Why Do Goldendoodles Get Diarrhea?

Pet owners always want to make sure that their Goldendoodle is in good shape and does not get sick. 

They may work hard to provide them with a good diet, plenty of exercise, and lots of love and attention. 

But on occasion, it is possible that the Goldendoodle is going to get diarrhea. 

But what are some of the reasons your Goldendoodle is dealing with this problem?

Why Do Goldendoodles Get Diarrhea?

Diarrhea in your Goldendoodle may be because of a parasite, an intestinal obstruction, an infection, or a change in their diet that causes food allergies or a food intolerance. Usually, it clears up on its own and is not a big deal but you need to be able to recognize when it’s more serious.

When your Goldendoodle gets diarrhea, you need to be on the ball and make sure that they are able to get outside quickly for a few days. 

The good news is that while this can be an annoying problem, the cause of this issue will usually clear up within a few days and you do not need to worry. 

We will discuss when this diarrhea issue becomes serious enough that you need to call your vet in a bit. 

There are several causes of why your Goldendoodle is getting diarrhea. 

One is that they have a parasite. 

Worms are the most common parasite that can cause it. 

If there is an intestinal obstruction of some kind in the stomach of the Goldendoodle, then they may run into diarrhea as well. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Get Diarrhea? 1

Often it can be a viral infection that is causing the dog not to feel that well and they may struggle with diarrhea in the process. 

If you have recently changed the food of your dog right before the problems started, then it could be this change that is the problem. 

Even a simple change in the diet you give your Goldendoodle is enough to cause them to have diarrhea. 

Some Goldendoodles have food allergies or a type of food intolerance that can cause this issue as well. 

What Should I Do If My Goldendoodle Has Diarrhea?

When you notice that your Goldendoodle has diarrhea, you need to stay calm. 

This does happen and it is usually not a big deal for the dog. 

Sometimes the cause of the diarrhea is as simple as your puppy or dog sniffing around and eating something bad. 

And since these dogs are curious and will try everything, it is possible that this can cause the issue. 

Your Goldendoodle ingesting food outside of the normal puppy kibble can cause the dog to get diarrhea. 

You should monitor this issue a bit to tell when it is time to go to the vet. 

Some of the things that you should look at when it comes to your Goldendoodle and having diarrhea include:


The poop should always be a brown color, even when they have diarrhea.

If the poop is not brown, especially if it has blood in it, then it may be a good idea to take them to the vet. 

This could be a sign of a worse problem. 


The stools for your Goldendoodle need to be free of any coating.

If there is some mucus or another type of coating on it, then this is a sign that something else is wrong. 

If it is free of coating, it is usually not something to worry about. 


When you look at the diarrhea, you should see that it is free of any large objects. 

If there are some white specks that look like noodles, then this is a sign that the Goldendoodle has worms or another parasite.

This is a sign that it is time to take the dog to the vet right away. 


The poop should be soft but still solid enough for you to pick up.

Hard stool is a big sign that the Goldendoodle is dealing with constipation. 

If you feel like anything is off with the diarrhea for your dog or your dog does not seem to be able to eat or drink for several days, then it is time to work with your vet to see what is wrong and get them some relief. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Get Diarrhea? 2

How Do I Stop Diarrhea in My Goldendoodle?

Once the diarrhea starts in your Goldendoodle, you may wonder what some of the steps are that will help to get it to stop. 

If your Goldendoodle is showing some of the common signs of diarrhea and is acting fine with lots of energy, then you probably do not need to visit a vet and can just let it all pass. 

Some of the things that you can do from home include:

Feed them a bland diet

The more bland you can make the diet, the better it is for your dog. 

Options like boneless and skinless chicken and white rice are a good option. 

Cook the chicken all the way through to avoid any bacteria that will make things worse:

Chicken, rice, and pumpkin are bland yet full of nutrients that can be good for the body. 

Gastrointestinal food

If you do visit a vet, it is likely they will suggest this kind of diet. You can find some of this food at the store. 

One brand that does well is Royal Canine food. 


If your dog tends to get diarrhea often, a probiotic may be a good option to help with this. 

Keep them hydrated

It is easy for your dog to get dehydrated during this time, especially if the diarrhea lasts for a while. 

Give them plenty of water to drink to make them feel better. 

With a little bit of time and a bland diet that will not aggravate the stomach you will find that your Goldendoodle will feel better and the diarrhea will go away. 

When Is Diarrhea Serious for My Dog?

Most of the time the diarrhea that your dog has is not going to be a serious issue at all. 

It can clear up on its own without a lot of work on your part. 

However, there are some times when the cause of the diarrhea can be more severe and it is a good idea to watch out and get your dog some help when this happens.

 Some of the signs that it is time to call your vet about the diarrhea that your Goldendoodle has are:

  • The diarrhea lasts for more than 24 hours or it looks like it is getting worse. 
  • Your Goldendoodle starts to get lethargic after the diarrhea starts and doesn’t seem like they are drinking that much. 
  • There are other symptoms that start to show up along with the diarrhea like lack of appetite and vomiting. 

When these signs start to show up, it is indicative that there is a bigger problem going on as well. 

Being ready to visit the vet may be a good idea to make sure that your Goldendoodle will be fine. 

How to Avoid Diarrhea in My Goldendoodle?

The good news is there are a few steps that you can take to help limit how often your Goldendoodle has this problem. 

These steps will not guarantee that the problem will never happen, but they can limit how often. 

Some of the steps include:

  • Make sure that you get the Goldendoodle dewormed on a regular basis. Your vet can set up a schedule with you to help with this problem. 
  • Make sure that the Goldendoodle gets their vaccines on time each time. This is another thing that the vet can help with. 
  • Avoid giving the dog any raw food. Raw food can be an issue because there is the potential for different pathogens to be in it that the dog is not used to and this can cause issues in the digestive tract. 
  • Feed the dog food that is high-quality. 
  • Do not allow your dog to eat rocks or another unusual object that is going to block the digestive tract from working very well. 

If you are able to avoid some of these issues, you will find that the frequency of diarrhea in your dog will go down quite a bit, making it easier to take care of them. 

Taking Care of Your Goldendoodle’s Diarrhea

For the most part, the diarrhea that your Goldendoodle experiences is not going to be a big deal. 

It will pass in a day or two and is caused by a little irritant to the stomach for the Goldendoodle. 

With the proper diet and some care and attention, you will be able to take care of the dog and help them get over this issue as well.

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