What is the Difference Between a Goldendoodle and a Mini Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is a great dog to bring into your home. 

They are friendly and loyal and they like to spend time with their owners. 

They also like to have time to play with everyone and can be trained on new tricks in no time. 

There are several different types of Goldendoodles that you can choose including the standard Goldendoodle and the mini Goldendoodle. 

But what are the differences between these two types of dogs?

What is the Difference Between a Goldendoodle and a Mini Goldendoodle?

A standard Goldendoodle is going to weigh at least 45 pounds, with many of this breed reaching 55 pounds or more. A mini Goldendoodle is any Goldendoodle that is under 30 pounds, including the teacup and micro mini Goldendoodle that can get down to five pounds. 

The main difference that you will be able to notice between the Goldendoodle and the mini Goldendoodle is going to be in their size

They share a lot of other features together with one another that you will not notice much difference other than one is smaller than the other. 

Depending on the exact type of mini Goldendoodle that you get, whether it is a mini or a micro, you could end up with a cute Goldendoodle that is going to be really small compared to the standard variety. 

The best way to tell whether you have a standard Goldendoodle or a mini Goldendoodle is based on their size. 

The standard Goldendoodle is going to be over 45 pounds, though it is common for them to be 55+ pounds based on the size of their parents and how quickly they are able to grow. 

What Is The Difference Between A Goldendoodle And A Mini Goldendoodle? 1

This can be a pretty big dog for most families to have, which is why so many of them are going to choose the mini Goldendoodle. 

The mini Goldendoodle is going to be a little bit smaller than the traditional Goldendoodle, but they still share some of the great features that you love from the standard Goldendoodle. 

These dogs are going to be less than 30 pounds, which makes them a much more enjoyable companion if you have to stay in an apartment or just do not have the time to take on a dog as big as the standard Goldendoodle

There are several different types of the mini Goldendoodle as well and this will determine the exact weight that they can get to.

 Under 30 pounds is a broad range for this kind of dog so knowing the different sizes is going to help you determine how big this dog is going to get for you. 

For example, the micro mini Goldendoodle will not get larger than 10 pounds and can be as small as 5 pounds, and there are many breeds of Goldendoodle that can fit between these weight limits. 

Outside of the size and a little bit less energy in the mini Goldendoodle, they are similar to the standard Goldendoodle. 

They will have the same personality, lots of energy to run around with you all the time, loyalty, and can be a lot of fun to work around in your home. 

Whether you go with the standard Goldendoodle or you decide to add a mini Goldendoodle to your home, this is a great pet to help you out. 

Are There More Health Problems in a Mini Goldendoodle?

The mini Goldendoodle is going to have more potential health issues than the standard Goldendoodle. 

This is often due to their small size. 

When the mini Goldendoodle is shrunk down so much, it is going to cause some more stress to their bodies, which can cause more of the health issues from before. 

These dogs are also going to end up with issues because of how they are bred.

 To get a mini Goldendoodle, especially the ones that are the smallest of this breed, the breeder is going to use the runt of each litter and does this over and over again. 

This can cause more genetic issues to show up for the dog and can make it more likely that they are going to get sick and that you will need to monitor more health problems along the way. 

This does not mean that the mini Goldendoodle is always going to be sick. 

Since the mini Goldendoodle can include any that is 30 pounds or lower,  you will find that some of these dogs can be a little bit bigger and will not suffer from as many health conditions either.

 But when you have them get smaller and smaller and go to the micro or the teacup variety, they are more likely to have the health problems compared to the standard Goldendoodle. 

If you choose to get a mini Goldendoodle to add to the family, you will need to take the time to consider how much extra care you will need to do with them.

 Take the time to discuss this type of breed with your vet and then get some regular appointments set up to make sure the little dog gets the attention they need. 

This can help you catch any potential health problems early on and get them treated so even the mini Goldendoodle is able to stay as healthy as possible. 

Does the Mini Goldendoodle Have the Same Temperament as the Goldendoodle?

Overall, the mini Goldendoodle is going to have the same temperament that you are able to find with the standard Goldendoodle. 

They are going to be loving companions who are loyal to their owners and like to get a lot of attention along the way. 

They like to be active and will need to go outside to run around and have a lot of fun with their owners if they are allowed. 

And they are smart enough that they can learn new tasks quickly and are easy to train, whether you do it or allow the kids to get it done. 

What Is The Difference Between A Goldendoodle And A Mini Goldendoodle? 2

This can be a fun dog to add to your home. 

But keep in mind that, just like humans, each dog is going to be a little bit different. 

This means that even among the Goldendoodle, there are going to be some that are easy to get along with, some that like to be attached to their owners more, and some that are more active. 

This is true whether you are dealing with a mini Goldendoodle or a standard Goldendoodle. 

When you look at the overall personality of the mini Goldendoodle to the standard Goldendoodle, you will find that they have the same kind of personality. 

Are Mini Goldendoodles Easier to Take Care Of Than the Goldendoodle?

In some aspects, the mini Goldendoodle is going to be easier for you to take care of than the standard Goldendoodle. 

First, they are a lot smaller. 

This helps make it easier to groom their hair and they will have less energy compared to the standard Goldendoodle. 

This does not mean they will spend all their time sitting around and not doing anything, but you will not have to run around with them all the time. 

You will not need to take them out or play with them quite as much. 

Since these dogs are smaller, you will find that they are not going to eat as much food. 

When you have a standard Goldendoodle that can weigh more than 45 pounds, you have to worry about how much they are going to eat each day. 

This can make a big dent in the amount of food that you have to purchase and your budget. 

The mini Goldendoodle will stay under 30 pounds, so this can save you some money. 

Keep in mind that a few things may be harder with the mini Goldendoodle compared to the standard Goldendoodle. 

This is found even more when you go for the micro or the teacup variety of this dog. 

These options are going to have more health conditions compared to the standard Goldendoodle and you may need to work through more vet visits to help them keep healthy. 

Choosing Which Goldendoodle is Right for You

There are so many different types of Goldendoodles that you are able to work with. 

This will help you to get the right one that works for your family. 

This dog is a fantastic one to add to any family that likes to be busy and move around quite a bit and want a companion that will be able to keep up with them. 

Take a look at whether the standard Goldendoodle or the mini Goldendoodle is the right one for your needs.

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