Goldendoodle Eyelashes, Should You Cut Them?

Hello, it’s Jennifer, Sasha, and Max, back to give you the latest scoop on grooming your beloved Goldendoodle.  Over the years, I have performed many grooming sessions on both of my Goldendoodle babies, and they both love these spa moments, as I like to call them!  One area that I have always been interested in is their eyes and particularly their eyelashes, as I pay attention to my peepers a lot!  Recently it had me thinking about whether cutting Goldendoodles’ eyelashes is good to do or not.  I myself have never trimmed my Goldendoodle babies eyelashes but my dog groomer has asked me at each visit what I would like done.  In truth I usually just say, whatever you think is best to do and leave it at that.

After a quick conversation with my dog groomer and some research online, I am now unveiling all the essential details about this overlooked area of a Goldendoodle.  I hope you enjoy it!

Should you cut Goldendoodles’ eyelashes?

Should you cut Goldendoodles’ eyelashes?  Goldendoodles have beautiful long lashes that do not require cutting. However, cutting your Doodles eyelashes is a personal decision. While most Goldendoodle owners choose not to cut their lovely and beautifully LONG eyelashes, the Goldendoodles eyelashes will come back if they are cut. It usually takes around five to six weeks for the eyelashes to grow back.

If it is decided that the Goldendoodles’ eyelashes need to be cut as a preference, it can be done at home in between their regular grooming visits or when they visit the groomer.  Specific tools can and should be used to perform this task, not to hurt the Goldendoodle if they are cut. 

The cost of these tools varies from one supplier and brand to another.  Resources can be as simple as the local pet supply chain or as elaborate as an online resource. 

Learning to cut the eyelashes is relatively simple; a quick demonstration from their regular groomer will help those that are a bit nervous.  Care and patience must be offered when performing this task for both the person doing the eyelash cutting and the dog

Some dogs will be able to go through this process rather quickly since they will sit still easily, while others may struggle sitting still, and the process can sometimes take a long time. 

Suppose this care and patience aren’t given. In that case, it is possible that the Goldendoodle can be injured during a stressful or rushed eyelash cutting session. Those who cannot perform the task themselves at home, waiting until the next grooming session is the best choice. 

For those new Goldendoodle families that are unsure about grooming their dog but want to cut their eyelashes, a quick consult with the dog’s groomer can put their minds at ease.

The Goldendoodle, like other dogs and humans, have eyelashes.  These eyelashes grow at varying rates from one Goldendoodle to the next.  The Goldendoodle has beautiful and gloriously long eyelashes that many families choose to leave as such. 

Goldendoodle’s physical trait is often one of the adoring qualities that many Goldendoodle owners don’t want to change. They love the look of these lovely lashes.

The eyelash length of a Goldendoodle or any dog breed is determined and related to their fur’s size.  Most often, dogs with long fur coats have long eyelashes, and dogs with short fur coats have short eyelashes.

Many Goldendoodle family members will also leave their dogs’ eyelashes long to protect their eyes from their long and floppy fur coat Some Goldendoodles will have eyelashes that get in the way of them, seeing as they can grow a couple of inches long. In these cases, sometimes it is necessary to cut the eyelashes back a bit for comfort and safety.

Are there specific tools to cut a Goldendoodle’s eyelashes, and if so, how much do they cost?

Yes, there are specific tools for those Goldendoodle family members that wish to perform the task of cutting their eyelashes themselves.  These include special combs and scissors that are specifically designed for the eye area.  These eyelash combs and scissors are smaller for the area around the eyes.

These tools can vary in price depending on supplier and manufacturer.  Resources can be as simple as the local pet supply store to online suppliers that can offer a more extensive selection with which to choose from. 

If these types of dog tools are not on hand, eyelash combs and scissors for humans can be utilized as well.

How does one cut Goldendoodles’ eyelashes, and how often should this be done?

Cutting the eyelashes of a Goldendoodle is relatively simple.  Selecting an area to cut their eyelashes that is well lit and free of distractions will help minimize the likelihood of injury.

