Do Mini Goldendoodle Shed

Bringing home a new dog can be very exciting. Unfortunately, accompanying that dog could be an abundance of fur. Do mini Goldendoodles shed, and if they do, how much do they shed?

In general, Mini Goldendoodles rarely shed; however, they do shed some of their hair. To minimize shedding, Mini Goldendoodles need frequent grooming. Mini Goldendoodles should be groomed every six to ten weeks. The exact time between grooming appointments depends on their hair’s speed of growth.

Before you bring home your new Mini Goldendoodle, you need to prepare for its specific grooming needs. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about caring for your Mini Goldendoodle’s coat.

Mini Goldendoodle Coats

Mini Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic because they don’t lose much of their hair, only a little bit periodically. They are more compatible with people who have various allergies than other dog breeds. (Source)

Other Dog breeds that are considered hypoallergenic include:

  • Bichon Frise
  • Havanese
  • Poodle
  • Irish Water Spaniel

Most of these breeds have tight coiling hair that keeps dead hair and dander from falling off of them. While this will make your home cleaner, it means they need to be groomed more often.

Since Mini Goldendoodles shed very little hair, they are considered an “allergy-friendly” breed. Mini Goldendoodles lose hair year-round. However, your Mini Goldendoodle might lose more hair during certain seasons. Your Mini Goldendoodle will lose more hair at the beginning of summer as the weather changes and retain hair during the fall and winter as it gets colder.

How much your Mini Goldendoodle sheds will depend on the genetics they inherit from their parents. Until the Mini Goldendoodle puppy is a year old, it will be difficult to tell what type of coat it will have and how much it will shed.

Mini Goldendoodle Coat Types

Your Mini Goldendoodle will have one of three coat types: wavy or shaggy, curly, and flat or improper.

Wavy or Shaggy

The most common coat type your Mini Goldendoodle might have is wavy or shaggy. The generation of Mini Goldendoodle you have will not affect whether or not they will have this type of fur coat. However, the generation of the Mini Goldendoodle may affect how much the dog sheds.

Not sure what the generation of the Goldendoodle has to do with anything? Watch the following video to learn about the different generations of Goldendoodles!

In general, wavy or shaggy coated Mini Goldendoodles lose little to no hair. Dogs with this coat style should be brushed at least once a week to remove dead hair and dander, as well as to prevent any knots or mats from forming.


A curly coat does not mean your Mini Goldendoodle will have tight ringlets like its Poodle parent. In fact, the curls could be loose or compact.

Curly coated Mini Goldendoodles need more care than other coat types. Because the hair is curled, more dander and hair is collected. While this means they will shed less, it also means that these irritants are kept close to their skin. Keep your Mini Goldendoodle happy by brushing them multiple times a week and taking trips to the groomers often.

Flat or Improper

When breeding a Goldendoodle of any size, chances are you are hoping for the tight curls of the Poodle parent. Because genetics is a complicated subject, this might not always happen. Occasionally, the Goldendoodle will have a long flat coat. This coat will look like the Golden Retriever parent’s coat.

When breeding a second-generation Mini Goldendoodle, there is the possibility that both parents carry the non-dominant improper coat gene. If they do, this will greatly increase the chances of having flat coat Goldendoodles.

Mini Goldendoodles with a flat or improper coat will shed the most. Because this coat type sheds its hair and dander easily, it does not need to be groomed or brushed as often. However, this does mean it is the least allergy-friendly coat type.

Regardless of the coat type your Mini Goldendoodle has, it is best to visit a professional groomer so their fur can be trimmed. Mini Goldendoodles with shorter hair cuts can go longer between grooming appointments.

Items to Use to Remove Mini Goldendoodle Hair

Although Mini Goldendoodles don’t shed as much as other dogs, dog hair will inevitably find its way through your house. If frequent vacuuming is not doing the job in your home, one of the following cleaning methods will help you manage the fur.

Rubber Broom

A rubber broom has a long adjustable handle with a roll of rubber on the end that you can use on hardwood floors and carpet to remove dog hair.

As you run this broom over your floors, it will collect the dog’s hair. Need it to be more effective on your carpets? Get the carpet slightly damp and then run the rubber broom over it. You will be pleasantly surprised (and potentially disgusted) at how much pet hair a rubber broom can get out off your floors.

A similar cleaning option is to use a window squeegee on your carpets. Just run it over the carpet and when it is full of hair, discard the fur, and keep going until the room is done.

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Damp Sweeping

If your home flooring primarily consists of hardwood or vinyl, have a mop dedicated to cleaning up dog hair.

Before sweeping the floor, get your mop slightly damp and run it over the floors. Not only will this collect dust and other debris, but it will pick up every dog hair. Additionally, the moisture on the mop will prevent any dog hair from being swept up into the air.

Lint Roller

No matter how much cleaning you do, dog hair will inevitably find its way onto your clothing. Always look crisp and clean by securing a lint roller by your front door. Pin it up on the wall with your keys and use it every time you leave the house or put it in a drawer near the door for easy access.

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