How Big Does a Micro Mini Goldendoodle Get?

There is so much to love when you have a Goldendoodle in your home. They are loyal, smart, and a lot of fun. But they can also be really big, too big for many people who worry about having a dog in their home. 

One of the options that you can consider when you are uncertain whether a standard Goldendoodle is right for you is the micro mini Goldendoodle. 

But how big does the micro mini Goldendoodle get?

How Big Does a Micro Mini Goldendoodle Get?

Micro mini Goldendoodles typically are not more than 5 to 10 pounds when they are full grown. Compared to the standard Goldendoodle, which can be 50 pounds or more, micro Goldendoodles are just as much fun but cost less money to feed and have less energy to burn.

For some families, the size and high energy of the standard Goldendoodle is going to be too much. 

The cute and adorable features that come with the micro Goldendoodle can make it a good fit. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the micro Goldendoodle so you can make the best decision for adding a pet to your home. 

The micro mini Goldendoodle is going to be one of the smallest of the Goldendoodles, even smaller than the teacup variety that is popular. 

How Big Does A Micro Mini Goldendoodle Get? 1

Because it is so small, you will need to wait for several generations to get to this dog because of the size so they can often be more expensive for all the work. 

They may also have more health conditions due to the nature of the breeding. 

There are different sizes when we are talking about a mini Goldendoodle. While these dogs are able to count any Goldendoodle that is 30 pounds or less, when we are looking at the micro mini Goldendoodle though, we are going to end up with the smallest size of Goldendoodle that is available. 

When they are fully grown, these will typically end up being no more than 5 to 10 pounds. To see a comparison to the other types of Goldendoodle, look below:

  • Micro Goldendoodle will be between 5 to 10 pounds when they are full-grown. 
  • Teacup Goldendoodles will be around 13 pounds when they are full-grown. 
  • Toy Goldendoodles will be around 20 pounds or less when they are grown. 
  • Mini Goldendoodles will be less than 30 pounds and can include some of the smaller varieties as well. 
  • Medium Goldendoodles will be between 31 to 45 pounds when they are grown.
  • Standard Goldendoodles will be more than 45 pounds, though many of them will be 55 pounds or more. 

While the standard Goldendoodle can be a lot of fun and they come with a ton of energy and loyalty, some families do not want a dog that is as big as 55+ pounds. 

With a micro Goldendoodle, you can still get the cute face and hair without all of the size to worry about. 

Many families love this small little dog. They have the hypoallergenic hair that many love with the Goldendoodle, they have a great temperament and are smart and intelligent enough to be trained on how to behave.

And they have all of the other traits of the Goldendoodle as well. 

Plus, they add in a healthy dose of cuteness as well. This is one of the main reasons that so many families love them. 

Be prepared for an adorable new companion when you choose the micro Goldendoodle. 

How Big Does A Micro Mini Goldendoodle Get? 2

How Can I Breed a Micro Goldendoodle?

When looking at the differences in sizes and weights between the micro Goldendoodle and the standard Goldendoodle, you may wonder how the micro Goldendoodle can be bred. 

Breeding this kind of dog is going to be extremely difficult, which is why a lot of people find this type of breeding to be unethical. 

To keep it simple, in order to breed your own micro Goldendoodle, you will need to breed a small Golden Retriever with a Toy Poodle.

Then over the following generations, you will continue to only breed the runt, or the smallest, dog in the litter to keep the dog small and ensure they keep getting smaller. 

When you only breed the smallest dogs in the litter, this will help the offspring to get smaller and smaller. 

It takes a number of generations to do this, but you will eventually end up with a micro Goldendoodle that has some of the same characteristics that happen with the Goldendoodle. 

However, because you are using the runt of each litter, it is more likely that the genetic defects that are often hidden in the bigger Goldendoodles to become more prevalent. 

What Health Issues Do Micro Goldendoodles Have?

You should be prepared for this kind of Goldendoodle to have more health issues compared to the standard Goldendoodle. 

This is because they are so small and due to some of the breeding practices. Some of the top health issues that this kind of dog will be more likely to have include blindness, digestive problems, respiratory problems, seizures, collapsing trachea, heart defects, and hypoglycemia

This is just the start to some of the conditions that the micro Goldendoodle could have along the way if they are not taken care of. 

You will need to be careful about the breeder you work with to ensure that you are getting a dog that is less likely to have some of the common health problems that come up. 

How Much Does a Micro Goldendoodle Puppy Cost?

Even though the size of this dog is going to be really small, expect to pay a lot of money to get this kind of dog. 

They take many generations to get that small and so it takes a lot of time and effort for the breeders. Expect the price to be at least $5,000 for the puppy to come to your home. 

This is about two to three times more than you would spend for the standard Goldendoodle. 

The cost of the micro Goldendoodles is due to two factors. It is difficult to breed these dogs and there is a high demand for them. 

First, in order to get the Goldendoodle to be this small, you will need to work through several generations of dogs to get one this small, which does take a long time. 

There is also a large demand for these dogs because they are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and cute, which can drive the price up even more. 

You will have to weigh the benefits of getting this kind of dog. They can be really cute and adorable, but purchasing them will cost quite a bit. 

And since they are going to be more likely for lots of health conditions too, be prepared to spend a lot more in vet bills for this dog as well. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Micro Goldendoodle?

There are a lot of benefits of choosing a micro Goldendoodle for your family. In addition to having all of the great features and characteristics of the standard Goldendoodle. 

Some of the other benefits to choosing the Micro Goldendoodle as the pet to add to your home include:

  1. These animals are really cute. With one look at this dog, you will fall in love. They look like a living teddy bear and give some of the best snuggles as well. 
  2. They need less exercise: The standard Goldendoodle is going to need a lot of exercise to get all of that energy out. Be prepared for several long walks a day to keep them calm. Due to the small size of the micro Goldendoodle though, you will not have an active dog that destroys the house if you do not have time to exercise them. This can be great if you want a dog but have a small living space or are immobile. 
  3. They eat less food: With the high expense of dog food, it is nice that the micro Goldendoodle will eat less than the standard one. This can help you save some money. 

These reasons and more can make the micro Goldendoodle one of the best dogs to bring in your home. 

And as long as you work with a reputable breeder, you will be able to get the perfect micro Goldendoodle for all of your needs. 

Choosing a Micro Goldendoodle for Your Home

The micro Goldendoodle can be a cut addition to your home. They have all the features for a standard Goldendoodle, in a smaller package that you are sure to love. 

These dogs can have some more health issues along the way so make sure that you are choosing a dog from a reputable breeder to avoid issues when bringing the dog into your family. 

This adorably cute dog is going to quickly become a favorite for the whole family in no time. 

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