How Many Puppies Can A Mini Goldendoodle Have?

Mini Goldendoodles have spiked in popularity in recent years because of their energetic and friendly personality. Being a mix between a Golden Retriever and a small Poodle, they are intelligent and playful animals. Along with being fairly easy to train, their notable curly hair gives them the cute and happy features that make them pets people want around their families. 

How Many Puppies Can A Mini Goldendoodle Have?

How many puppies can a Mini Goldendoodle have? Whether you are considering breeding Goldendoodles or are curious as to how many puppies a mother can have, a typical litter size for a Goldendoodle is three to eight puppies. A female can usually produce up to two litters per year for around seven to eight years of their life given that they are healthy.

The number of puppies a mom can deliver is dependent on a variety of factors we will discuss, and each litter can be very unpredictable. Every litter could have a different number of puppies, so it is difficult to put an exact number on the size of a litter. Ensuring health and safe birthing practices is the best way to ensure a healthy litter and mother.

Lexie As A Puppy - 3 Months Old - Mini Goldendoodle Puppy #Doodle, #Puppy

Litter Sizes in Mini Goldendoodles

Litter sizes are dependent on many factors that are both in and out of the breeder’s control. Examining these factors can lead to more positive breeding practices and treatment of mothers so that they can produce healthy litters.

Parent Breeds Impact Litter Size

The size of a litter is dependent on many factors, and one of which is the breeds that have been combined to form the Mini Goldendoodle. The size of the individual breeds’ litters will have an impact on the number of puppies a Mini Goldendoodle can have. Being a combination of a Golden Retriever and a miniature, small, or toy Poodle, we will have to look at these breeds.

On average, golden retrievers deliver around eight puppies in one litter. This is on the larger side of litter sizes and will drive the average up for the Mini Goldendoodle. The Poodle’s litter size will vary based on the size used to breed. Miniature Poodles typically average five puppies while toy Poodles have around three puppies in one litter. Some Poodles even have one puppy.

The resulting Mini Goldendoodle will produce a litter that is around the average of these two breeds. On average, the Mini Goldendoodle will have a litter of between three to eight puppies, meaning you can expect around five per litter.

If a Mini Goldendoodle starts reproducing from a young (but healthy) age of one:

  • It can produce up to twice per year (but try and stick to one)
  • You can expect six to seven years of breeding
  • The first litter size will be the smallest with larger following in the future

It is important to note that while a Mini Goldendoodle could produce up to 50 puppies in their lifetime, it may compromise their health. Excessive birthing can be hard on the mother and lead to negative health consequences.

A Mini Goldendoodle can be a combination of a Golden Retriever and a small Poodle or continue to progress by breeding Mini Goldendoodles together. The latter option will result in more consistent litter sizes over time as the breed continues to develop upon itself over multiple generations.

Lexie As A Puppy - 3 Months Old - Mini Goldendoodle Puppy #Doodle, #Puppy

Age of the Mother Impacts Litter Size

Mini Goldendoodles can produce multiple litters throughout their lifetime, all of which will vary in size. It is recommended that mothers do not produce more than one litter per year, but their bodies are capable of handling twice per year if they are healthy and in heat. Mini Goldendoodles should not begin breeding until their second or third heat.

As a mother gets older, their litter sizes will typically be larger. This is true of most dog breeds, including the Mini Goldendoodle. Dogs must begin breeding before the age of five to expect larger littler sizes later in life. If the Mini Goldendoodle doesn’t give birth until after they are five, you can expect smaller litters throughout the rest of her life.

While not as impactful, the male dog’s age will also impact the size of the litter. As dogs age, their sperm count decreases as well as the quality of that sperm. The chances of successful impregnation is greater when both dogs are under the age of five.

Health and Diet of the Mother Impacts Litter Size

The overall health of the mother will have a large impact on the size of the litter. Typically speaking, larger litters are possible when the mother is in ideal health. The size of the little is usually smaller if the mother is not in peak shape. For breeders, best practices ensure that Mini Goldendoodles are in great health before they become pregnant.

The health and diet of a Mini Goldendoodle are very much in the control of the owner or breeder. If a Mini Goldendoodle is meant to birth puppies, their health and lifestyle should be monitored closely to ensure they can carry the puppies through the pregnancy.

Diet is a very important factor in the size of the litter. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet contributes to overall Mini Doodle health and helps to nourish the puppies that are growing inside of the mother. Dogs that are over or underweight will often produce smaller litters than those who receive a balanced and protein-rich diet.

You should not only be feeding them well around the time of the pregnancy. For litter sizes to be larger, they should be fed well throughout the entire year. All dogs should receive an ample diet to be taken care of, regardless of a mother being pregnant.

Other Factors that Influence Litter Sizes

While the ones we have mentioned already are the most significant in impacting litter size in Mini Goldendoodles and most dog breeds in general, there are some other important factors to consider that impact the number of puppies a Mini Goldendoodle can have. A lot of these factors are random and do not impact all mothers in the same way.

Here are some additional factors to be aware of that can impact the number of puppies that a Mini Goldendoodle can have:

  • Inbreeding: Whether the dogs are inbred across multiple generations with or without knowledge, the mixing of similar genes typically results in smaller litter sizes. This may be done to achieve a certain characteristic, but the litter will decrease in size.
  • Heredity: Parents that produced large litters will not necessarily mean that their offspring will be able to do the same. Gene pools are a factor in litter size but do not account for much of the prediction in litter size.
  • Home Environment: Overall health is also related to the environment in which the mother lives. If they live in a stressful home setting, this will impact their overall health and ability to produce more puppies.
  • Breeding Practices: Natural breeding yields more puppies than artificial insemination typically does.

These are also factors to look for when looking at how many puppies the Mini Goldendoodle will produce.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Lexie As A Puppy - 3 Months Old - Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

The Mini Goldendoodle is made possible by the cross of two desirable and attractive breeds in both looks and personality. Their varying litter sizes blend together to create an average of five puppies per litter for the Mini Goldendoodle.

A mother is able to produce larger litters when they are in prime birthing age between two to five, their health and diet is strong, and their overall environment is stress-free. There are many random factors that could influence an individual litter for a mother, but on average, you can expect between three to eight pups per litter for this very cute and lovable breed!

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