How Far Can A Mini Goldendoodle Walk?

This article is about how far a mini Goldendoodle can walk?

Does it seem each day there is a new breed of canine?  With each new breed, there comes a new set of rules for exercise, nutrition, and health concerns.  One of the newest breeds is a Mini Goldendoodle which is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. This breed gives you the best of each with a splash of mischief. As you settle in with your new pup, it is always wise to start the bonding process.  Walking your puppy is a good start in achieving a strong bond between the two of you.

How Far Can A Mini Goldendoodle Walk?

How Far Can A Mini Goldendoodle Walk? On average, about eight (8) miles a week.  Of course, this depends on age, daily activity, and diet.  Goldendoodles are known for being active always attempting to entertain the family.  Their silly antics catch everyone’s attention and make them the class clown of the group.  

Daily exercise is always important, as this will keep your puppy in great shape.  Walking your Goldenpoo which is another name, will assist is socialization with other animals and people.  Exercising is only part of giving proper care to your canine.  Diet plays a major role in the health of your puppy, as well.

What Is The Daily Recommendation For Exercising A Mini Goldendoodle?

Mini Goldendoodle has an abundance of energy, especially when they are puppies.  Usually, a daily walk of up to 30-60 minutes is good to exert that energy.  However, if your pup still shows signs of pent up energy a fun game of catch for about 15 minutes will take of it.   The daily walk you have with your pup is an excellent way of bonding for you both.

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The age of the dog will factor in the length of your daily walks or exercise.  We all know a puppy has an endless amount of energy, while an older dog may prefer to bask in the sun.  For an older dog, a good 10 minutes of walking or even a quick 5 minute game of fetch will provide some good exercise.

If your older dog has health issues and unable to engage in a prolonged physical activity, then a nice doggie body massage will be greatly beneficial for them. Daily exercise loosens up their joints, keeps them alert, and sharp. Regardless of age, every dog can benefit from daily exercise.

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What Is The Proper Diet For A Mini Goldendoodle?

Each type of canine breed has a unique nutrition regime that is designed for its pedigree.  For instance, Golden Retrievers have high energy, so their diet must meet the needs to maintain. 

Different breeds will metabolize food differently therefore the ingredients of their food are key in their nutrition.  This is no different for the Mini Goldendoodle.

Daily caloric intake is usually between 90-150 calories for a miniature Goldendoodle. Of course, depending on the size and activity level of your pup will be a factor. An older dog requires fewer calories since they are less active.  Older miniatures prefer to cuddle up with you while you watch tv or read a good book.

These beautiful canines are prone to  Cancer, Bloat, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Von Willebrand’s disease, Patellar Luxation, and Hypothyroidism, a proper diet and calorie intake will assist in raising a healthy dog.

The best nutrition for any breed is a clean diet. This is also known as a raw diet.  You must be careful since any additives such as hormones and preservatives will interfere in the digestion.  Be sure to maintain the same diet as changing their food frequently can lead to intestine issues.

When you change their food or diet, do it gradually to ensure a proper transition. Whether you choose traditional dry food or a raw diet, there are many wonderful options from budget-friendly to high dollar for you and your beloved dog.  

What Are The Consequences For Not Exercising My Mini Goldendoodle Daily?

Every dog should be exercised daily or have some type of activity throughout the day. This can be walking, some basic training, swimming, game of fetch, or even putting them on a treadmill. 

The best exercise should involve the bonding process between the two of you.  However,  some households are busy and exercising their pup daily may go to the wayside.  It is unfortunate yet sometimes it is unavoidable.

The consequences for a lack of exercise can have serious consequences on your dog regardless of breed. However, a Mini Goldendoodle is extremely social and active.  Without exercise this can lead to anxiety, restlessness, aggression, chewing, and become anti-social.

If you are unable to provide exercise, then at least allow them to have engaging toys in which they will be able to work their minds in problem-solving. Toys will also assist in them learning how to play by themselves.  Of course, this should not be a replacement for exercise but for the short term, it is an excellent alternative.

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What Type of Toys Should I Buy My Mini Goldendoodle?

Toys are excellent for dogs in developing important social, mental, and behavioral skills.  The type of toy is important since it depends on the disposition of your mini.  Is your put active or laid back?  An active dog will enjoy toys that utilize their cognitive skills.

Puzzles are excellent for a dog that bores easily or manages to get into mischief.  Mini Goldendoodles are intelligent.  If they are bored, they can be destructive as they are looking for mental stimulation.  They are natural problem solvers so they need to remain mentally active.  Here are some toy suggestions for your mini. 

Puzzle Description Level of Difficulty Benefit
Wobble Ball This ball spins, twirls, bounces, and will dispense treats randomly. Easy Entertainment as well as getting your pup used to different sounds
Doggie Treat Activity Mat Place the treat in the envelope which is on the mat, the mat has snaps, ties, and Velcro   Moderate to Advanced Mental stimulation/Problem solving
Hide n Seek Place a treat in a Kong ( or similar) then hide somewhere in the house/yard. Command your pup to “find the treat.” Advanced Exercise, problem-solving, confidence building.
Treat Doggie Puzzle This is similar to the Activity Mat; however, the treat is placed under the puzzle piece.  The dog must press the puzzle piece to release the treat. Easy to Advance Problem-solving, mental stimulation
Doggie Maze Moving parts exposing treats Easy to Advance Challenging with intense mental stimulation
Any hide a treat bone or toy Place a small treat in the bone or toy Easy Mental stimulation plus it helps clean teeth and maintains healthy gums

For a detailed list, 17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love, is a great place to start.

How Easy Is It to Train A Mini Goldendoodle?

This type of breed is known for its intelligence and obedience.  Training will be easy, quick, and fun for you and your mini.  The best type of training is anything that will involve your interaction. 

This will form a solid bond between the two of you.  Not only does it provide mental stimulation, but it will provide the daily exercise your pup needs. 

It must be said this breed make excellent companions and eagerly want to please their owners.  They look to you for guidance and approval. 

A training session will be successful by practicing on and off throughout the day.  A training session doesn’t need to last a long time.  It can be a quick 3-5minutes as opposed to 30-60 minutes.  Busy households can easily fit these small training tasks into their daily schedule.

A happy pup is a tired pup. This may sound silly; however, if your pup is well exercised, mentally stimulated, and well-loved that equals happiness.  Those three components make for a well-adjusted canine and providing a happy home for everyone. 

How Far Can A Mini Goldendoodle Walk?

How Far Can A Mini Goldendoodle Walk? 1

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