Do Goldendoodles Need Their Glands Expressed?

Hmm, this is a delicate topic to discuss, but one I am sure many people are curious about.  When I got my first dog, I had no idea that they had glands that needed to be expressed, apparently some more than others.  So, what about the Goldendoodle?

Follow along and see what I found out about this topic.

Do Goldendoodles need their glands expressed?

No, Goldendoodles do not need their glands expressed unless they appear to be having an issue.  Goldendoodles do not need their gland expressed unless they have a fishy smell around their tail and back area.  Most dogs, including the Goldendoodle, only need this expression or emptying of their glands when there is some problem, issue, or smell.  To do so otherwise is unnecessary because it can cause health problems, like the weakening of their muscles in that area that generally does this job independently. 

Goldendoodles do not need their glands expressed because once this is done, it may need to be done again, and this can become a chronic problem. 

Goldendoodles should not have their glands expressed by anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing as this can cause more health issues or injury to the dog if they are inexperienced. 

For the occasional bout that a Goldendoodle might have who needs their glands expressed, a trip to the veterinarian is best.  This is not that expensive and much safer for the Goldendoodle. 

When the Goldendoodle does happen to have an issue and needs their glands expressed, the veterinarian or veterinary technician is familiar and trained in expressing the gland internally versus the external way, which can cause injury to the dog.  For the Goldendoodle that does have an issue that requires their glands to be expressed by a veterinarian, changing their diet can help afterward. 

The change to their diet should be that of adding more fiber.  It can also help use special gland wipes for dogs if this smell and issue are detected.  It can take a couple of days for the smell to go away once the Goldendoodle has needed the glands being expressed taken care of by a veterinarian.   A nice bath after the problem has been solved by their veterinarian can make them and their pet parent feel better about the smell and the procedure.

Like other dogs, Goldendoodles have anal glands that help their bodies naturally push out the poop when they go to the bathroom.  For some dog breeds, in particular smaller dogs, it can be common for them to need a little help in this area from time to time.  However, Goldendoodles do not need their glands expressed unless they appear to be having an issue or there seems to be a smell.

Goldendoodles do not need their glands expressed because to do so without necessity can cause other problems and issues.  One such issue is to weaken the muscles in this area designed for the job already.  In some instances, once this is done unnecessarily, it may need to be done again in the future, which can cause a chronic problem.

It is essential that anytime this truly needs to be done, that it is done by a trained professional otherwise, they can potentially injure the Goldendoodle.  For Goldendoodles who genuinely need to have their glands expressed, it is always best to take them to their veterinarian.

The expense of having this procedure done at the veterinarian is not that much, but the safety and long-term effects must be considered.  The veterinarian or veterinary technician is skilled and trained on how to do this procedure internally, which is meant to be done.

Other individuals, including groomers, may claim they can do this task but often will handle the Goldendoodle that needs their glands expressed wrong and perform the procedure on the exterior instead of the interior.

This is much riskier and not comfortable or safe for the Goldendoodle.  For the Goldendoodle that needs their glands expressed, doing it on the exterior increases their chance of injury if done wrong.

To combat a Goldendoodle issue that needs their glands expressed, or prevent it entirely, changing their diet can be helpful.  Adding fiber-rich foods like pumpkin to their diet can reduce the chance of having this issue or eliminate it.

Another way to combat or eliminate the issue of a Goldendoodle needing their glands expressed is to make sure they get enough water.

If there is a fishy smell that helped the pet parent notice this issue or the Goldendoodle has had their glands expressed, it can help use specific gland wipes to clean the area for a few days.  This can rid the fishy smell while keeping the area clean.

A nice bath afterward can also help reduce or eliminate the fishy smell for Goldendoodles that have had their glands expressed.

How can I prevent my Goldendoodle from needing its glands expressed?

As stated above, the top way to prevent your Goldendoodle from needing its glands expressed is to increase the fiber in its diet.

It is best to consult their veterinarian to determine what fibers are good for a specific dog but generally speaking. Flax can be a good choice.  Other good and natural options include carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato, blended in with their regular dog food or offered as treats.

Another option to try is to increase their water intake.

Let’s face it, Goldendoodles, like some humans, get bored with that same old water they drink every day. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

A way to combat this is to add water to their food, making it saucier while adding liquid.

For other Goldendoodles, sometimes a moving fountain-like water dispenser can be highly entertaining and enjoyable.  Some dogs like the movement and drink more.

And yet, there is the option of frozen water.  What dog doesn’t like ice cubes with all the crunch!  While you are at it, why not make some doggie ice pops out of broth!

Some dogs suffer issues because they are overweight.  This doesn’t mean that those skinny minnie Goldendoodles can’t have problems, but dogs can suffer more and need their glands expressed overweight.

Putting Goldendoodles on a diet can reduce the chance that they will need their glands expressed, whether for the first time or again.

Exercise is a great way to combat this issue in Goldendoodles that might need their glands expressed.

Regular exercise promotes regular bathroom breaks and drainage of the glands.  Providing the right amount of exercise for an individual Goldendoodle can prevent them from needing their glands expressed.

And finally, if a Goldendoodle appears to have an issue and needs its glands expressed, there is a home tip to try that might prevent a trip to the veterinarian.

Using a warm cloth that has been soaked in some Epsom saltwater or witch hazel water, apply it to the area and hold there for perhaps five to ten minutes, that is, if the dog will stand still for that long of a time.

This can help drain or empty the gland and be done twice per day.

It is essential to use a tiny bit of Epsom salt or witch hazel not to irritate the Goldendoodles sensitive area.  Wearing gloves and ensuring the water isn’t too hot can protect pet parents and Goldendoodle who may need their gland expressed.  Change the cloth for each time is essential.

Can the Goldendoodles glands become infected or rupture?

Yes, glands with issues and need to be emptied or expressed can become infected or rupture if left untreated.  If a Goldendoodle is scooting their behind on the ground or licking the area often, or if there appears to be a bump or abscess in the area, it is best to consult with their veterinarian to prevent severe issues from happening.

Usually, these issues do not come on suddenly but take a while to happen and can sometimes go unnoticed.  The Goldendoodle goes outside in the yard and struggles to relieve itself, for a few days.  Then perhaps a week or so later they are scooching their behind on the ground, and then eventually a bump appears.

Do Goldendoodles Need Their Glads Expressed

The pet parent is unaware of any issue because they don’t notice any of the difficulties the Goldendoodle is having in the back yard, that is until they discover the bump.  These types of issues are best addressed when they are first discovered, even if they seem small and not a problem because once they escalate it can become messy, uncomfortable and sometimes harmful to the Goldendoodle.

In severe untreated cases, bleeding or fluid coming from the area shows an infection or something has ruptured.  A quick trip to their veterinarian is necessary for the health and well-being of the Goldendoodle.

Closing Thoughts

Like other dogs, Goldendoodles have glands that sometimes need to be expressed.  When this procedure needs to be done, pet parents need to take them to their veterinarian for their health and safety.

While this issue can be smelling like fish at times, it doesn’t happen very often and should never be done on their body’s exterior.

When this does need to be done, it doesn’t always have to happen again, thanks to some high fiber food, extra water, adequate exercise, and a well-placed washcloth!

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