What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

We love our mini Goldendoodle Lexie.  We enjoy spending time with her cuddling and playing games.  When we selected her, the family dog who sadly passed away was a larger dog breed.  We weren’t necessarily looking for a small dog but when we discovered this breed we fell in love instantly.  In the five years, we have had Lexie, many peopled have been curious to know if this breed comes in various sizes and what is the smallest type of Goldendoodle.   

In our free time we did a little research, read on to discover the smallest size of a goldendoodle.

What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

The smallest breed of Goldendoodle is a micro Goldendoodle.  A micro Goldendoodle is generally 10 lbs. and under and under 12 inches tall to their withers.  The micro Goldendoodle is the smallest of six different sized Goldendoodles. 

The micro Goldendoodle is fairly new, emerging in the last few years with the increased interest in micro-sized dogs.  They also can go by other names, all promoted to increase interest through marketing. 

There are numerous benefits to adopting a dog of this size and also a few challenges.  These challenges must carefully be considered prior to selecting this size Goldendoodle for the health and happiness of dog and family. 

While they are cute and adorable both for their teddy bear look and size, they can suffer from a variety of health issues that the larger sized Goldendoodles don’t suffer from.

When selecting a dog breed, Goldendoodle or otherwise, there are many things to consider.  The home they will be living in, who the family members will be and what role the dog will play in the family.  Some dogs are designed for protection, others for sport, and still some for companionship, like the Goldendoodle.

Lexie, our mini Goldendoodle is the epitome of friendship, love and companionship to us and those around our family.

What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

One specific area that potential pup parents think about is the size of the dog they are selecting.  Many breeds of dog, including the Goldendoodle come in various sizes.

The Goldendoodle which is a hybrid or cross-bred dog originated in the United States in the 1990s and was the first dog specifically bred to be a designer dog breed.  Popular for their teddy bear appearance, many people love and adore them for their gentle and companionable nature.

Goldendoodles come in six varying sizes, each bred to be a companion animal to an individual or family.  The six sizes include:

  • Standard Goldendoodle
  • Medium Goldendoodle
  • Mini Goldendoodle
  • Toy Goldendoodle
  • Teacup Goldendoodle
  • Micro Goldendoodle

The micro Goldendoodle is the smallest of all the Goldendoodles in weight and height.

Their weight is usually between 5 – 10 lbs., and they are under the one foot mark in height to their withers.  This compact size, combined with their adorable teddy bear appearance have many people falling in love at first glance.

What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

What are the benefits of having a micro goldendoodle?

There are many benefits to having a micro goldendoodle as a fur baby that include easy of care and management.

Our Lexie is a very gentle and loving dog.  While she isn’t a micro Goldendoodle she is a mini Goldendoodle.  She is larger with her weight usually holding in the neighborhood of 22 lbs.  Her size and personality has definitely been a plus for our family, as opposed to a much larger dog that would be harder to control.

Many people find smaller dogs to be more appealing because they are easier to take out and about.  An individual can easily transport them places in a pocket, purse or their arms. 

This allows the Goldendoodle to truly be a companion to the individual or their family.  This constant contact can be emotionally and physically beneficial for both Goldendoodle and family because it promotes a deep connection and bond.

With this smaller size they are also easier to take care of.  The amount of food that they eat is less, as is the amount of cleanup if they have an accident. 

This simple care is great for individuals and families that don’t care to spend great amounts of time or money on caring for a pet.  Micro Goldendoodle owners can devote more of their time enjoying the companionship of their dog and showering that little fur baby with love and affection.

The micro goldendoodle is less likely to get away or run away.  Their small size makes it easier for their owner or family to prevent them from running away or getting away.  This can be a huge benefit for the micro goldendoodle, preventing them from unforeseen injuries like being hit by a car.

A micro goldendoodle is also easier to manage.  For busy pet parents who need to keep their dog in one area of the house or yard their size makes it easier to keep them in one place.  This management can also prevent problems that could arise while their parents are busy.

Their size also adds to their cuteness, with many people wanting to hold and touch the adorable little puppy.  This can be an advantage to those who are looking to get out and socialize, or for those whole struggle in certain social situations themselves.  Everybody loves a dog and the smaller the more likely that people will stop and chat while admiring the cute dog.

What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

Is there any downside to owning a micro Goldendoodle?

Yes there are a few downsides to owning a micro goldendoodle that usually relate to safety due to their size.  Our Lexie isn’t as small as a micro goldendoodle but we have witness the potential for possible issues with her size.

Due to their small stature, the micro goldendoodle can easily get injured.  Injuries can happen at any time to any dog but with a smaller dog they are more likely to go unnoticed by those around them and accidentally become harmed.  When owning a dog of this size, individuals and family members must constantly be on the lookout for where the tiny dog is at any moment.

Their small size also makes it more likely that the micro goldendoodle can accidently injure their owner or family.  If they go unnoticed they can trip up someone causing them to fall or get hurt.  This situation is no fault of their own but a fact of their small size.    Owners must know where their dog is at all times.

Another downside to owning a micro Goldendoodle is that they tend to suffer from more ailments and illness than their larger counterparts.

These illnesses and genetic health problems are more prevalent due to their size, making it imperative that they see their veterinarian regularly and that health issues be addressed immediately for the health and well-being of the dog. 

This downside to having a micro Goldendoodle as a family member should give some individuals pause.  Aside from the problems that the dog itself will face in their life, the financial expenses of the family must also be considered. 

If for some reason the potential micro Goldendoodle parents are not financially stable, they should consider another size Goldendoodle.

What health issues do micro Goldendoodles suffer?

There are many health issues that a micro goldendoodle can suffer, some related to their size, some due to genetics.

Our Lexie again isn’t a micro goldendoodle but she as well as any goldendoodle can suffer a variety of health issues.  Often times these issues can become more severe for dogs that are smaller in size.

As with any dog breed and size health problems and issues exist.  While size isn’t always linked to health problems there are certain instances where it can have an impact on a dogs health.

For the micro Goldendoodle, there are various health issues that they can suffer from throughout their life.  These health problems can have a genetic component while others can be directly related to their size.

  • Seizures
  • Respiratory or digestive problems
  • Blindness
  • Heart defects

These are just a few of the potential health problems that a micro Goldendoodle can experience in their lifetime.  The best way to manage potential health problems is to schedule and keep regular annual veterinary visits.  

What Is The Smallest Breed Of Goldendoodle?

Aside from this addressing these issues as soon as they arise can ensure a healthy, safe and long life for any dog regardless of breed.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a small dog.  No matter how yappy and nippy some breeds can be they are all adorably cute and cuddly.

The micro Goldendoodle is the smallest of the Goldendoodle dog breed.  Their size can be perfect for some families and individuals that want a tiny dog, but this can come with a price regarding the dog’s health and happiness.

Many considerations must be made before selecting any dog, size is just one of them.  Whatever Goldendoodle is selected they are sure to bring happiness, love and cuddles to all who welcome them into the family!

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