Do Mini Goldendoodles Like to Cuddle?

Everybody loves when a pet cuddles up to them. We as people enjoy the companionship of other people and creatures, so cuddles from a pet are always welcome. Cuddling is something that most dogs like to do, and Goldendoodles are definitely not exempt from this.

Mini Goldendoodles love to cuddle and will jump at any opportunity to snuggle up to their favorite people on the couch. Mini Goldendoodles are known for being quite the clingy lapdog and love to be a part of any activity, even if it’s just sitting on the couch.

Mini Goldendoodles are naturally prone to like cuddling and that is a major perk of owning one of these dogs. Keep reading to learn more about mini Goldendoodles habits and how to get them to love cuddling with you!

Mini Goldendoodle Temperament

Mini Goldendoodles love cuddling, but what makes them like it so much? It all comes down to their temperament and how that affects their behavior. Mini Goldendoodles have a very social and very friendly temperament and this makes them always excited to cuddle.

Because mini Goldendoodles are so social, they are not afraid of getting close to people and they want to be around people. This means that when you are sitting on a couch, your mini Goldendoodle will want to come to sit up there with you. They don’t want to just sit on the floor because then you are far away from them. Instead, this dog wants to be as close to you as possible whenever it can.

A dog with such a friendly temperament is bound to want to show the people they love that they love them. One way that they can do that is by cuddling close to you when the opportunity arises. This is one way that your mini Goldendoodle will show great affection, and who doesn’t want to cuddle with such a tiny ball of fluff!

Clingy Habits

Being social and friendly are just two of the traits that make mini Goldendoodles love cuddling. Mini Goldendoodles also just have clingy habits. Clingy is not usually a word that is associated with good behaviors, but with a mini Goldendoodle, it is definitely a good thing.

Mini Goldendoodles love being around people so much, that they can’t stand to be alone for very long. Owners of these dogs recall plenty of stories of how their mini Goldendoodle would follow them around the house as they do chores or other things. This is because your mini Goldendoodle wants to be around you, even if it means getting up and moving around the house.

Do Mini Goldendoodles Like To Cuddle? 1

Another clingy habit that many mini Goldendoodles have is the habit to always cuddle with you as soon as you have stopped moving around. If you sit on the floor, on a couch, at the table, or in your bed, you can bet that your mini Goldendoodle will come and sit as close to you as possible. If they can sit with you and be touching you in some way, then they are happy.

Finally, mini Goldendoodles can be so clingy to the point that they do not do well when no one is home. Mini Goldendoodles need to be social and they love it so much, so when you are not home for long periods of time, they can get anxious and sometimes they act out by chewing or destroying things.

This is not a good effect of a clingy dog, but if you are never gone for too long or you hire a walking or pet daycare service, your mini Goldendoodle will be fine.

How to Teach a Mini Goldendoodle to Like Cuddling.

While we have talked a lot about how most mini Goldendoodles love cuddling, this is not the case for all of them. If you bought a mini Goldendoodle in hopes that you would have a cuddly dog, but they just do not like to cuddle very much, you can train your dog to like cuddling.

Like many habits, it is easier to teach a younger dog what experiences are positive or not, so train them while they are still a puppy.

Training your dog to like cuddling usually starts with teaching them that being touched is a positive experience instead of a negative one. You can try petting them while feeding them so they begin to associate a good experience (eating), with a neutral or negative one (being touched).

Another thing to try is to get your dog comfortable with being held. For a lot of pets, being held feels like being restrained rather than being loved. When your mini Goldendoodle is relaxed and calm, try sitting down and holding them. If they squirm a little, hold them until they stop and then give them a treat.

They will soon realize that being helpful is something that they get praised for and it is not that bad of an experience.

Do Mini Goldendoodles Like To Cuddle? 2

If you want your mini Goldendoodle to cuddle with you, you should let them have access to the couch. Couches are the best place for cuddling with your dog, and if they are not allowed up there, then they will not be able to cuddle with you.

You are more likely to sit on the couch than on the floor, so it puts you out of reach when you sit on the couch. A good trait about mini Goldendoodles is that they do not shed very much, and some don’t shed at all.

This means that you do not have to worry about getting fur all over your couch or your clothes when cuddling with your mini Goldendoodle.

Finally, keep gradually encouraging your mini Goldendoodle to cuddle with you, whether that means giving them a treat when they sit by you or if it means just letting them know it is okay to jump onto the couch to cuddle. Either way, you can totally condition your mini Goldendoodle to give you love through cuddles and to enjoy it just as much as you do!



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