What Color Goldendoodle Is Best?

Does anyone wonder what color Goldendoodle is the best?  Is there a top choice amongst Goldendoodle owners?   With so many colors to choose from, I admittedly was curious to know.

Read along to find out how the colors of a Goldendoodle rate and which is the best one!

What color Goldendoodle is best?

WhatcolorGoldendoodleisbest?  There is no particular color, Goldendoodle that is best or better than another.  The apricot colored Goldendoodle is by far the most popular because this color closely resembles a teddy bear’s appearance, which is what a Goldendoodle resembles. 

The other choices with cream, red, and sable falling in line after that, but there are many different colors.  Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of colors to suit the many preferences of dog owners.  No one color of a Goldendoodle is best when color is directly related to individual preference, taste, and choice. 

If one researches the internet, one might find that one website references one particular Goldendoodle color as the best, while another might note a different color. 

If one were to flip the coin and select a Goldendoodle by color and choose not which is best but most common, that is easier to answer.   The most common color for a Goldendoodle, which is neither best nor better than another, would be cream and golden or red. 

These color Goldendoodles are the most common, with brown, black, apricot, and tan following suit.  The red color is not an AKC recognized color choice. In contrast, the AKC recognizes apricot, but neither Goldendoodle color; however, it is best when relating it to another color choice for this exciting and adorable dog breed.

The Goldendoodle is an adorable and loveable hybrid dog created by crossing two purebred dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.  When this dog was created, they took on each pure breed’s various colors, but none of these colors of a Goldendoodle are really the best.

If we look at which Goldendoodle color is not the best but the most popular or desired color, those can be more straightforward answers.  The apricot Goldendoodle happens to be a most popular choice amongst pet parents and potential pet parents.  This popularity is because the Goldendoodle with this coloring tends to look like a teddy bear.

This apricot color for a Goldendoodle is also recognized by AKC, which is the American Kennel Club.  However, this doesn’t mean that this color for a Goldendoodle is best, or better but it is more sought after.

The Goldendoodle was bred to have a variety of redeeming qualities from the Goldendoodles parents including their teddy bear-like appearance that so many people love.

After the apricot color Goldendoodle being the popular, although neither the best nor better than another the other colors can fall in line as cream, red, sable and the different numerous solid and patterned or mixed color patterns.

This coloring popularity can change from year to year, depending on what pet parents are looking for. Still, the apricot colored Goldendoodle may always appear best in popularity due to how they look.

When comparing the Goldendoodle colors to see which is most common instead of which is most popular, the cream, golden or red would-be common colors.  The colors of brown, black, apricot, golden and tan are also common colors.

It is important to note that the red-colored Goldendoodle is not a recognized color with the American Kennel Club. It isn’t necessarily a true red color, which is very rare.

These common colors offer a wide range of choices for potential pet parents to choose from.

If no Goldendoodle color is best, then is one color less expensive than another?

While no Goldendoodle color is best, each dog will vary in price.  Pricing can be related to the color of the Goldendoodle, but many factors play into how much Goldendoodle costs, including color.

What Color Goldendoodle Is Best?

Goldendoodles with the most common colors will obviously be easier to come by, and they will likely be a little more reasonable than the other colors.  Seeking a qualified and reputable breeder is best regardless of the color of the Goldendoodle as health, breeding and character are by far more important.

Which color Goldendoodle has better intelligence or character?

Color doesn’t relate to how intelligent or if the Goldendoodle has good character.  Coloring refers to appearance, and while appearance can affect how we all behave, it cannot improve intelligence or the character of a dog.

Is one color of Goldendoodle best with regards to health?

No one color Goldendoodle has the best health.  Health is related to genes and genetics from their parents, like coloring, but it doesn’t necessarily affect their health.

The Merle colored Goldendoodle can have a genetic tendency to suffer more health issues than, say, another color Goldendoodle due to their genetics. Still, this color Goldendoodle harder to come by as breeders try to weed out potential health issues in future litters of puppies.

What are the other colors of Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of colors that vary from breeder to breeder.  These colors and also color patterns come from their parental background and can include:

  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • Apricot
  • Golden shades
  • Black and White
  • Merle
  • Parti
  • Sable
  • Grey
  • Phantom

These colors and patterns of colors vary from one dog to another, even in the same litter of puppies.  Some are more common than others, with some being relatively rare, but all are as unique as the Goldendoodle dogs themselves.

Each reputable breeder will have specific colors or patterns that they breed so if a potential pet parent is searching for a particular dog color, they may need to check various breeders.

Which Goldendoodle color is best when compared to the Golden Retriever or Poodle parents?

No color is best when comparing the Goldendoodle colors with their Golden Retriever or Poodle pet parents.  Goldendoodles share the same color patterns of fur as their parents with a few variations.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever’s recognized colors include light golden, golden, and dark golden.  The AKC also recognizes more colors for the Poodle dog breed.  These include brown, cream, cafe au lait, silver, blue, and apricot.

Some other unique and individual colors for the Golden Retriever and Poodle can be passed down to the Goldendoodle litters.  These unique colors are neither best nor better than another color but more likely rare and more challenging to come by.

Is one color of a Goldendoodle best for hunting?

While Goldendoodles might not be the top choice for hunting, they can make an excellent hunting or outdoor companion.  That being said, the best color Goldendoodle for hunting or other outdoor sport is a dog that is visible in their environment.  When hunting or spending a great deal of time outdoors with a dog, regardless of the breed, they need to be seen at all times.

Most hunters find that a Goldendoodle or other dog color that is best is black since it will be visible to the owner or pet parent in many diverse outdoor terrains.  This is for the dogs’ protection as well as tracking purposes.

What Color Goldendoodle Is Best?

Is one Goldendoodle color the best when it comes to a therapy dog?

Not necessarily, the Goldendoodle color that would be best when related being of service in the community can factor in, but each scenario is unique.

Some colors might be more advantageous if they are to be of service in certain areas, like walking with someone through a crowded store or shopping center.

In this type of situation, their coloring might matter more so that they can be easily seen, found, and noticed by those around them.   This can also be true if the service or therapy dog assists someone through traffic or in high traffic areas.  Blending in with the traffic would not be beneficial for a dog or the person they are helping.

In specific health scenarios, a particular color might be a better choice for the owner.  For instance, if a Goldendoodle is to be of service to a family with someone who has autism, this can change which dog is selected. 

The autistic person might lean more towards one color than another or be opposed to one color which can cause emotional issues, this varies from family to family but must be considered. 

Trainers who handle these types of dogs understand these scenarios and are able to help in the selection process but no color Goldendoodle is best or better than another.

Do breeders consider one color Goldendoodle the best?

No.  Goldendoodle breeders do not see any color as best or better than another.  However, they do note which is the most sought after or popular when potential pet parents are looking to welcome a Goldendoodle into their family.

This knowledge can help them keep up on trends for coming years and potentials for color preference in Goldendoodle puppies’ future litters.

In Conclusion

While no one color of Goldendoodle is best, some are more popular or common than others.

This doesn’t relate to how the Goldendoodle will behave or who they will become as an adult dog.

Coloring can be significant and yet as individual as the pet parents themselves.  We all, however, should remember color pales in comparison to intellect, character, and affection so choose wisely!

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