Are Mini Goldendoodles Good With Cats?

This article is about mini Goldendoodles and cats getting along together.

If you’re considering adopting a Mini Goldendoodle, you are most likely wondering how he or she will get along with the cat that you already have. Or maybe you already have a Mini Goldendoodle and are considering adopting a cat. Either way, it can be challenging to figure out whether or not they will get along before they are both in your house.

Are Mini Goldendoodles good with cats? Generally, Mini Goldendoodles will get along well with cats. This is primarily because of their prey drive. You may have to worry more about whether your cat will get along well with your Mini Goldendoodle.

Although the simple answer is yes, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Take prey drive, for example. And the other question — will your cat get along with your dog? Let’s find out about both.

Prey Drive — What Is It?

The most significant factor when determining whether or not a specific dog breed will get along with cats is its prey drive. Prey drive will depend on various factors, such as the specific breed and the functions or tasks that they were bred for.

For starters, every single dog has an instinct to hunt or chase in some capacity. However, some dogs are more aggressive than others, which is where prey drive will come into play. A dog’s prey drive may make them more aggressive toward animals who are smaller than them.

Prey drives tend to be higher in dog breeds that were meant to hunt or work. For many dogs, a high prey drive will be what causes them not to get along with cats.

However, a prey drive does not necessarily mean that a dog will want to hurt or kill a cat. Their instinct may only be telling them to stalk the cat. Keep in mind that cats typically have a high prey drive, too.

What Prey Drive do Mini Goldendoodles Have?

So, what are Goldendoodles prey drives typically like? Well, you have to take a look at both of the parent breeds. This would be the Golden Retriever and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

While this may surprise you, Poodles are known to have a high prey drive. They like to chase — and sometimes catch — smaller animals such as mice, squirrels, or birds.

Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, have one of the lowest prey drives that you will find. Even though they were bred to hunt, their instinct is simply to find, chase, and retrieve. Generally, they will not hurt or kill.

As you can see, the two parent breeds of the Mini Goldendoodle are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to prey drive. So what does this mean?

Well, Mini Goldendoodles tend to take after the Golden Retriever in terms of prey drive. Generally, a Mini Goldendoodle will try to play with cats or simply investigate them. But keep in mind that each dog is going to have his or her own personality — there may be a few that stray from the breed’s overall temperament.

Overall, you may have to worry more about how your cat will react to your Mini Goldendoodle!

How Will Your Cat Treat a Mini Goldendoodle?

Cats are known to be territorial and defensive when it comes to other animals. Dogs are no exception to this — no matter what the breed is. They can sometimes become aggressive if a dog gets too far in the cat’s personal space.

Plus, when a cat starts being aggressive, it could trigger a relaxed dog to be aggressive right back.

Of course, some breeds of cats may be more accepting of dogs and will get along with them from the start. This may include Siamese, Siberian, and Persian cats. For a more comprehensive list of cat breeds that get along well with dogs, visit Canidae.

Introducing a Mini Goldendoodle to a Cat

Although Mini Goldendoodles tend to get along well with cats, there are still some precautions that you should take when first introducing them to each other. Your Mini Goldendoodle may be the exception to the breed by not getting along with cats at all. Or maybe your cat will be aggressive toward any dog that enters the house.

Regardless, following these tips are sure to give you the best chance of your new Mini Goldendoodle and cat getting along.

Introduce them before bringing the new pet home.

Introducing your furry friends in a neutral area will make it easier for your cat. This way, your cat won’t feel as if the dog is invading on his or her territory. Your best bet for this is to have both pets in separate carriers and have them face each other.

If that goes well, you can have them meet outside their carriers with leashes on. As long as that goes well also, it’s time to move on to the next step!

Give your cat a safe space.

Cats tend to get stressed out quickly and easily, which may cause them to become aggressive to the dog. Once your Mini Goldendoodle is home, give them a space where the dog can’t go. Make sure it’s quiet so that they can get away from this new family member and relax for a bit.

Keep a close eye on both pets.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your pets to see if things become too intense or aggressive. Some signs to look out for are hissing, growling, or hair standing up.

Try to help your new puppy understand personal space until your cat gets used to the situation. Be sure to reward any good behavior that either pet exhibits and separate them if they start to fight.

It may turn out that your Mini Goldendoodle is far too intrigued with their new home to even pay any attention to the cat — which is perfectly fine. This will give your cat the chance to check everything out without being disturbed.

Keep in mind that some cats tend to start scratching when they see a threat. To prevent the cat from injuring your Mini Goldendoodle, you may want to consider investing in some cat nail caps.

Keep initial visits with the two pets short.

Over time, you’ll be able to increase the amount of time that they spend together. However, if you force them to spend every waking hour together, the cat may get annoyed and become aggressive. You may want to kennel your new puppy at night, at least at first.

Other Things to Keep in Mind About Mini Goldendoodles

Mini Goldendoodles have a lot of other personality traits that may contribute to whether or not they are good with cats. To find out more about Mini Goldendoodles, you can check out this article from Animalso.

  • They are great with kids. Mini Goldendoodles are known to be excellent family pets because of how fantastic they are with children. They are intelligent, non-aggressive, playful, and loyal.
  • They are not good watchdogs. Mini Goldendoodles are a little too friendly to make for good watchdogs in your home. They are gentle and won’t be able to guard your house while you’re not there. They rarely bark — which is another reason why Mini Goldendoodles are good with cats!
  • They may suffer from separation anxiety. Mini Goldendoodles love people and will be at your side as often as they can. With that being said, they may experience some separation anxiety while you’re away from home. Having a cat may help with this because your Mini Goldendoodle will have a companion in the house while you’re not there.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Mini Goldendoodles are one of the best breeds that you can choose if you’re looking for a dog that will get along well with your cat. More often than not, they will get along with each other — especially if you take the proper steps to introduce them to each other. Best of luck with your new member of the family!

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