Is It Safe To Feed Your Puppy Papaya?

Puppies will often want to eat more than packaged dog food. If your puppy is gazing at your plate of fruit, you might want to know if puppies can eat papaya. Though it’s safe for puppies to eat certain fruits, you need to be careful about how the fruit is prepared before feeding it to your puppy. Stems, skin, seeds, and other fruit parts can sometimes be harmful to puppies.

Is It Safe To Feed Your Puppy Papaya? 1

Can puppies eat Papaya?

It’s generally safe and healthy for puppies to eat papaya as long as the skin and seeds are removed. To prevent choking and make the papaya easier to chew, you should cut the papaya into bite-sized pieces before feeding it to your puppy.

Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, so the size of the papaya pieces largely depends on the size of your puppy. If your puppy is particularly small and can’t chew many foods well, it might help to blend the papaya down to a liquid and add it to foods your puppy can chew.

Papaya is a nutrient-rich fruit that can be good for puppies to eat. Just like in humans, papaya can aid with digestion and prevent constipation and diarrhea.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Papaya For Puppies?

Though many fruits are known to be healthy, one of the downsides to eating fruit is the amount of sugar it contains.

The natural sugars in fruit like papaya are often considered to be less damaging than processed sugars, but feeding any kind of sugar to your puppy in excessive amounts probably won’t be good for them.

Compared to other fruits, a papaya is a good option for puppies since it contains a relatively low amount of sugar.

Along with their low sugar content, papayas have a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that can benefit a puppy’s development and overall health.

The vitamins C, A, E, and K in papaya can help to boost your puppy’s energy and immune system.

A strong immune system is important for puppies that tend to be curious and like to explore potentially toxic areas whenever they can.

The calcium, potassium, and magnesium in papaya can aid your puppy’s growth.

Like many fruits, papaya has loads of fiber that can benefit your puppy’s digestion and help it maintain a healthy weight.

Papaya contains a high percentage of water, which can help to keep your dog properly hydrated.

Can Papaya Be Harmful To Puppies?

Is It Safe To Feed Your Puppy Papaya? 2

Though some fruit skins can be healthy for humans to eat, the skin of a papaya poses a choking hazard for puppies, so you should avoid serving them to your puppy in any way.

Even if you blend a papaya skin, there may still be bits of skin present that can be hard for your puppy to chew and pass through their small bodies.

Though the seeds in a papaya are filled with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, they are known to have tiny amounts of cyanide that can make your puppy sick.

Papaya seeds might also cause blockages in your puppy’s intestines, which can prevent proper digestion of the seeds and other foods.

Though papaya contains loads of vitamins and minerals that can be healthy for a puppy, it shouldn’t be your puppy’s main food source.

Puppies require a more diverse range of foods to receive proper nourishment for healthy development.

Papaya has lower amounts of sugar compared to many other fruits, but feeding your puppy too much papaya could excessively elevate their overall intake of sugar.

Like any food you feed your puppy, you should let your puppy eat papaya in moderation along with other foods that are beneficial to their health.

Do Puppies Like To Eat Papaya?

Aside from providing puppies with a nutritious diet, it’s important for them to eat food they enjoy.

When puppies enjoy eating the foods you feed them, it can help to make them happy and develop more healthily.

Simply liking the way foods taste isn’t the only thing that can bring a puppy joy.

Puppies are playful animals and can find joy in liking and biting foods with a certain texture.

If you freeze or refrigerate pieces of papaya, your puppy might enjoy the coolness of the papaya on their tongue.

Rather than gobbling the papaya up quickly, which might be troubling for digestion, your puppy can take their time to lick and play with cold papaya.

Liquified papaya might be fun for puppies that like the texture of pulpy papaya bits in their mouth.

To feed your puppy papaya in a way that’s similar to a dog treat, you can opt to feed them a dehydrated piece of papaya.

Dehydrated papaya has a firmer texture and comes in strips that look like traditional dog snacks.

Since dry dehydrated papaya contains less water and more sugar than raw papaya, you should restrict the amount of dehydrated papaya they eat.

Though many puppies may enjoy eating papaya in some form or another, you should test if your puppy likes it before feeding them too much.

Giving them a small amount of papaya will help to ensure to like it and also lets you see if they have any allergic reactions to it.

If your puppy vomits, itches, has loose stools, or seems usually bothered in any way after eating papaya, you should avoid feeding them papaya.

Even if your puppy isn’t allergic to papaya, they might be happier if you fed them other foods.

How Do I Prepare Raw Papaya For My Puppies?

Papaya is a tropical fruit that might not be as easy to find compared to fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas.

If you have little to no experience cutting and gutting a papaya, you shouldn’t be too worried.

Preparing a papaya for puppies to eat is similar to what it takes to cut up a watermelon, cantaloupe, or other common fruit with a similar size.

Like watermelons and cantaloupes, a papaya has a tough skin that should be carefully removed with a knife and not eaten.

Follow these steps to remove the skin and seeds from a papaya:

  • Use a knife to slice the papaya in half lengthwise (from top to bottom).
  • Use a spoon to scoop the seeds out of the papaya.
  • Use a knife to slice off the skin from both halves of the papaya.
  • Slice each half into smaller pieces of papaya.

As mentioned earlier, feeding your puppy strips of dehydrated papaya can be a fun way for them to snack on nutritious food.

Since dehydrated papaya sold in stores often contains additives like sugar and preservatives, it might be better for your puppy to feed them papaya that is dehydrated yourself.

To dehydrate papaya on your own, you can slice the papaya into bite-size pieces and slowly heat them in your oven or food dehydrator.

You can either cut the papaya up into chunks or slice them into flat jerky-like strips.

Packaged dog treats from a pet store are often given to puppies during the training process.

Instead of giving your dogs those treats, you give them pieces of regular or dehydrated papaya.

Dehydrated papaya slices often have a similar feel to standard dog treats, so they might enjoy them as much or more than those treats.

Depending on how much you pay for dog treats, you might end up saving some money by rewarding your puppy with papaya instead of standard dog treats.

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