Why Do Goldendoodles Hug?

Our favorite dog, Lexie, our Goldendoodle, loves to hug.  She loves sharing snuggle hugs with our children and us.  Throughout the time we have had her, we have learned a lot about this breed.   One thing we have learned about Lexie and other Goldendoodles is that they are loving and affectionate.  Like a warm, welcoming committee at the front door or that best friend you love spending time with, they the perfect companion dog.  While many people know dogs can be affectionate and loving, many don’t realize that some dog breeds love to share hugs.  In this article, we hope to enlighten others on why Goldendoodles like to hug.

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Why do Goldendoodles hug?

Why do Goldendoodles hug?  Goldendoodles hug for a variety of reasons that can be as individual as the dog themselves.  Part of the reason they hug and love to share affection is that this breed was bred to be a companion animal.  Other reasons can include a need for them to stay connected and close to their owner or family.  They may hug for comfort and security or because they are seeking praise. 

This affectionate behavior is positive and should be reinforced to create a healthy bond.  Hugging can encourage good behavior, emotional and physical health for both the dog and their owner or family members.  For those potential dog owners who want an affectionate, loving, and friendly dog, this breed is perfect!

The Goldendoodle is a dog that was bred to be a companion animal.  This breeding helps make them love, be affectionate, and friendly to all.   Their breed background, which boasts some attractive characteristics, is gentle, caring, and closely bonded with those they love. Both breeds that make up their background make amazing therapy and assistance dogs.

These characteristics and their “teddy bear” appearance can make it super easy for us humans to fall in love with this breed.  They make fantastic companions and friends with us!

Their breed background and the characteristics that each dog breed has, makes them want to stay connected and close to their owner or family.   This close connection is what helps keep them happy, healthy, and behaving well.  It also helps them respond in kind to the needs and wants of those around them.

Like a parent and child, certain dog breeds thrive best when they are close to their parent.  Closeness for the Goldendoodle can provide them with the emotional security and comfort they long for.

This closeness allows them to have their needs and wants to be met sooner.  If they are hungry, nervous, thirsty, wanting to play, or need a walk, they are more likely to receive.    

The same can be said for praise.  If they want personal attention in recognition for good behaviors, then hugs and closeness can provide that when words are not offered.

Another reason that Goldendoodles hug is that it feels good and helps keep them calm.   Like a ring that goes full circle, the sharing of hugs goes both ways and is endless. 

During stressful situations or when the Goldendoodle feels anxious or nervous, they may like to share hugs for comfort.  Sometimes a Goldendoodle can be so connected to their family that they pick up on the emotions of the family members.   This can be a great way for them to share hugs and to ease the tension.

The basis for their hugs and close connection is to give and receive love and attention.

Is it possible that a Goldendoodle will not hug or show affection?

Yes, it is always possible that a dog will be less affectionate and chose not to show as much affection through hugging or other behaviors.

Regardless of their breed, each dog is an individual, and with that comes a unique personality, temperament, and character.  This individuality means that the Goldendoodle may like more affection than another dog or less. 

This individuality will shine through from one day and situation to the next.  If they are having a bad day, they may want more hugs.  If they are having a great day the Goldendoodle may be content to just hang out and not share many hugs.

There can be many factors that play into why a dog is affectionate, just like humans.

Should a Goldendoodle be encouraged to hug?

Yes, a Goldendoodle should be encouraged to hug. Just like humans, a Goldendoodle or other dog needs affection and love from those they love.  It is also healthy for them to show love and devotion to those they care about most.

For a Goldendoodle, sharing affection can keep and improve their health on many levels regardless of the dog’s age. 

Goldendoodle puppies thrive in a loving environment where they are comfortable showing and receiving affection.

Adult Goldendoodles maintain health and happiness through positive reinforcement from affection and hugs.  Senior Goldendoodles or dogs with illnesses and injuries also benefit from giving and sharing hugs and love.  Their need for these shared moments can help keep them healthy, strong, and living longer.

Is too much hugging or affection from a Goldendoodle a bad thing?

No, hugs and affection are not considered a bad thing.  There are some situations where too much can become a bad thing for dog and parent.

Occasionally a dog will be a bit over the top with the amount of love, hugs, and affection they like to share.   These moments can become stressful for everyone involved if the Goldendoodle finds it hard to function in their daily life, or if the Goldendoodle creates an unhealthy situation for their owner or family member.

These situations can sometimes show up in families during times of stress or negativity.  If for some reason, a Goldendoodle suddenly starts needing constant contact with their family where they become like a Velcro fur baby, it may be time to access its cause.

Situations can arise if the Goldendoodle is sick or has suddenly experienced a change in their environment, and they are attempting to adjust.  Perhaps the family moved into a new house, maybe a baby was born into the family, or it could be something so simple as their dog food was changed.

Goldendoodles are loving and friendly, and generally considered well-adjusted dogs, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most in this breed.

Should this happen, spending some extra time figuring out the problem while offering that moral support and connection can help them adjust.  If, after a bit of time, nothing is discovered and the clinginess continues, consulting their vet might be best.

In any case, should a Goldendoodle’s affection and love be too much to handle at any given moment due to unforeseen human issues, offer as much love and affection as possible to the Goldendoodle but understand that this also will pass.

What are the ways to encourage hugging and affection in a Goldendoodle?

One of the easiest ways to encourage hugging and affection in a Goldendoodle is to provide ample love and attention.  Whether spontaneous or scheduled, making time for affectionate moments with a fur baby increases more of the same.

If a Goldendoodle knows they are loved and that hugs and love from them are welcomed, they are more than willing to share.

Sharing hugs in the morning before getting out of bed, snuggles and hugs while watching the TV, and a good cuddle session before bed fit easily into almost everyone’s day.  For those who prefer to share spontaneous moments with their fur baby, being fully aware of every day’s potential can help increase this time spent.

Is it suitable for a Goldendoodle owner to have boundaries?

Yes, it is suitable for a Goldendoodle owner to have boundaries.  Having boundaries is what creates a healthy life for everyone.  These boundaries come from us, knowing who we are and help us healthily connect with others.

Setting boundaries for a Goldendoodle is part of their training.

By having boundaries with a Goldendoodle, we can set limits to what we find acceptable or not from their behavior.  This teaches them how to live with us and those in our family.

If every day after work you like to come home and share a quick hug with them before unwinding on our own, it is okay to do so.  In life, we must attend to our needs as well to be healthy and happy pet parents.

Eventually, with time a Goldendoodle will learn who their parents are and how they should behave around them.  Insist on healthy boundaries in a loving but firm way that teaches them expectations.  It will create a happy and healthy home life and an excellent relationship between parent and dog.

In Conclusion

Hugs and affection are part of any healthy relationship.  These behaviors should be encouraged in a Goldendoodle or any dog breed because they foster close and healthy connections.

Why a Goldendoodle hugs can be as individual as the dog itself, the WHY doesn’t necessarily matter. The sharing of love and affection with a fur baby is all that matters!

So, grab a comfortable seat and settle in for some affectionate one on one time with that fur baby; it might just keep you healthy!

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  1. My Goldendoodle loves to hug and cuddle but one of her favorite things is for you to hold her paw or hold her paw and hug both. She is so loving. We have had many wonderful dogs in the past but never one as loving, loyal and cuddly as her. Best breed out there in my opinion.