Why Are Goldendoodles So Expensive?

Almost everyone loves dogs, and Goldendoodles are my personal favorite, but I often wonder about that high price tag.  I bet some of you do too.

This weekend I uncovered some details that shine a light on why they are so expensive to adopt from a breeder, read on.

Why are Goldendoodles so expensive?

Goldendoodles are so expensive because it costs a lot of money to breed and care for a hybrid or crossbred dog.  Due to their unique background, it is required that these breeders have the skills and knowledge to breed Goldendoodles that are healthy and favoring the positive qualities of their parents.  This comes with a lot of skill and work and makes Goldendoodles so expensive. 

Breeding this type of dog, which can be thought of as a designer dog, requires the breeders to do more planning and research and invest more time, energy, and finances into creating a litter of these puppies. 

Goldendoodles are also so expensive because they are companion animals, which requires that they have certain redeeming qualities related to personality and nature. 

Goldendoodles are so expensive because they are very popular.  Popularity almost always play a part in how much any breeder charges for a dog because it is based on the high demand.   The higher the demand for a dog breed or, in this case, crossbreed, the harder they are to come by and the more expensive they will be for pet parents to adopt. 

How expensive Goldendoodles are can be determined by many factors, including the breeder’s location, demand for this crossbreed, and other factors, including the puppies’ age, gender and size.  Goldendoodles are so expensive because it takes so much to create a great dog, and all this comes from good breeding with a reputable breeder.

Breeding and caring for a litter of puppies from any dog breed makes them so expensive.  If we factor in that the litter of puppies being bred and cared for is a crossbred or a hybrid dog this can make them so much more expensive.  Goldendoodles are so much more costly because they are hybrid or designer dogs.

Their unique background requires that breeders not only have the necessary breeding skills and knowledge but additional skills and expertise to breed crossbred dogs.  This expertise comes with a price and makes Goldendoodles so expensive.

When any dog is bred, breeders seek to create the best dog possible.  This means a healthy dog, limiting or reducing genetic health issues while creating a dog with as much of the positive qualities from their purebred parents as possible.

Therefore, they reduce the negative traits relating to health, temperament, and other factors.  For Goldendoodles there is more for breeders to do because they are crossing two pure bred dogs and this can make it most expensive or costly for them and pet parents who opt to adopt these dogs.

Goldendoodle breeders must do more research and planning when selecting the right purebred parents and invest more of their time, energy, and finances to doing so, creating, of course, a much more expensive dog.

Goldendoodle breeders who have less skill or knowledge may offer their puppies as less expensive when compared with other breeders, but it can come with problems for the dog or pet parents in the future.

Health issues may or may not arise, and positive traits can be unpredictable or mingled with more negative qualities because the right Golden Retriever and Poodle parent was not chosen.

Selecting the best breeder might make a Goldendoodle more expensive than another, but it is a more reliable, and safe bet than picking someone without skill or knowledge.  Research is a crucial first step to adopting a Goldendoodle or any dog, regardless of how expensive they end up being.

Goldendoodles, which are bred to be companion animals, can be so expensive because they are just that, companion animals.

Why Are Goldendoodles So Expensive?

Companion animals need to have certain qualities to be a good friend and companion to their human.  Their personality, temperament, and nature must be level and predictable.  Negative traits of aggression and dominance cannot be a part of the equation to make a good companion animal.  This can cause Goldendoodles to be so expensive when compared to other dogs.

Popularity is another driving force that determines why Goldendoodles are so expensive.  These dogs are very popular for various reasons, including the fact that they look like a cute teddy bear.  This popularity also drives the price up because it creates a higher demand.

If the demand is high, breeders may put people on a waiting list or not have enough Goldendoodles for families and individuals to adopt, making Goldendoodles so expensive.

The breeder’s location can determine how expensive it is to adopt a Goldendoodle.  Certain geographical areas may be less expensive than others.  Higher population areas may have more than one reputable and skilled Goldendoodle breeder creating competition in pricing.

This situation can mean that more Goldendoodles can choose from, which can drive the expense down for specific dogs in select litters of puppies.

The color of the Goldendoodle, age, size, and gender of the Goldendoodle may play a part in what makes one so expensive while another is not so expensive.

More common colors are usually less expensive than the rare colors and patterns in any dog breed.   Older Goldendoodles will be less expensive than younger puppies.  Goldendoodles that are standard or large-sized will be more expensive than the smaller Goldendoodles.

Female Goldendoodles and other breeds can be more expensive due to their ability to breed and carry babies.  Many breeders will require that the adopters sign an agreement that they will not breed the Goldendoodle, but this isn’t always the case.

Whatever the reason why Goldendoodles are so expensive it is always important to remember is that each breeder is as individual as the Goldendoodles themselves.  One may be more expensive than another with certain reasons behind what makes them so expensive, these can be as individual as their teddy bear dogs.

Potential pet parents who find themselves in larger populated areas or those willing to travel distances may find more competitive pricing and that not every Goldendoodle as expensive as another.

Are Goldendoodles worth the added expense?

Goldendoodles are worth the added expense for those families and individuals looking for a dog that makes a great companion animal.  Those families or individuals that want a dog who is also hypoallergenic and low shedding while being friendly, and gentle enough for kids will find Goldendoodles well worth the added expense.

For potential pet parents that aren’t looking for a companion animal or who don’t need a hypoallergenic, low shedding dog, a Goldendoodle may not be worth the added expense.  Pet parents must factor in their needs and wants when selecting a dog compared with what they can afford to determine the perfect dog breed.

Why Are Goldendoodles So Expensive?

Do the different colors of Goldendoodles determine how expensive they are?

Yes, the different colors of Goldendoodle can determine how expensive they are.  More common colors can cause the price to be slightly less expensive than rare colors or patterns.  This isn’t always the case, as each breeder is different and must be consulted with before assuming so.

What are some ways I can cut down on the expense of welcoming a Goldendoodle into my family?

One of the easiest ways to cut down on the expense of welcoming a Goldendoodle into your family is to adopt from a rescue.

While they are harder to come by because this is such a new and popular crossbreed, it is still possible.

Various life situations can crop up in a dog’s life that land any dog, Goldendoodle, or otherwise in need of rescue.  Research online can help locate Goldendoodles that are not so expensive because they are returned or rescued from unsavory or difficult situations that were not their fault.

Possible ways to cut down on the expense of adopting a Goldendoodle can be found by adopting Goldendoodles that may not have been adopted from previous litters.  Older Goldendoodle puppies of a previous litter may be adopted for less expensive because they are older, and another litter or two of puppies is about to be welcomed.

While this may not always be the case, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Another option that may or may not cut down on Goldendoodles being so expensive is to adopt more than one.   If more than one pet parent or family is looking to adopt a Goldendoodle, they can both go to the same breeder and adopt together at the same time.

A Goldendoodle breeder that has three families that are friends showing up to each adopt a Goldendoodle at the same time would be hard-pressed not to offer a slight discount.

Closing Thoughts

Goldendoodles are expensive dogs. Does this mean that they are not worth it?  Absolutely not!  Good breeding comes with a price no matter what dog breed is chosen.

While some may find the expense too high, others will see a Goldendoodles beauty of temperament and appearance and their physical attributes of low shedding and hypoallergenic hair as a drop in the bucket.

No matter how expensive a dog is, love and happiness are all that matter anyway, and Goldendoodles have lots of that to share!

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