Can a Mini Goldendoodle Hunt?

A mini Goldendoodle can be a great dog to add to your home, especially if you are a fan of hunting.

They are loyal and have all of the good characteristics that come with hunting, even though they are a smaller dog than the standard Goldendoodle. But can they be the best dog to go hunting with?

Can a Mini Goldendoodle Hunt?

A mini Goldendoodle is a good hunting dog. They have the right physical, mental, and emotional characteristics to make hunting fun for them. While you will not be able to push them quite as hard as a standard Goldendoodle, they are still big enough to go hunting. 

Let’s take some time to look more at the Goldendoodle and learn more about this breed and why they are a good hunting dog to add to your home. 

The Mini Goldendoodle is going to be a little bit smaller compared to the standard Goldendoodle. The mini Goldendoodle comes in between 25 to 35 pounds and the standard is closer to 50 to 90 pounds. 

The height is a bit different as well. While the standard Goldendoodle is going to be around 20 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder, the mini Goldendoodle is going to be between 15 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder. 

Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hunt? 1

This does make them a little bit shorter and smaller than what we see with the standard Goldendoodle. This does not mean that they are going to be a bad hunting dog. In fact, the mini Goldendoodle is a good option for you to take on a hunting trip. 

They still have all the great characteristics that you need for a good hunting dog. 

You will need to use some caution with pushing them too much. Since this kind of dog is smaller than you find with the standard Goldendoodle, you will need to give them some more breaks and take them on shorter excursions. 

With the right training and some work with your dog, you will be able to turn the Goldendoodle into a good hunting dog. 

What Makes the Mini Goldendoodle a Good Hunting Dog?

The mini Goldendoodle is going to have many of the same characteristics of the standard Goldendoodle, though each dog is unique and can showcase some of these more than the others. 

Many of these characteristics are going to be great for hunting including lots of stamina, the right coat so they will not get caught in things while out, physical strength that helps them keep going, and good health along the way. 

That is just the start of the great characteristics that the Goldendoodle has.

They also have a lot of intelligence so they can learn easily, they are loyal and want to please, they have a lot of resilience that helps them keep going, and their personality and temperament are perfect to help them hunt and have a lot of fun. 

The prey drive, their ability to bond well with their owners and want to listen, a love for being outside, their ability to be trained well, and lots of focus will help the Goldendoodle to do well when you take them out hunting. 

A dog, like the Goldendoodle, who has many of these characteristics will see a lot of success when it is time to go hunting. 

You will notice many of these characteristics when you bring the mini Goldendoodle home. 

Can A Mini Goldendoodle Hunt? 2

What Size Goldendoodle Should Go Hunting?

It is not a good idea to take your Goldendoodle hunting when they are a puppy, especially when we are talking about a mini Goldendoodle. 

They will be too small to handle all of the work and could get lost when you are out in the water or hunting in other locations. 

When the dog is smaller, they will also wear out too quickly and will struggle to keep up with all of the work. Waiting until they are a bit older is a much better option. 

Owners need to be aware of the size of their dog before they get started. 

The larger your Goldendoodle, the longer they are able to last and can cover more area when they are out hunting. 

You can take some time to train them while they are younger, but you should wait until they are a bit older to make sure they are ready to get going. 

What Type of Hunting is My Goldendoodle Good At?

As you get your Goldendoodle ready to go hunting, you may wonder what type they are best suited for. Goldendoodles tend to do well with all types of hunting and they will just be happy to spend time with their owners

This breed was bred to do well with hunting of all kinds and there are many types that you can try out with the Goldendoodle to help them have fun, wear out energy, and excel along the way. 

You may want to try out a few different types of hunting. It is possible that your dog will gravitate towards one main type over the others. 

However, many Goldendoodles like to do waterfowl hunting so if some of the other types do not seem to be doing the job that you would like or your dog isn’t enjoying them, then waterfowl hunting may be a good thing to try out. 

Should I Take My Mini Goldendoodle Out Hunting?

Your mini Goldendoodle is going to love spending time out in nature, having a lot of fun with you. They can be one of the best companions around if you take the time to show them how to hunt and get ready to train them.

They like to learn something new, which is always a bonus, and you have the benefit of a dog who will like to spend time with you. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the mini Goldendoodle can easily get burrs and other things in their coat. 

Matting of the hair is common so you will really need to take some time to groom them when the hunting is done. 

Since this is a smaller Goldendoodle, you may need to do some planning ahead of time to make sure that the dog is not going to wear themselves out on a long hunting trip. 

Is There Anything That Would Make My Goldendoodle Bad at Hunting?

The Goldendoodle, even the mini one, is going to be a great dog to take out hunting. They are simple to work with and have many of the characteristics that will make any kind of dog a good hunting dog. 

However, you may find that not all Goldendoodles are going to do the best job when it comes to hunting. 

One of the issues that may show up when you handle your Goldendoodle out hunting is their fur. 

The unique fur of the Goldendoodle is a great benefit to many families because it is not going to cause allergies or shed all that much. 

But it is able to get matted when it is wet and after spending time in the woods, it is not uncommon to find many burs in it. 

Compared to some of the other dogs that you could take hunting, the owner will need to do some more work with the Goldendoodle when the trip is done to ensure their hair does well. 

You also need to consider the age or the health of the Goldendoodle. If they do not have the best health or they are a bit older, then it may not be the best idea to take the dog out with you. 

These dogs may not have the stamina or the strength to keep up with the hunting expedition and this can drive them to more injuries than in the past.

Pay attention to your dog and see if they are able to keep up or not. 

For the most part, you will find that the Goldendoodle is going to be great when you take them on a hunting trip with you. 

If this is an activity that you enjoy on your own and you would like to make sure that your dog is able to do it with you, then you should start training them as soon as possible. This helps them prepare and can make them the perfect hunting dog for all your needs. 

Taking Your Mini Goldendoodle Hunting

There are many reasons why you should consider taking your Goldendoodle hunting with you. Whether you have a standard Goldendoodle or a mini Goldendoodle, you get a lot of good personality and love out of this dog. 

Take the time to train them how to do some of the hunting that you need and see what a difference it can make when you want to go out with them. 

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