Do Goldendoodles Like To Play Fetch?

I love playing fetch with my Goldendoodle, and I bet many of you do too.  But do Goldendoodles like to play fetch, or do they just play along for us humans?

When I took a break to sit down today, I dug up some details about this topic, please take a moment to read along.

Do Goldendoodles like to play fetch?

Do Goldendoodles like to play fetch?  Yes, Goldendoodles like to play fetch.  They like to play fetch because it allows them to spend time with their loved ones while being active and doing something fun. 

Goldendoodles have a very playful personality, which lends itself well to fun games and other activities.  Their age can factor into how much they like to play fetch, with puppies enjoying the game of fetch the most. 

These Goldendoodle puppies will also pick up on this activity rather quickly due to their love of playtime and a Goldendoodle’s high intelligence.  Adult and older Goldendoodles will still like playing fetch, but there is the possibility that they will become bored or lose interest. 

This is easy to remedy by changing up the toys or items used to play fetch. Goldendoodles like to play fetch not only with their family, but many will enjoy welcoming new friends, neighbors, and extended family into the game since they have such an amiable nature. 

These dogs have relatively high energy, making fetch and other outdoor activities a great way to spend time together while exercising and having fun.

Goldendoodles are like any other dog that likes to play fetch.  Dogs of all breeding enjoy sports and playtime as well as spending time outdoors.  If we combine all this together Goldendoodles like every other dog will love it even more.

When they are puppies, Goldendoodles will love this fun playtime and pick up the activity quickly due to the Goldendoodles high level of intelligence.

As Goldendoodles age their enjoyment of fetch or other sports may come and go from day to day for various reasons.  The same can be said for those Goldendoodles that have health issues.

Each Goldendoodle is unique, but almost all of them will have that playful spunk in them that is characteristic of all dogs.  Whether or not they like to play fetch not only depends on health and age but also who they are playing with and where.

Most Goldendoodles are not fussy.  While they will like to play fetch with anyone, they will naturally have an affinity for their loving family members.  Some dogs may get bored or lose interest in playing fetch if it is always the same. 

The same toy is used, the same backyard scenery at the same time before dinner may get boring for them.  This is easily fixed by changing things up from time to time, a new toy, a different location, changes to the schedule, can all provide a new outlook on the traditional game of fetch.

Goldendoodles are an energetic group of dogs that are athletic and adventuresome. 

They like to play fetch because it lets them spend unforgettable moments with their loved ones while expelling energy and having a fun time doing it.  That fact that it is almost always outside is highly stimulating to them because they love being outdoors.

Are there any times when Goldendoodles don’t like to play fetch?

Yes, of course, there are times when Goldendoodles don’t like to play fetch.

Fetch is a physical activity that is fun and a great way to bond, but if a Goldendoodle is feeling under the weather, they may decide they don’t like fetch that day.  They may be under the weather for a variety of reasons, which could include exhaustion from a busy day or a doggie cold. 

They may also feel less enthused about fetch because of a more severe health issue, or age-related health problems.  Some other problems that might cause a lack of enthusiasm for fetch include a lack of good nutrition to keep them strong and healthy so that they can play.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Play Fetch?

Goldendoodles can also suffer emotionally, such as if their loved ones are gone all day, and they suffer separation anxiety. 

This type of stress can be taxing to their little bodies and have them want to snuggle up on the couch for a good cuddle session because they missed everyone so much.  If that is the case, they may not like to play fetch until they have had their fill of cuddle time.

Is there a way to teach Goldendoodles to play fetch?

Yes, there is a way to teach Goldendoodles to play fetch.

Starting this activity indoors is best.  Choose a toy that is special to the Goldendoodle or perhaps something new and exciting.

While showing excitement and enthusiasm, wave the toy around and then toss it where the dog can easily see it.  Encourage the Goldendoodle to fetch it and praise them when they do.

After this, are using specific words or physical actions request for the Goldendoodle to bring it back to you.  Whether verbal, physical or both, this command needs to be consistent during playtime, at least in the beginning.

Once the Goldendoodle understands the game and the commands or cues about how the game is played and what to do when, it is time for the game to move outside.

This learning of the game of fetch can take a little bit of time, depending on the dog and toy.  Some Goldendoodles want to play but struggle with the part where they have to give the toy back to their pet parent.  With patience, time, and a little practice, they will figure it out, in no time at all.

What are the best ways to keep Goldendoodles interested in fetch if they get bored?

The best way to keep Goldendoodles interested in fetch if they get bored, is to change things up a bit.

Changing up their play toys and sometimes adding new surprises to the mix as one might their human children can keep Goldendoodle interested in playtime.

A different venue can also do the trick for keeping Goldendoodles interested in fetch if they get bored.  Visiting a dog park or playground instead of the usual backyard can do wonders to inspire Goldendoodles again, so they like to play fetch.

Even changing up the playtime partners to other members of the family can make fetch more interesting for Goldendoodles.

Possibilities are endless for toys and venues with a search on the internet for a particular geographical area or neighborhood. 

Is there any time when it is not a good idea to play fetch with Goldendoodles?

Yes, there are some times when playing fetch with Goldendoodles is not a good idea.

It is best to wait a short while after they have eaten dinner or a large meal.  Goldendoodles may be able to run and play with the best of them, but it is better for their digestion to wait a bit.  Their digestive and overall health will be better if they wait just a little bit before running around and playing fetch.  They may also enjoy the game more when they don’t play on a full stomach.  This doesn’t include the occasional dog treat. It is okay for them to play fetch after a few nibbles of treats.

Dogs who exercise right before or after they eat can develop bloat.  This is less common in smaller dogs but any dog can suffer.

It is also not good to play fetch with Goldendoodles when their health is low.  Whatever the reason for their lagging health, playing fetch and other games or activities decreases their strength and can lengthen the illness or problem.

Sometimes older dogs shouldn’t play fetch, depending on their health and physical bodies’ strength.  Joint and bone issues can cause older dogs to suffer more injuries.  If an older dog enjoys playing fetch, modifications can and should be made.

Do Goldendoodles Like To Play Fetch?

Playing in safe environments that reduce the potential for injuries can help keep this much-loved activity alive for senior dogs. 

Senior Goldendoodles will love to play fetch just as much as puppies, but the time may also have to be shortened. 

It is best to watch the signals of the dog.  If the senior dog starts to slow down or chase the toyless, it is time for some rest.

Are their particular toys that are good for fetch?

Some toys are better than others for fetch.  It is best to select toys that Goldendoodles like to play fetch with.  Usually, the dog is the best judge of what will inspire and delight them.  Bringing out a few toys to play fetch will mean a better chance that Goldendoodles will like to play fetch regularly.

In Conclusion

All dogs like to play fetch; Goldendoodles are no exception.  The right toys and environment will ensure that fetch will never get boring and always be well-liked.

As a time, treasured game shared between dog and pet parent it can be lots of fun.  So grab those toys, get out there and play,  your Goldendoodle will love you for it!

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