Can a Goldendoodle Be A Show Dog?

A Goldendoodle is a great option for a pet in your home. They are friendly, have lots of energy, and they get along with everyone. You may love your dog and think they are one of the best of their breeds, so you will want to look at getting them into a dog show to help you get them checked out and see if they can win. But can a Goldendoodle be a show dog?

Goldendoodles can’t enter into a traditional dog show. These are reserved for dogs who are purebred to help maintain the line and they are judged based on standards set at the AKC. Since the Goldendoodle is a mixture of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, they are not going to be allowed into an AKC show so they can’t be a show dog. There are other shows that are available for a Goldendoodle to enter though.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons that your Goldendoodle is not able to enter into some of the traditional dog shows and then explore a few of the other competitions that are available for mixed breed dogs so you can still have some fun with them too!

Can a Goldendoodle Be a Show Dog?

If you are trying to get your Goldendoodle into a traditional dog show, then no, they are not able to become a show dog. This is because the traditional dog shows are meant to only take purebred dogs of one breed, not those that are mixed.

Since the Goldendoodle is a mixture of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, they are automatically not allowed to go into this show. There are a few mixed dog shows available that will judge dogs like the Goldendoodle, but the traditional AKC championships will not take the Goldendoodle.

It is important to understand how these dog shows work to see why the Goldendoodle is not one of the options allowed. The judge at these events is not comparing dogs of different breeds to one another. The judge is supposed to compare each dog to the standard for their particular breed.

The breed standard will be a written guide that can emphasize which features will make a particular breed unique and what qualities it should have to get the job done that it was bred for.

This means if you bring a Poodle to a traditional dog show, they will be judged based on the standard for the Poodle and not against the other dogs there. They will be checked out for their temperament, characteristics, and even some physical features to see how they will be able to match up to some of these standards.

The AKC “parent club” is the national organization that will be devoted to these breeds and is going to write the standards before the AKC approves it. The standard should be the blueprint for any reputable breeders and is the instrument that the judge can use during a show to evaluate the work of the breeder.

Why Can’t My Goldendoodle Be a Show Dog?

Showing a dog has a purpose; to help maintain and improve the current breed. Yes, there is a lot of showmanship, competition, and glamour, but essentially this is all about having an exhibition of breeding stock.

The breeder will bring their best dog and then have that dog judged by an expert. Because of all this, it would be almost pointless to have a conformation dog show that has a mixed breed, a purebred without the right pedigree, or a purebred that is not able to reproduce.

Your Goldendoodle is a great dog, but they are a mixture of two breeds. And those two breeds are not going to show up the same in each dog, even in the same litter. This makes it hard for a judge to figure out what is the right characteristics for the dog or if something is wrong.

There is a lot more variation in a mixed breed dog than there is in a purebred one. This does not mean anything is wrong with the Goldendoodle, but it is really hard to come up with a standard for them to fit with and hard to breed the dog to meet with a standard.

Can A Goldendoodle Be A Show Dog?

These shows are also all about helping each breed stay healthy and to maintain the best features of that breed, the things that make them special and unique. But a Goldendoodle is a mixture of two breeds so maintaining those features and characteristics is not as important with this breed.

Can the Goldendoodles’ Parents Be Show Dogs?

It is possible for the parents of a Goldendoodle to be show dogs. Since the Goldendoodle is often from a Poodles and Golden Retrievers, they have two purebred parents in most cases. It is entirely possible that one or both of the parents could become show dogs depending on if the owners put them into shows.

However, if one of the parents is a show dog, it is unlikely that they will be bred with any other breed. So, if the poodle is purebred, they will be bred with another poodle in most cases to help keep the line pure and to raise more show dogs along the way.

Are There Dog Shows My Goldendoodle Can Participate In?

The good news is that even though your Goldendoodle is not able to participate in some of the traditional dog shows available, there are some special dog shows that have come out recently that are designed specifically for mixed breeds.

This allows you to show your Goldendoodle, even though they would not qualify for the traditional dog shows.

One of these is found with the American Kennel Club. They host the traditional dog show as well, but in 2009, they began to expand to hold events for those with mixed breed dogs. In 2009, owners of a mixed breed dog were able to enroll their pets and get an AKC ID number.

Then in 2010, owners could enroll their eligible dogs to compete in a mixed breed class in stand-alone events like Obedience, Agility, and Rally.

This is just one of the different shows that you can choose for your Goldendoodle, though the AKC show is often the one that is seen as the highest standard for this type of thing. Some of the other options for mixed breed dog shows and events include:

  • Cynosport: This is a show that will offer agility, obedience, and rally events for dogs, no matter what breed they are. This one is a little bit more laid-back compared to what you would find with the AKC, but this makes it the perfect option for those who are just starting out or even for junior handlers.
  • Barn Hunt: This one is still new, but it is gaining in popularity. These trials are going to rely more on the strongest asset of the dog, their nose, rather than some of the other features that you will see in other shows. If you want to see how well your dog can hunt or you would just like to have some fun, then this is a good one for you.
  • Canine Performance Events: These will allow your Goldendoodle to compete and participate in many different agility games. If the Goldendoodle in your home likes to run and jump and play around, you can both work together and train for these fun athletic events.
  • Disc Dog and Flyball competitions are a good option for the Goldendoodle who likes to move around and has some good mouth and eye coordination.

As you can see, mixed and hybrid dogs of all kinds do have opportunities to show off some of their own skills and talents through some of these performance events. Try out a few and see how well your dog is able to do.

While these are not as formal as some of the other show dog events that purebreds can do, they can often be more fun for you and for your Goldendoodle.

Choosing an Event for Your Goldendoodle

Having a Goldendoodle is a great addition to your family. They are able to give a lot of love and will get along with everyone in your home. But due to the fact that they are not a pure mix of one type of dog, they are not able to participate in any of the traditional dog show options.

This does not mean anything is wrong with them, there just are not standards set for mixed breeds like there are with purebreds, and this makes them hard to judge.

If you are certain that your Goldendoodle is one of the best and you want to show off some of their great skills, then you should consider some of the other events that we talked about above.

These are a lot of fun, allow you to show off the dog, and still allow your Goldendoodle to get out there and compete, even if they can’t do the traditional dog show.

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