Set up the work area before performing the task of cutting their eyelashes.  Have the tools and some treats laid out before beginning.  Use a leash to secure the dog, so they don’t increase the chance of injury during the process.  If this can’t be accomplished, utilizing a trusted friend or family member to secure the dog will also work.

Using words of praise and a patient but steady hand, gently use a soft and damp cloth to wipe the eye area of any debris or gunk that might have accumulated in the area.    Performing this quick cleaning also serves the purpose of separating the eyelashes.

Next, using the eyelash comb, gently comb the lashes forward, ensuring that they are separated.  Beginning at the outside corner of the Goldendoodles eye trim working towards the dog’s nose.  Repeat the process on the other eye.

If at any time the Goldendoodle moves or fusses, step back to prevent injury.  It is very easy to injure the Goldendoodles’ eyes when they move or squirm for any reason. The groomers’ job is to ensure that they are kept safe and healthy, free of injury.

After this is done, pass the eyelash comb through the eyelashes to ensure that they are all cut, even, and neat.

Alternatively, for those who want to trim the Goldendoodles’ eyelashes but not cut them, the comb can be used during the cutting process to reach the desired length of an eyelash.  Place the comb at the desired height the eyelashes should be and trim from outer edge to nose.

Is it possible to injure the Goldendoodle while cutting their eyelashes?

Yes, as with any grooming session where scissors are used on a squirming and fussy Goldendoodle or another dog breed, injury is always possible.  Patience and a slow but steady hand, combined with some words of praise and an assistant, whether friend or leash, can make the job a bit safer and decrease injury.

With time and patience both home groomer and dog will learn to get through the process more smoothly and efficiently so they can get back to the fun!

Is it best to have a trained professional or groomer perform this task?

Yes and no.  Depending on how fussy the Goldendoodle is and how nervous or unsteady the family member is, it may be better to save the eyelash cutting for visits to the professional groomer.

Most home groomers can easily groom their Goldendoodles eyelashes with some patience and assistance.  This needn’t be a task that is difficult or that causes stress.  Other than injury, if the lashes get cut or trimmed to far they will of course grow back rather rapidly.

If I don’t cut Goldendoodles’ eyelashes, what will happen?

Not much will happen to the Goldendoodle if their eyelashes are not cut, other than perhaps being a bit clumsy and uncoordinated because they cannot see.  Occasionally this inability to see will cause injury, but this depends more on the dog itself.

Should You Cut Goldendoodles' Eyelashes?

There are certain health problems a Goldendoodle will have to deal with relating to their eyelashes but they are not directly related to cutting or trimming the eyelashes.  Doing so however, can increase the chance that these health problems are easily discovered and addressed appropriately. 

If I cut the dogs’ eyelashes, will they grow back?

Yes, a dog’s eyelashes will grow back just like their fur coat does.  The time frame can vary from dog to dog depending on their health and other physical traits, but they generally grow back to the original length at around five to six weeks, which is about halfway through regular dog grooming visits.

Are there specific health problems that can be related to cutting or not cutting a dog’s eyelashes?

Yes, some specific health problems can affect Goldendoodles’ eyes and eyelashes.  Most are related to abnormal birth defects or breed genetics.  Cutting the eyelashes however could never cause any of these issues.  Cutting the eyelashes, however, does serve a specific purpose.  By cutting the eyelashes it would prevent the likelihood that these conditions would go unnoticed.

Trichiasis is a condition that affects the eyelashes and is a medical term for ingrown eyelashes.  Without care and inspection of the eyelash area, this condition and others could go unnoticed and create more significant problems. 

At the very least, inspecting the eyelash area periodically is a great way to ensure good eye health if cutting the eyelashes is not something the family wants to do.

Final Thoughts

We all need a trim, cut, and grooming session from time to time, the Goldendoodle included.

With eyelashes that would make any woman jealous, these beautiful fur babies give a whole new meaning to lovely.  Thankfully these long eyelashes serve a purpose to protect their peepers from dirt, debris and their long fur coat.

While many Goldendoodle owners choose not to cut their dogs’ eyelashes, some prefer the neatness and opt to give cutting eyelashes a try.  Whatever way the Goldendoodle family leans, nothing can make them look any less adorable and lovingly beautiful!

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