Are Goldendoodles Protective Of Their Owners?

We love our Goldendoodle Lexi, and every moment we share with her.  Her personality is gentle, loving, and fun, which fits beautifully with our family.  While she isn’t a guard dog by any means due to her breed background, we wouldn’t change anything about her.  As Goldendoodle parents, we have come in contact with people who are naturally curious about this breed.  Whether they are new Goldendoodle parents or considering this breed, they often want to know if they are protective of their owners.

We thought now might be a good time to offer information through our knowledge and experience of this breed.

Are Goldendoodles protective of their owners?

Are Goldendoodles protective of their owners?  No, Goldendoodles are not protective of their owners.  This lack of protectiveness and guard is related to many factors, including their crossbreed background.  The two breeds that they come from do not guard or watchdogs by nature. 

Goldendoodles are friendly, loving, and gentle and will feel a close bond to those they love, but this may not follow through into a protective or guarding action as some dog breeds might do.  

The Goldendoodles breed background doesn’t have dominant or aggressive tendencies for attacking, usually necessary for protection.  Protectiveness is also related to training and skills learned, which can be offered with various levels of success. 

Are Goldendoodles Protective Of Their Owners?

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent, which makes them receptive to any form of training.  In the end, however, their nature, personality, and individuality will determine success. 

Goldendoodles can learn the skills but may be unreliable during these tense moments where they need to be protective.  The Goldendoodle puppy’s environment can play a significant role in how protective they are as adults.

For families and individuals looking for a dog breed that will be protective and guard, it may be best to select another species.  If they look for a dog breed that forms a strong bond and is loving and affectionate, the Goldendoodle is a dog breed.

The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed of dog.  Their nature and personality are that of a friendly, loving, and gentle dog.  They form close connections with those they love, which many people might believe means they will be protective and make a good guard or watchdog. 

This can be a misconception, but the Goldendoodle can learn through training but might be unreliable due to their nature.

Goldendoodles breeding comes from two distinct dogs that have attractive characteristics and qualities.  These two breeds are both loving, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, and agreeable.  Both breeds form close bonds with their owners, family, and show this love in various ways.

Our Lexi is a very loving dog and a member of our family.  While she may love us very dearly, we would never consider her a protective dog because her personality and breed background is not that of a guard dog despite her training.

We often tease that she might be more likely to roll out the welcome mat and offer a doggie hug than be protective of us during a bad situation.  It is okay with us because we knew what we were looking for when we welcomed her into the family.

What is protection?

Protection is the action of a person, animal, or thing that prevents someone from being harmed or injured.

How is a Goldendoodle or another dog protective?

Goldendoodles and other dog breeds are protective through their actions.  When a dog is protective, they are considered watchdogs due to their personality, characteristics, temperament, and behaviors.  They are bred and trained to be alert and actively protective of someone or something.  This could be their owner, family, or household.

These dogs are bred and trained to be alert, watchful, and quick to act during specific situations.  It is usually required that they have certain physical qualities that help them be the best protector possible.

The Goldendoodle by nature and breeding may be too gentle, loving, and affectionate to protect effectively, but this depends on training and modifying behaviors.  They are a highly intelligent dog breed, making it easier to train them in defensive skills.

Are Goldendoodles Protective Of Their Owners?

Training can help make them a better watchdog and more protective, but only if their nature and personality are receptive to this training.   In the end, the individual dogs’ personality and character shine through and determine how successful they will be at protection.

What makes the Goldendoodle or another dog breed better or worse at being protective?

Breed background is, of course, the first characteristic that makes one breed better than another at being protective.  Certain qualities are bred into dog breeds that are designed to protect and guard.

These qualities are physical, emotional, and mental and can include a variety of traits.  Physical strength and endurance and good vision, hearing, and sense of smell help a dog physically be an excellent protective companion.

While the Goldendoodle has many redeemable physical traits, they may not be a top choice for a watchdog protected unless they have been successful at protection training.  The standard size Goldendoodle, which is the largest, is adorable but may lack the strength or ability to perform the protector’s job in certain situations.

The emotional qualities of a protective guard dog are usually more reserved.  These dogs aren’t necessarily the loving, snuggle up and offer kisses kind of dogs.  While they may love their family or human companion, they consider protectiveness a job, whether they are protecting their owner, family, house, or something else.

Emotionally they must have the strength of heart to do the job of protecting and not see everyone and everything as loving and fun.  A Goldendoodle would need to receive adequate training and be open to learning the skills necessary to be this kind of dog.

Mentally a dog has to be capable of learning what is necessary to be excellent guard dogs that are protective.  The Goldendoodle is an intelligent breed that responds well to training, but their nature may prevent them from accepting the necessary training.

Each dog is an individual, regardless of breeding.  The Goldendoodle breed as a whole may not be very protective, but there are always exceptions.

Any dog can be trained to modify behaviors and rely less on personality and breed background, making them an efficient watch or guard dog.  Breeding can be overridden in the right circumstances, but generally, it helps create a better watchdog.

Can the Goldendoodles’ nature be changed to make them more protective?

No, changing the nature, personality, and temperament of a dog cannot be done.

Training can modify behaviors and how the dog might act in certain situations, but the dog will still be who they are inside.  Well, rounded training is beneficial for every dog.  It teaches them what is acceptable and not in various situations.  It also teaches them skills that help them be the best dog they can be.

Training should never be used to change a personality, character, or temperament as it can be detrimental to the dog.  A dog’s character, nature, and temperament are related to their breeding, background, and who they are as an individual dog.

Are Goldendoodles Protective Of Their Owners?

If a dog is receptive to the necessary training for becoming a protective guard dog, they will succeed. Still, if they are not receptive, it is best to provide thorough and well-rounded training that doesn’t just focus on being a guard dog.

Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to be protective despite their nature and breed background?

Yes, anything is possible, but most will be more fun-loving, gentle, and playful than the qualities that a protective guard dog should have.

A Goldendoodle may bond closely with their owner.  They may put themselves between their owner and danger out of love, but they are not likely to attack, show aggression or dominance unless they have received and been receptive to this form of training.

This response would purely be out of love and a willingness to surrender themselves.   This response in and of itself is not protected.

Does environment play a part in how protective a Goldendoodle is of its owner?

Yes.  The environment that the Goldendoodle lives in will impact how they behave.   How they are raised can increase the likelihood that they will protect their loved ones and owner.

If training as a protective or guard dog starts early in life, there is a higher likelihood that they will respond and succeed.  If the Goldendoodle is raised with other protective dogs, this environment will be natural to them, and they are more likely to behave in kind.

In Conclusion

While the Goldendoodle may not be very protective of their owner or family, they have many outstanding characteristics.

One such characteristic is their ability to be loving and affectionate.  This nature is the reason why so many people love them so much!  Most, including our family, love a Goldendoodle regardless of how protective they may be or not be.

In our modern world, most of us can thankfully rely on the law for all the protection we need, allowing us to relax and share those beautiful hugs Goldendoodles love to share!

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