Do Goldendoodles Need A Lot Of Attention?

In the five years we have had Lexie, we know her and her breed very well.  It has been a delight to grow with her.  Many people who are considering adopting a Goldendoodle have many questions about this breed.  One such question is regarding how much attention they need.

Through our hands-on learning, and information we have gained from others, we hope to offer insight into this adorable dog breed.

Do Goldendoodles need a lot of attention?

Do Goldendoodles need a lot of attention?  Yes, Goldendoodles definitely need a lot of attention.  With a snuggly, affectionate, and loving personality, this breed requires a lot of attention in various areas of their lives. 

From the warm and fuzzy devoted attention that connects us all to the care and daily maintenance type attention that keeps them healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy.  While they are not necessarily a high maintenance dog in any area, they do need attention. 

Their personality is laid back and easygoing, making them less likely to fuss if everything they need and want isn’t met.  Multiple factors play into how much attention an individual Goldendoodle needs. 

Each dog is an individual, and they will have their own level of attention that they need.   This need can change from day to day and moment to moment.  For potential pet parents looking for a dog that doesn’t require much in the way of attention, it may be best to select another dog breed.

The Goldendoodle is a dog breed that is loving, gentle, friendly, and relaxed.  These traits, which come from their breed background, and make them the wonderful dog breed that they are.

The Goldendoodle was bred as a companion animal to be a companion and friend.  They bring beauty, and offer a gentle, loving personality to those around them.

Goldendoodles are relaxed and friendly, giving the impression that they don’t need much care and attention, but this isn’t the case.  Goldendoodles, like other dog breeds, can need a lot of attention to feel connected to their owner and family.  This connection is the foundation of a healthy relationship between dog and owner.

Do Goldendoodles Need A Lot Of Attention?

A Goldendoodle thrives and is healthiest when they have a connected, close bond with their owner and family.  When it comes to strangers, they are friendly but can be reserved first, depending on the individual dog.

Once they feel comfortable, which doesn’t take long, they roll out the welcome mat and before long are looking to share snuggles and receive attention from any houseguest or stranger who might be willing to share.

This openness is related to their breed background and personality.  Each Goldendoodle will be individual but will share this same openness and friendly nature.  This personality is why so many people love this breed and choose to make them furry companions or family members.

Like any dog, the Goldendoodle will want more attention as attention is given.  This attention-seeking comes naturally to a dog, Goldendoodle or otherwise.  Since they cannot communicate with us effectively, closeness and comfort are the best way for them to get their needs met.

Whether it is a good snuggle on the couch, an extra treat, a walk, or some playtime, the Goldendoodle will be right by their owner or family members’ side to ensure that their needs are met.   This is how dogs communicate through body language.

Their loving heart also brings the Goldendoodle close so they can be there for the owner and family.  This is part of their nature due to breeding.  The two dog breeds that make up their background make excellent therapy and assistance dogs.

With this knowledge, you can understand how the Goldendoodle might respond to their owner if they have had a bad day, they might appear to need attention but in fact they are offering attention.  Need a hug because work was hard? 

The mailman didn’t bring the mail, and you were waiting for something exciting?  lost your keys and can’t find them?  The Goldendoodle will be right by their owner or family’s side, offering love, affection, and companionship.

What factors into how much attention a Goldendoodle need?

There are many factors that determine how much attention a Goldendoodle will need.

Their age and health determine if they need a lot of little attention.  Puppy’s and older dogs, or dogs with illnesses, will naturally seek more attention than a healthy adult Goldendoodle.

Puppy’s need lots of love and attention to thrive and grow into the adult dog they are meant to become.  Due to age and health issues, older dogs will seek out extra attention and closeness because of how they feel physically.  Dogs that suffer illness and injury will also follow this same pattern.

Attention and closeness promote comfort, good health, happiness, and that all around feel-good emotion.

Environmental factors play a part in how much attention a Goldendoodle will want and need.  If their home life is busy, stressful, or otherwise negative, they will seek their loved ones’ comfort and connection more often.

Changes in their home life, for whatever reason, can bring this type of behavior out suddenly.  Many times the owner or family may be too involved even to notice what happened or why. 

These situations could include a recent move, a new person in the household, and extra busyness such as redecorating can create stress in a Goldendoodle.  This stress can cause them to look for more attention.

Each dog is individual, and their needs and wants for attention will vary regardless of breed background.

Is it healthy for a Goldendoodle or any dog to need a lot of attention?

Yes and no.  This depends mostly on the dog breed and their human family.  Each dog species is unique and will want varying degrees of attention from their owner, depending on their personality and nature.

Like humans, dogs thrive best and are happiest when they receive the attention, love, and connection they need.  Each dog is unique, so what one needs or wants another may not.

Certain breeds are known for needing lots of attention.  This need can be related to their breed background or their individuality.

The level of attention a dog needs can also change from day to day or moment to moment, depending on the environment in which they live.

If the amount of attention a Goldendoodle wants becomes too much for their owner or family, this can cause everyone’s stress.  This situation is where reinforcing training and good behavior can be an asset.

Can a Goldendoodles’ need for attention change?

Yes, as stated above, their need for attention can change from one day or moment to the next for varying factors.

Does training and socialization help with a Goldendoodles need for a lot of attention?

Yes, training and socialization can help with a Goldendoodles need for a lot of attention.   Training and socialization started early in life offer the best possible outcome for any dog regarding behavior.

Socialization begins with their mother and littermates.  It passively teaches them acceptable behaviors.  This continues as they grow and socialize with other dogs and humans in a comfortable and healthy environment.

The Goldendoodle will learn from those around them what is acceptable in a natural way.   They will mimic behaviors, and they will also receive attention from others in these social moments.

This type of situation can be healthy for the dog and their family if they require a lot of attention.  Dog parks and other social settings allow the Goldendoodle to explore friendships with others and meet their needs outside the family.

Do Goldendoodles Need A Lot Of Attention?

Obedience training teaches Goldendoodles proper manners and what is and is not acceptable behaviors.  This is vital for every dog and the family they live with. It can be thought of as house rules for the dog.  No table surfing, scratching the front door, and understanding commands that help them respect their owner’s personal space.

We had never struggled with this issue because when we adopted Lexie into our family, we wanted a companion animal and adored her then as we do now.  Her need for closeness and attention has never been a bother for us because that was exactly what we were looking for in a dog.

This is something for potential dog owners to consider when thinking of adopting a Goldendoodle.  They were bred as companion animals. Naturally, this will have them seeking lots of attention and being very affectionate and loving.

If this scenario isn’t appealing, then perhaps another less cuddly breed might be a better choice.

Final Thoughts

Attention is something we all require in varying degrees.  Each dog is unique in this regard as well.

While the Goldendoodle dog breed is naturally an attention seeker from just about anyone who will willingly respond, this only makes them a more endearing dog breed.

The world is hard enough for everyone. Who couldn’t use a little extra love and attention?  A Goldendoodle is more than willing to receive and offer up. Who can resist that?

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