Why Are Goldendoodles (and Mini’s) So Popular?

A friend sent me a text to say every Goldendoodle breeder they contacted had at least a six month waiting list. Then he asked, why are goldendoodles so popular? After I got done smiling since I have spent years with Doodles and the last five years with our mini Goldendoodle Lexie.

They I started to explain why Goldendoodles are so popular. I also did a little extra research on why Goldendoodles are the “Hot Dog” (I know bad attempt at humor) right now. Here’s what I shared with him along with a few extra points that came to mind afterwards.

Do you agree?

Why are Goldendoodles so popular?

Goldendoodles are so popular because of their nature, personality, and temperament.  They are also so popular because of the way they look.  With a friendly, gentle, and laid-back personality combined with an adorably cute teddy bear appearance, many people find them hard to resist.  Also, they don’t shed the same way most other dogs shed. It’s a special breed that mixes so many great traits all into one dog.

Goldendoodles also popular because they make excellent companion animals and are very sociable.  Their personality, temperament, and physical appearance comes from their two pure bred parents that make up their background, the Golden Retriever and Poodle.  Goldendoodles acquire positive traits from both these dogs.  

The qualities that they take from both pure-bred parents include high intelligence and a strong desire to bond closely with loved ones, which makes them so popular too.   Another part of Goldendoodles that many people love is their dynamic, energetic nature.  Like cute and adorable bundles of energy, many people love spending time with them being active.   Children and teenagers, adults, and seniors, almost everyone loves these dogs, for the unique, genuine, loving and playful dogs that they are.  What can be more exciting, lovable, and popular than a Goldendoodle that is full of intelligence, love, happiness, energy, and looks like a teddy bear?  Not much, right!

Goldendoodles were bred as a cross between two purebred dogs, the Golden Retriever and Poodle.  Each one of these dogs carries very uniquely positive traits that make them hard to resist in their own right.  Goldendoodles received many of these beautiful qualities which make them very popular as a dog.

Their personality has many fascists that include friendliness, a gentle nature that is energetic and loving.  Goldendoodles are playful and smart with a deep affinity for bonding close with their loved ones.  Roll these beautiful qualities into a dog that looks like a teddy bear and it easy to see why Goldendoodles are so popular.

Another reason is that Goldendoodles are so popular is because they have a very easy going and laid back personality.  Who doesn’t love that in a dog, right?  If you want to watch TV they are up for it.  If you want to go for a hike, cute the grass or play a game, they are right there with you, no stress, no fuss.

These dogs are companion animals, and due to their personality, temperament, and nature, they are very good at what they do.  They are so popular because they bond very closely to their human family.  So much so that they can suffer emotionally from seperation anxiety when seperated from loved ones for too long.

Regarding physical attributes, they were purposefully bred to look like a teddy bear, and we all know how almost everyone feels about a teddy bear!  Their physical appearance makes them so popular with children, seniors and anyone that loves to snuggle a teddy bear!

As if their niceness and gentle nature are not enough, Goldendoodles are also so popular because they have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for life.  They are active and love being athletic with their family.  This works well for pet parents who want a four-legged partner to work outdoors or spend time with on their many adventures.  From hiking to cutting the grass, doing pilates and running errands, Goldendoodles want to tag along.

Another area where Goldendoodles shine is in their intelligent mind.  While all dog breeds have intelligence, Goldendoodles have high intelligence due to their genetic background.  This intelligence lends itself well to easy training and obedience and adds to them being so popular.

Have Goldendoodles always been so popular?

Yes, Goldendoodles have always been so popular.  These dogs are a crossbreed from two purebred dogs.  These two purebred dogs, the Golden Retriever and Poodle were crossed to create what is known as a Goldendoodle, a designer dog, which happened back in the 1990s.

Goldendoodles were created to take on their parents’ positive traits in one dog in the hopes that many people seek out these traits in a companion animal that looked like a teddy bear.   Once bred, they would become so popular as a companion animal due to their diversity and uniqueness of appearance as well as all their positive traits.

Is the fact that they are a companion animal what makes Goldendoodles so popular?

Yes, some of what makes Goldendoodles so popular is that they are companion animals.  We all want a friend and companion who is with us through thick and thin.  A friend and companion that will love us unconditionally.  Companion animals are like family or very close friends in a four legged furry package. They share the good moments and the bad with us by our side no matter what.  They adapt quickly to our lives’ situations and help us get through them.  Goldendoodles and many other companion animals do just that as part of a loving family which will forever make them so popular as a companion animal.

Companion animals have the right nature, personality, and temperament to be friends and companions to their humans.  To be considered a companion animal, they must have certain qualities that other types of dogs might not have, without such negative qualities as aggression, dominance and territorial issues.

Goldendoodles and other companion animals must be friendly, not just to those they love and care for but everyone who might come into their pet parents lives.  They need to have a friendly and welcoming nature so they can socialize to a certain level when they are with their human companion.

They must also be gentle and easy-going by nature.  This makes them so popular because they are versatile, adapting easily to various scenarios.  As a companion animal, these qualities also create a comfortable and happy relationship between the Goldendoodles and their humans.

Being a companion animal might bring many adventures.  Goldendoodles might have a leg up on other companion animals because they have a high energy level and enthusiasm for life.  This energy is a plus for Goldendoodles’ many exciting things with their pet parents and human companions, which coincidently makes them so popular too.

Why Are Goldendoodles (And Mini'S) So Popular?

Companion animals also need to be easily trainable, and the Goldendoodle has a high level of intelligence, making them so popular amongst potential pet parents who don’t want to deal with intense power struggles and behavior issues.

Is there anything that might make Goldendoodles not so popular?

Yes, there is something that might make Goldendoodles not so popular.  They can suffer from separation anxiety because they become so attached and bonded with their human or pet parent.

Separation anxiety is an emotional and behavioral issue that can happen when any dog gets so attached to its human or pet parent that it interferes with the normalcy of their life.

Some potential pet parents may find this trait hard to manage, and not something they want to deal with, therefore selecting another type of dog would be best.  However, this issue is easily managed with the right training and ritual.  If this ritual is implemented for when the pet parent or human is to be away from their loving four-legged companion, anxiety is less severe.

Generally speaking, any dog can suffer from this condition, but certain breeds tend to suffer more than others.  Goldendoodles are dogs that do tend to suffer from this condition but for the most part it will not take away from them being so popular.

Is it possible for Goldendoodles behavior to affect their popularity?

Yes, it is possible for Goldendoodles behavior to affect their popularity.

If they are not trained properly or allowed to live in a house where there are not rules, they will be less popular.  If Goldendoodles are taught aggression or other negative traits like biting, chewing and excessive barking this can make them not so popular.

Anything that affects their personality, nature and temperment or their home life can affect how they interact with others.  It is possible then, for them to be not so popular, but this is a direct reflection of what is around them and not who they are as a dog.

Any dog, Goldendoodles or otherwise will learn and respond to the environment and people around them in a negative or positive way.  Provide Goldendoodles with a happy, loving and secure environment as well as people that love them and they will always be popular.

In Conclusion

While popularity isn’t the most important thing in life, Goldendoodles appear to have a leg up in this department.

Many who come to know Goldendoodles adore them because they are well rounded and have a lot to offer.  Highly intelligent, friendly, energetic and loving they naturally welcome one and all into their circle of friends.

These traits are just a few of the reasons they make such outstanding companion animals and therapy and assistance dogs, like their ancestors!

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