Are Goldendoodles Aggressive?

Lexie, our faithful and fun-loving Goldendoodle, has been a part of our family for a long time.  We have made many memories and continue to do so every day.  Along the way, these moments and memories have brought us into contact with potential pet parents.  Many of these people we meet wonder if this breed is aggressive.

We decided to put this together to help inform potential pet parents about the nature of a Goldendoodle and highlight if they are aggressive or not.

Are Goldendoodles Aggressive?

Are Goldendoodles aggressive?  No, Goldendoodles are not aggressive in any way.  Bred as a companion animal, the Goldendoodle is very loving and affectionate.  They enjoy forming close bonds with those they love most and sharing happy, loving moments.  They have a very gentle nature that could never be considered aggressive. 

Even in stressful or challenging environments, the Goldendoodle has such a wonderful personality that it is unlikely to show aggression unless there is no other alternative, similar to any other dog breed. 

Add to this their adorable appearance, and you have a perfect companion animal.  It should be highlighted that aggression is a trait that should never be encouraged in any dog breed regardless of background, situation, personality or environment.  For those potential pet parents who want a sweet, kind, and gentle dog, that is not aggressive this breed is an ideal match.

The Goldendoodle was crossbred in the 1990s to be a unique companion animal.  Their appearance brings to mind a “teddy bear” that you want to snuggle up with.  This is precisely what you get when you adopt a Goldendoodle, a “teddy bear” that is loving and gentle without being aggressive.

The Goldendoodles tender and sweet nature come from the two dogs that make up their ancestral background, which doesn’t lend itself to aggressiveness.  These two pure breeds of dog are excellent as therapy dogs and dogs that can be of assistance in the community, due to their personality.

The Goldendoodle will love spending special moments having fun, playing, and snuggling up as a companion animal.   Their primary goal in life is to bond closely with those they love and be welcoming and friendly.

The Goldendoodle will love making friends out of the strangers that come to their home.  They will also love to show kindness and gentleness to all they meet.  This personality type does not combine well with aggressive tendencies, thankfully.

While any dog has the potential to be aggressive at any given moment under the right circumstances, the Goldendoodle is not likely to be aggressive unless perhaps they were in a very hostile environment where their survival was being threatened.

What is aggression?

Aggression is the act of being violent or hostile towards a person, animal, or situation.

Aggression can happen for various reasons, but it is primarily linked to the protection of self, family, home, or food in dogs.

For a Goldendoodle, there isn’t the capacity to be aggressive or violent due to their loving nature and personality.   They are unlikely to want to fight over anything, figuring there is enough for everyone to go around, why not share.

In certain situations, aggressiveness can happen naturally in a dog, if another dog is picking a fight or stealing food.  If an owner is abusive or if the dog’s life is threatened this may also be the case.  In this way, aggression can be instinctual and related to survival. 

Although we have never had experience with this behavior from Lexie, we imagine that any dog would become aggressive, including the Goldendoodle, regardless of the breed.

What does it mean to be a companion animal, and how does that relate to aggression?

A companion animal is a dog, or another animal welcomed into a family for companionship.  Friendship, fun, and happiness are the basis of the relationship.

Certain dog breeds are bred primarily for a sport where they practice sporting activities besides their owner or family.  Other breeds of dog are mainly used for work or protection.  These dogs can be less social but no less loving.  Their purpose is to assist their owner or family with specific tasks like herding a flock of other animals or to protect.

When we break this down into breeding, each grouping of dog breeds has specific tasks that they are bred for due to their historical background.  This doesn’t mean that a sporting dog can’t protect their owner or that a companion animal can’t protects either.

What it does mean is that the breeds in each grouping may have a better advantage.  Therefore when we look at a companion animal that isn’t bred for protection, it is unlikely that they will have the physical, mental, or emotional capacities to perform this task, like being aggressive.

These categories are not a box that a dog can be placed in.  Each dog is unique, including Goldendoodles.  Breeding determines traits that are more likely to show up physically, emotionally, and mentally.  These traits also include behaviors such as aggression.

Goldendoodles were not bred to protect and guard, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few out there that will be aggressive at times under the right circumstances.

Is it alright that a Goldendoodle doesn’t show aggression?

Yes.  It is a good thing that a Goldendoodle doesn’t show aggression.  Aggression can be thought of as a negative quality in anyone, dog, or human.  Under the right circumstances, it can be natural but should never be encouraged.

Goldendoodles were not bred for protection and their dominant or guarding abilities, but even dogs that are bred for this purpose shouldn’t readily show aggression.  Most often, dogs with this purpose have other attributes that create an environment of safety and protection without violence, unless there is no other way.

Is there a possibility of aggression in a Goldendoodle despite their breeding background?

Yes, there is always the possibility of aggression in any dog, regardless of breed.

Aggression is violence and hostility, which is usually related to safety and protection.

Should any dog’s health and life be threatened, they will attempt to do what is necessary for self-preservation regardless of breeding.   A Goldendoodle would likely become aggressive, but as the companion animal that they are, they might first attempt to defuse the situation with playfulness and their gentle nature.

What factors play into aggression in a Goldendoodle or any dog breed?

Many factors play into aggression in a Goldendoodle or another dog breed.

Environment plays a large part in if a dog is aggressive or not.  A Goldendoodles home life is significant for their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

If the environment is healthy and safe, the animal will be happy and less likely to feel aggressive regardless of the breed.

If they are put in an environment that is hostile, aggressive, or negative, with time the dog will likely become that way as well.

Situations that play a part in aggression in any dog include:

  • Lack of food or water
  • Feeling their food or water is not theirs.
  • Dominance from another dog or human
  • Unsafe or uncomfortable sleeping arrangements
  • Neglect from owner or family
  • Abuse from owner or family
  • Undiagnosed health issues or injuries
  • Continual distractions or disruptions
  • Children or others that always pick and poke the dog

These are just a few of the scenarios that can create an aggressive dog, regardless of breed.

Are Goldendoodles Aggressive? 1

If any animal is neglected, abused, or mistreated, there is always the potential for aggression and violence.  This form of treatment towards a dog should never be allowed under any circumstances.

Can training and socialization help a Goldendoodle with aggressiveness?

Yes.  Training and socialization can help a Goldendoodle with aggressiveness.

Training can help them if they are adopted and perhaps came from an unsavory situation.  This can help them learn what is expected and acceptable behaviors in a healthy and safe home.

This can take time, depending on the environment they came from.  Patience and gentleness must always be offered in this type of situation.

Socialization can help a Goldendoodle who is particularly aggressive or not by allowing them to model healthy and acceptable behaviors they see in other dogs.

These situations that they may experience with dog friends and others at the dog park or other location will be beneficial to their growth as a dog.  Most behaviors, good or bad, and those relating to aggression are learned through others or during tragically stressful situations.

These friendships and experiences can model what is right, acceptable and healthy for the Golddoodle.

Final Thoughts

Aggression is a negative quality that should never be encouraged but can have its place in survival situations.

The Goldendoodle dog breed isn’t aggressive by nature, but anything could be possible depending on the dog, given the right scenario.

Thankfully their nature is that of a lover, not a fighter. 

If a potential dog owner wants a watchdog, this breed will not fit that bill.  But they will certainly make one heck of a companion animal!  So grab a comfy chair and snuggle up for some hugs and doggie kisses!

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