Can You Fly With A Mini Goldendoodle?

Some airline carriers allow passengers to fly with their pets if they meet the required standards. Every airline has its policy when it comes to traveling with pets.

Can You Fly With a Mini Goldendoodle?

Can you fly with a mini Goldendoodle? You can fly with mini Goldendoodle if they meet the requirements of the airline. Pets are considered safe for air travel if they have the right:  

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Health
  • Age
  • Size
  • Medical documentation
  • Temperament

Some airlines have separate cabins for pets. 

Airlines have various guidelines for flying with pets, including dogs. It is essential to review your airline’s guidelines for traveling with pets before booking a ticket.

Guidelines for Flying with a Mini Goldendoodle

Initially, many airlines only allowed planes to board planes, provided they remain confined in the cargo area. However, cargo areas do not have the same temperature and pressure control as the main cabin.

The temperature and pressure settings in the cargo area pose a threat to pets, especially when it gets too hot or cold when flying—sedating pets before flying is also a health risk because the dog loses its balance and judgment.

As more pet owners opt to travel with their pets, airlines have taken steps to meet the demand. However, there are essential guidelines for flying with a mini Goldendoodle.


A mini Goldendoodle puppy, or any other breed, should be at least eight weeks old to be allowed to fly. Some airlines require the dog to be at least ten weeks to get on board. 


Large and medium-sized dogs are not allowed to travel in the passenger cabin. Only small sized dogs weighing 20 pounds or less are permitted in the cabin area.

Dogs weighing more than 20 pounds have to travel in the cargo area. Fortunately, airlines are now remodeling their planes’ cargo areas to accommodate pets comfortably. 

Pet Carrier 

A suitable pet carrier should fit a mini Goldendoodle’s height. The pet carrier size should have enough space to allow the pet to stand, sit, turn, or lie down.  

Review Airline Safe Pet Carriers

The average size specifications of an adult male mini Goldendoodle is: 

  • Between 17 and 19 inches tall
  • Weight of between 20 to 35 pounds

Females are smaller measuring: 

  • 16 to 17 inches in height
  • Weighing between 18 and 30 pounds. 

The standard size for a traveling pet carrier is 18.5″ x 8.5″ x 13.5″. Bigger pet carriers will not fit under the seat in the cabin area. 


The accepted weight for traveling pets is 20 pounds or less. This includes the weight of the dog and the carrier. 

Most airlines allow pets weighing 25 pounds or less to travel in the cabin with their owners.

Physical Attributes

A dog’s physical attributes can determine if they are comfortable while traveling on a plane. Dogs with a brachycephalic skull (flat face, short muzzle) are likely to suffer breathing problems at high altitudes.

Dog breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles, Boston terrier, and Pekingese should not travel in the cargo area.

Health Status 

Pets are required to have their updated medical records before flying. Dogs can only be allowed to fly with their owners if they are properly vaccinated.

It is essential to have your dog’s health checked ten days before the traveling date. This helps you and the airline plan accordingly in case your dog has a condition that will require specialized care.

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Airlines That Allow You to Fly With a Mini Goldendoodle

Always call ahead to arrange with an airline if you are traveling with a pet. Most airlines accept pets on board, albeit with some regulations.

Some of the airlines that allow passengers to travel with their pets include:

  • Delta 
  • American Airlines
  • Jet Blue 
  • Southwest 
  • Virgin 
  • U.S. Airways
  • United 

Delta Airlines 

Delta allows a maximum of eight dogs on board per flight. Four dogs can fly in economy, two in business, and the remaining two in first class.

Dog and carrier weight is strictly 20 pounds or less. Expect to pay a fee of around $125 one-way for your pet. 

Make sure your mini Goldendoodle can fit in its carrier, which should fit under the passenger seat.

American Airlines 

American Airlines allows up to seven dogs per flight. Five dogs can fly economy or coach while the rest can fly first class. 

Dog owners should expect to pay $125 per dog one-way. Make sure the dog and its carrier weigh less than 25 pounds. 

American Airlines only allows dogs that are ten weeks old or older to travel with their owners. Call ahead to arrange when flying with your pet.

Jet Blue

JetBlue allows only four dogs on board each flight and provides a branded carrier for traveling pet parents. The maximum weight for a pet in its carrier is 20 pounds or less.

Besides your ticket, you should expect to pay $100 for your traveling dog. You could always find out additional requirements by contacting your airline. 


Southwest offers the cheapest option for traveling with pets. Flying with your Mini Goldendoodle on a Southwest plane will only cost $95. 

This airline allows a maximum of six dogs per flight. Another advantage is that you get to purchase a flight-approved Southwest pet carrier if you do not have one. 

Any puppy that is eight weeks or older is allowed on a Southwest airline plane.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has made significant improvements to make flying comfortable for both pets and passengers. They allow all small breeds on board except for flat-faced breeds like Pugs, Pekingese, and bulldogs. 

Pets have a separate compartment that is air-conditioned and heated. In addition, passengers earn flying points when they book their pets on Virgin Atlantic. 

There is no limit to the number of pets you can travel with on Virgin Atlantic. 

U.S. Airways

This airline allows a maximum of six pets per flight. All pets fly with their owners in the passenger cabin, and no pet is allowed in the cargo area.  

Pet owners pay $125 to book a flight for their dogs. If you are traveling with more than one dog, you will have to book another seat to get space for an additional carrier. 


United Airlines allows four pets onboard per flight. This airline also provides space for additional dogs, large and medium-sized breeds.

Pet flying fee is $125, and passengers are expected to bring their carriers. Carriers must be compact enough to fit the under space of the passenger seat.

Call ahead to find out which carriers are approved by United Airlines. 

Tips To Make Your Mini Goldendoodle Comfortable While Flying 

Dogs, including Mini Goldendoodles, can become restless when flying. However, you can take several steps to keep your dog calm and comfortable when flying.

  • Exercise your dog a few hours before boarding your flight. Exercise can help keep a dog calm, especially if it is their first time to fly.
  • Ensure the pet carrier is well ventilated. It should have openings in at least two opposite sides to provide adequate air supply for your dog. 
  • Maintain your dog’s feeding schedule. This not only keeps your dog fed, but it also maintains his daily routine, making it calmer.
  • Ensure the area around the pet carrier is free of any objects or liquids. Some liquids can carry toxins that will harm your pet if inhaled. 

It is possible to travel with a mini Goldendoodle on some airlines. Be sure to get your pet checked by a vet ten days before your flight.

Can You Fly With a Mini Goldendoodle?

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