What Size Collar For A Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

Many of you know we adore our mini Goldendoodle Lexie.  Lexie has been with us for five years, and she completed our family in a way that only she can.  When Lexie was a small puppy, we struggled with finding a collar that would fit her petite size.  We tried many different collars, different sizes, and other materials and fabrics to find one that suited her best during those early months.  We needed a collar that was both the right size for her and comfortable for her puppy neck to wear.  After much trial and error, we found what worked, and now we are sharing this information with you.

We hope that those who read this information find it helpful to their unique situation.

What size collar for a mini Goldendoodle puppy?

What size collar for a mini Goldendoodle puppy?  While a collar during the early puppy stage isn’t necessary at all, if one is a must, a Goldendoodle puppy will need a collar that adjusts between sizes of 7 – 10 inches.  This size is just a guide since every dog is different in size, including the size of their neck. 

Adjustable collars are best at the puppy stage so that the collar can grow with the mini Goldendoodle puppy. 

The size of a collar can also reference the collars band width.   For a mini Goldendoodle, this size will range between 5/8 – 1 inch. This is for their comfort. 

Too small or too large a collar width can be uncomfortable for a growing puppy’s fur and skin.  Collars are not the only option for a mini Goldendoodle puppy, with harnesses offering new owners another opportunity.  

They protect the developing parts of a puppy’s neck.   If a collar is chosen, two fingers can be inserted between the collar and the puppies’ fur with a good fit.   The earliest age a puppy should wear a collar is ten weeks.  A collar should be removed from the mini Goldendoodle puppies’ neck when they go to sleep or rest for their comfort and reduce injury.

A mini Goldendoodle puppy is petite in size. Our Lexie developed into an adult that holds her weight around 22 lbs.  During her puppy stage, she was smaller.  Her size, like other mini Goldendoodles, meant that her body parts were more petite.  This small size included her neck circumference.

When selecting a collar for a mini Goldendoodle puppy or any puppy, it is always best to measure their neck before choosing a collar.  The size of the body doesn’t always denote the size of the neck.  The mini Goldendoodle puppy will need a collar that is between 7 – 10 inches.

This size is just a guide for puppy owners to start with.   While there are many selections on the market to choose from, an adjustable collar is best at this time.  An adjustable collar allows the collar to grow with the puppy as they go through each development stage.

Once they are fully grown into adulthood, this collar can be discarded in favor of a more appropriate adult collar. If it has extra sparkle or pizazz to mark their initiation into adulthood, all the better!

We have an assortment of collars and leashes that provide our beloved Lexie with the extra something and sparkle for special occasions.

Size isn’t only limited to the neck circumference.  Size also relates to the collar‘s width, which is between 5/8 – 1 inch for a puppy collar  

The width of a collar can relate to comfort for the growing puppy, which depends on the individual puppy owner.  We used the wider width collars on Lexie because we believed them to be more comfortable for her as she grew.

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When selecting a collar for a mini Goldendoodle puppy, the fabric is essential.  Puppies have delicate skin, which can easily be irritated.  Harsh fabrics, hard buckles, or snaps should be avoided in favor of simplicity and comfort.

Another option for new mini Goldendoodle puppy owners is to choose a harness instead of a collar.  Puppies are growing every day from head to toe.  This growth includes their neck area, with the trachea being located there. 

Editor’s Pick: If you are considering a choke-free / no-pull harness, a harness like this one is a good choice for Doodles up to 30 pounds.

If a collar isn’t correctly fitted, it can harm the growing body parts of the mini Goldendoodle puppy.  A harness is placed over different areas of their body and made of lightweight but durable materials to protect a growing puppy’s body.

Whatever choice is made, having a properly fitting collar is most important.

How does a mini Goldendoodle puppy owner know that the collar fits right?

The mini Goldendoodle puppy owner knows that the collar fits right when they can stick to fingers between the collar itself and the puppy’s body.  This distance leaves enough room for the puppy’s comfort while still preventing it from coming off.

The best way to accomplish this is to measure the puppy’s neck and pick the right collar designed for the neck size.   As stated above, adjustable collars are best.

Then wrap the collar around their neck with the owner’s fingers inside the collar as they access.  Please set it to the appropriate size and work one way or the other to see what gives the best fit.

If the collar is too tight, it can injure or damage the growing puppy neck area’s delicate trachea.  If it is too big, the collar can quickly come off or, worse yet, get caught on something while they are running around.

When should a Goldendoodle puppy start wearing a collar?

This answer depends on the family, and when the mini Goldendoodle puppy will begin training and socializing.  A collar isn’t essential during the early puppy stages but is used for training purposes.

Ten weeks is a good time to start using a collar.  Wearing a collar and leash training can be started as early as the family wishes, from eight weeks on, but sometimes it is just nice to give a new puppy time to adjust to their new home.

A mini Goldendoodle puppy will move to a new home in the beginning weeks, with new smells and people, and there can be some apprehension combined with curiosity.  While new puppy owners may be anxious to welcome the new family member, they may need time to adjust.

The mini Goldendoodle puppy will have plenty of time to adjust to a collar and leash and learn what is expected of them, but sooner is better rather than later.

How long should a mini Goldendoodle puppy wear a collar?

A mini Goldendoodle puppy doesn’t need to wear a collar at this stage of their life.  During the early months of their life, they will be spending most of their time indoors as they are being house trained and getting acquainted with their new family.

Their size and age don’t require a collar, but many families decide to begin the process of collar and leash training early on at around ten weeks of age or sooner.  For training purposes, this is to start the puppy off on the right foot.

If a puppy of this age wears a collar, it is best to have the collar on for short intervals as mini-training sessions.  In the beginning, perhaps 15 minutes, and gradually increasing as they get used to the collar being around their neck.  Some puppies will not like this while others will be okay with earing it.

It is essential to keep a close eye on the mini Goldendoodle puppy when wearing the collar.  They can run the risk of harm or injury while wearing the collar if it isn’t correctly fitted.  Strangulation can accidentally occur if they manage to get caught on something while unsupervised.

One time when a puppy shouldn’t wear a collar is when they are sleeping and resting.   Whether they rest and sleep in a crate, soft bed, or the couch, they can accidentally get injured if they move around and get it caught on something.

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It is also a good idea to give their neck, skin, and fur a break from wearing the collar.  This removal of their collar is like us removing our jewelry and necktie.  Imagine wearing that to bed, uncomfortable, right?

It also allows the fur rest and go back to its natural position, which, of course, keeps them looking adorably perfect!

Final Thoughts

Wearing a collar is essential for all dogs, regardless of breed or age.  A collar is a sign of good manners and training to those the dog meets.  The collar can also be a sign of identification if the puppy or dog gets lost.  Aside from that, it brings pizzaz to the beauty that already exists, like a necklace or tie for humans.

Sizing a mini Goldendoodle collar can be a challenge because of their petite size, but it isn’t an impossible task.  Comfort and health are always of the utmost importance; therefore, correct sizing is especially important.

With that in mind, whatever collar is chosen, every mini Goldendoodle puppy is sure to look adorably cute wearing it!

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