Should A Goldendoodle Be Clipped?

 Hello pup parents, it’s Jennifer again here to discuss the topic of whether or not a Goldendoodle should be clipped.  I have had my Goldendoodles, Sasha and Max, for a few years now, and I love sharing my knowledge of grooming them with new pup parents.

Below you will find everything you need to know about this topic. I hope it’s helpful.

Should a Goldendoodle be clipped?

A Goldendoodle can have their hair clipped as early as eight to sixteen weeks old. It is important to note that being “clipped” is not the same as being “shaved” down to the skin. Having your Goldendoodle clipped is simply a hair cut using electric clippers.

This first clip timing will vary from family to family but is not necessary until eight weeks old.  At this point, the puppy will need a quick clip, but not a full-blown haircut or shave down unless, for some reason, their human family wants them to have that. 

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The Goldendoodles hair can grow fast, and if left untended, it may make them look unruly, wild, and matted.  When it comes to grooming, the Goldendoodle is a high maintenance dog

Therefore it is usually a good idea to take them to the groomer or groom them at home every four to six weeks after this first session.  Usually, a professional groomer will offer a “Puppy Special” that may include nail trimming, ear cleaning, tending to around their eyes and tail. 

The experience of the “first clip” is suitable for a variety of reasons.  One is that the puppy learns to accept this grooming experience as a part of their life at an early age.  The other is to help them look their best since this hybrid dog breed can be known as a high maintenance dog breed regarding grooming and the appearance of their fur. 

Some Goldendoodle parents may find that they want to have their Goldendoodle clipped less frequently than others and vice versa. This is more of a family preference. 

However, it should be noted that less frequent grooming sessions can mean more grooming maintenance at home and possibly more issues with matting and knotted or tangled fur.  This can be harmful to the dog and their fur and skin if left untended since matting and tangling can hurt the dog.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog breed that can be considered high maintenance regarding their physical grooming.  While each family will approach this care and maintenance a little differently depending on the dog’s appearance and lifestyle, it is still a good idea that they at least be periodically clipped, starting with a puppy clip sometime after eight weeks of age.

The necessity of this first clipping session with a professional groomer introduces the Goldendoodle puppy to the process and, with time, will help them accept it as a natural and normal part of their dog life.

This first clipping session is also important because it paves the way for good grooming practice for the family and dog.  As time goes by, this can prevent matting, tangling, and knotting of fur for the Goldendoodle if they receive regular grooming sessions approximately every four to six weeks.

It is only necessary to clip the puppy during their first clip session and not do a full cut. That can come later unless, for some reason, the family chooses to do a full cut.  Since the Goldendoodles’ adult fur coat doesn’t grow in until around six months, the groomer might discourage it.

A nice perk for many families is that groomers often offer first clip sessions that include all the bells and whistles.  Trim the nails, clean the ears and around the eyes, and the tail and hind area.  It’s like a doggie spa treatment for the puppy.

This first session can also pave the way for healthy grooming sessions at home.  The Goldendoodle will need daily maintenance and grooming, including brushing and combing, to keep them looking their best.  They will also need daily grooming to prevent uncomfortable and unhealthy matting of their fur.

These daily home grooming sessions keep the dogs fur mat and knot or tangle free, and keep the dog looking their best while reducing the need for lengthier work when the Goldendoodle finally arrives at the groomer.  This can have an added perk for the family by saving them money in the long run.

More mats and tangles in the fur mean more expense paid to the groomer.

Why should I take my Goldendoodle puppy to a groomer for the first time at such a young age?

Eight to sixteen weeks of age, which is two and a half to four months old, is only recommended to help the puppy adjust and accept the grooming process easier into their daily life.  The puppy’s fur changes around six months, so it is possible to wait and do a first clipping session a tiny bit later than eight to sixteen weeks but this time frame is common practice for most new Goldendoodle puppy owners.

Preferences vary, but many changes are happening for the Goldendoodle puppy on various levels during this period.  Health checkups, physical and mental development and growth, socialization, and other areas of life are quickly growing and changing with each week.

After eight weeks, the younger a Goldendoodle puppy is, the more receptive they can be to new situations and obedience training.  Therefore many Goldendoodle puppy parents opt to begin the learning process in all areas of their fur babies’ lives sooner rather than later.

A Goldendoodle is a high maintenance dog with regards to grooming.  This means that the Goldendoodle will be required to accept this as a regular part of their lives.

Can I clip my Goldendoodle at home?

Yes, you can clip your Goldendoodle at home.

Whether it is their first clip as a puppy or their hundredth, it is possible to clip a Goldendoodle at home with the right tools and a little knowledge and skill.

This knowledge and skill can be derived from various sources, including professional groomers, books, and other online resources.

The correct tools can also be purchased online or from various pet supply chains with a wide variety of price ranges.

Since the Goldendoodle needs regular maintenance of their fur, this can be a handy and inexpensive way to get the job done.  It also allows for a special bonding time between puppy parents and Goldendoodle.

If I don’t clip my Goldendoodle puppy until they are older than eight to sixteen weeks, what will happen?

Nothing will happen if you don’t clip your Goldendoodle puppy until they are older.  Nothing will happen to the coat of fur, skin, or the Goldendoodle itself if proper home care is taken.  This proper home care must include a daily grooming session.

The process of grooming is to promote good hygiene and health for the life of the Goldendoodle.  This can be accomplished at home with small grooming sessions that cater to brushing and combing the puppy’s fur

During these simple sessions, caring for the other areas of their body are also necessary.  Checking their ears, clipping nails, and addressing issues of matting and tangling of fur must be addressed to keep them healthy.

Many people may find it hard to fuss and deal with a small Goldendoodle puppy of this age and attempting to groom their fur. That is why most people take their Goldendoodle puppy to the groomer for their first clip.

Are there any adverse health effects from not clipping a Goldendoodle?

Yes.  Not clipping a Goldendoodle or tending to their daily grooming needs can lead to severe mats and tangles, which can become so twisted and tightly woven that the blood supply could potentially be cut off.   This situation can lead to more severe health problems if left untended.

Grooming, which includes clipping, cutting, or shaving a Goldendoodles’ fur, is a necessary part of life that keeps them healthy.  Improper care and maintenance of their coat of fur, skin, nails, and other physical body parts is neglectful and unfair to the dog.

If time can not be offered to this part of a fur babies’ life, whether in the form of home care or with a professional groomer, it may be better to forgo adopting a dog at this time.

Final Thoughts

To clip or not to clip a Goldendoodle and how often is an individual choice.  While it should be done, the when and how can be left to the individual Goldendoodle family.

The necessity of such procedures in a Goldendoodles’ life is evident due to the grooming care their fur requires.  It is better to start sooner rather than later since this procedure is lifelong for their health and the wellness of their fur and skin.

While it is a process that can be completed at home, many find there are trained and skilled professionals who can make the process quick and easier since the Goldendoodle can be a high maintenance dog.

Despite being high maintenance, with all the adorable cuteness it is easily overlooked!

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