral problems because it teaches the Goldendoodles what are acceptable behaviors in their home life and while around others in various settings.

When training comes from a knowledgeable and skilled person that knows who is in charge, it leaves no room for Goldendoodles to behave poorly, including being stubborn.

This goes back to the dog testing the human or pet parent.  If they know that the trainer is in charge and knows it, they are more likely to trust the trainer and what is being taught.  This is the nature of Goldendoodles and other highly intelligent dogs.

You have to prove to them that you are smart and in charge before they will listen to you and behave a certain way.  Of course, leave it to Goldendoodles to think, prove to me why I should listen to you, show me that you know better than I do!

Is it possible that a stubborn Goldendoodle will continue to be stubborn despite training?

Yes, a stubborn Goldendoodle may continue to be stubborn despite training.

Like humans, we can all have stubborn moments despite what we know is right and wrong.  Emotions, thoughts, and ideas play into how we respond to our environment.

Training and socialization teach right and wrong behaviors for Goldendoodles while helping them find other ways to respond to their environment.

Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

In the end, though, Goldendoodles may still have an off day where they fall back on negative behaviors like being stubborn.  Taking a step back as a pet parent and reinforcing training skills can gently remind them what is acceptable in these moments.

Final Thoughts

Stubbornness can happen to anyone, Goldendoodle, other dogs, or humans.

Training can help Goldendoodles and other dogs behave as their best dog, but patience, persistence, and an in-charge mentality must be used.

In the end, how we as pet parents respond to a stubborn Goldendoodle can make all the difference in the world!

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  1. Let me start with a little history. For the past 14 years I had a Boxer who was like my best friend and companion. Except for one issue many years ago involving chasing chickens I never had any issues out of him. I lost him to a copperhead bite earlier this year. It took nearly a year for me to consider getting another dog. A lot has changed since I last had a puppy. Two major things 1.) I have a 2 year old granddaughter now.
    2.) I am 14 years older.

    Anyway, in considering a breed I kept running into the Goldendoodle. A coworker is a breeder and offered me and older pup from a litter (16 weeks). I drank the kool-aid and now the owner of a Goldendoodle pup. At first he seemed to be very chill and obedient. However, he has now started to totally disregard when I call him and insist on continuing with whatever he is doing. This can be dangerous. For example when he gets too near a busy road. I have put him in several harnesses and tethered to a line but he just backs out of it. I have put him in a small 15’ x 15’ pen and he just barks and tries to dig out. I have 14 acres completely enclosed with Petsafe buried wire but I thought the pup was too young to introduce him to it….even for his own good. I will begin that training in a couple of days. Any suggestions or advice from this group would be appreciated. ~thanks