Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

We have had our mini Goldendoodle Lexie now for about five years, and in that time, we have learned a lot about this breed.  Lexie is the perfect dog for our family, and we couldn’t be happier that she is a part of our lives.  Over the years, we have covered a lot of ground in our learning and knowledge of her breed.  This knowledge has brought us to the conclusion that we want to share with others to help them better understand this breed.

Read on to find out if the Goldendoodle is a high maintenance breed.

Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

Are Goldendoodles high maintenance?  No, the Goldendoodle is not a high maintenance dog.  With their easy-going nature and gentle personality, they adapt quickly to various situations without much fuss.  They appear to handle every aspect of their lives in stride. 

Goldendoodles are a cross between two distinct breeds that have their physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.  Thankfully these two breeds that make up their background are low maintenance, which is why the Goldendoodle is low maintenance

They don’t require a lot of exercise or cuddling and don’t appear to suffer from separation anxiety.  They train well and have moderate energy levels. They are generally a healthy dog breed that adapts well to their environment, and they also don’t have a high amount of grooming needs like some dog breeds do. 

Those who are thinking of this breed make an excellent family dog because they are low maintenance but loving and affectionate without being overly needy.

We got our Lexie when she was a puppy, and at first, we were a little nervous that her breeding might make her extra needy or that she was a dog that needed lots of maintenance.  As she grew out of the puppy stage, we learned a great deal about her breed background and personality.

While each dog can be high maintenance, the Goldendoodle is a low maintenance dog breed.

When it comes to being active and exercising, every dog needs physical activity, with some dogs requiring so much they are considered high maintenance.  Certain dog breeds will require a tremendous amount of time and energy, looking to take extensive walks and hikes

The Goldendoodle doesn’t require as much in the area of activity and exercise as other dog breeds.  They are low maintenance in this area.

The Goldendoodle does enjoy spending time playing and being active with their human family.  This doesn’t mean they need constant movement and activity to keep them occupied.  Our Lexie has a fenced in yard that provides her with endless amounts of fun and exercise.

Lexie loves to cuddle. She enjoys giving kisses and spending time on laps, soaking up all the attention and love she can get.  The Goldendoodle is a low maintenance dog when it comes to affection and attention.

Like every dog, they enjoy the attention and affection, but they don’t require it to feel happy and loved. Therefore, the Goldendoodle is low maintenance.

Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

Training a dog, regardless of breed, can be remarkably high maintenance.   Depending on the dog and how they respond to training, this can be a long process with many owners and dog training sessions.  The Goldendoodle thankfully has a beautiful personality that responds well to obedience training and socializing.

Our Lexie was quite easy to train.  She loved nothing more than to please us and make us smile with her good behavior and skills.

Separation anxiety can be a real issue for individual dogs and breeds.  These dogs can struggle with issues of being left home alone, making them high maintenance.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the dog, making some more difficult than others.

The Goldendoodle loves the company of their human family, but they are okay when someone has to go away for a little while too.

The Goldendoodle is a relatively healthy dog breed in comparison to other dogs.  Any dog can be high maintenance and have health problems.  Regardless of breed background, each dog is uniquely their own.  Our Lexie hasn’t suffered any major health problems since she has been a part of our family. 

Her personality, like most Goldendoodles, is easy going and gentle.  This makes it easy for them to handle various situations and environments that other dogs may find stressful.  The Goldendoodle doesn’t act nervous, high strung, or suffer from anxiety.

Grooming is an area that individual dogs are considered high maintenance.  These breeds and dogs may require constant brushing and bathing to keep them looking their best.  Some dogs may struggle with fur and skin problems that can make it hard for their owners or families.

The Goldendoodle is not a breed of dog that requires high maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.

What does it mean to be high maintenance?

To be high maintenance means requiring a lot of attention, time, energy, and work.  Anyone can be considered high maintenance, and it doesn’t have to be a had thing.  High maintenance in relationships with animals can mean a variety of things.

It could mean that the dog likes eating a specific kind of dog food.  Perhaps they suffer tummy troubles making certain dog foods off-limits.  The dog might need an hour’s walk before they can find the perfect spot to go to the bathroom.

High maintenance refers to how much time and energy is devoted to the task or animal.  The Goldendoodle is extremely easy going and not at all a high maintenance dog breed.

Is there a way to help a Goldendoodle be low maintenance if, for some reason, they are high maintenance?

Yes, there is a way to help a Goldendoodle be low maintenance if, for some reason, they are high maintenance.

The first step to helping any dog be low maintenance rather than high maintenance is to meet their needs.  Ensure that they have ample nutritious food.  Ensure they have clean water, a place to expel energy, time spent with those they love, plenty of rest, and cleanliness.

When needs are met, regardless of breeding, it creates a comfort level that helps each dog feel more relaxed and easy-going.

Beyond the basics, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for a Goldendoodle to thrive is best.  While the Goldendoodle isn’t a high maintenance dog breed, there are exceptions.   If a Goldendoodle came from a harmful environment, it would require more attention and maintenance to adapt to their new home life.

Proper training can help a Goldendoodle be low maintenance if, for some reason, they are not.  Training teaches dogs what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

Such behaviors of barking, scratching at doors, chewing household items, and other actions can be considered high maintenance behaviors that require modifications.  Obedience training and socializing help eliminate these negative behaviors.

Training and socializing should be started as early as possible to ensure that a dog knows expectations and what is acceptable.  This gives their owner or family the tools for success.

Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

What causes a dog to be high maintenance?

Many issues can cause a dog to be high maintenance.

Health problems for a Goldendoodle can require a lot of care from their owner or family.  When this is combined with the dog’s emotional state and physical discomforts from what ails them, it can compound the issues that can be stressful for everyone involved.

The environment can play a role in how much maintenance a dog needs at one time.  If the environment they live in is stressful and riddled with anxiety, the Goldendoodle will be higher strung and need more coping skills and one on one time with family to feel better.

Diet and exercise help determine how high maintenance a Goldendoodle is going to be.  A healthy diet of good quality nutritious food help keeps a Goldendoodle feeling healthy and strong. 

Unhealthy table scraps and other human foods can make a Goldendoodle hyper and unable to settle.  It is best to provide them with good quality dog food that keeps their body balanced.

If a dog doesn’t get enough sleep, what was once considered a calm and happy-go-lucky dog can quickly become hyper and high maintenance.  Providing a comfortable and inviting place to rest for the Goldendoodle can ensure their safety.

These are just some causes of high maintenance behaviors in dogs.  Each dog will operate slightly differently than the last one.

In Conclusion

We all have needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  If we don’t know what to do with all those things, we can become high maintenance.  This can require a lot of time and energy to fulfill all those wants, needs, feelings, and ideas.

To be high maintenance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if that dog is a Goldendoodle.  With an adorably loveable face and great personality, they can be hard to resist!

For those wishing to adopt, the Goldendoodle is a fantastic dog breed that will bring happiness and love to anyone’s life.  We should know our Lexie is the center of our world!

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