Can You Breed Two Mini Goldendoodles?

Would you like to breed your two mini Goldendoodles? Is it even a thing? Would it be harmful to the dogs, or is it safe? How many pups can your mini Goldendoodle carry? These are all great questions to consider if you plan on breeding your mini Goldendoodle

Can You Breed Two Mini Goldendoodles? 

First question, can you breed two mini Goldendoodles? Yes, certainly! When two mini Goldendoodles are crossed, then they are referenced as an F2 mini Goldendoodle. They have a wide variety of traits in comparison to their parents, who are F1 mini Goldendoodles. 

Just to help you clear out all your questions, we’ll run by what terms like “F2” and “F1” means and what it means for your soon-to-be pups!

There are questions to consider if you are breeding for particular traits and for your best friend. Before we begin, may I please adopt one? 

Can You Breed Two Mini Goldendoodles?

The answer is yes, but let’s talk about genetics before you make up your decision. To be fair, genetics wasn’t my strongest subject in college, but they really should’ve talked about Goldendoodles. Now it makes sense. 


So here it is: 

First, mini goldendoodles are a breed crossed between mini poodles and golden retrievers. They can be further crossed with more poodle, retriever, or another doodle. 

  • F1 Mini Goldendoodle

F1 are the mini goldendoodles who were first bred by a pure golden retriever and a pure mini poodle parent. This first genetic hybrid is known as the first generation, F1. 

When you take two mini goldendoodles that are F1 and breed them, their pups will be the generation F2, filial 2. 

F2 Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Photo

Now, you take an F1 goldendoodle and crossbreed them with another purebred poodle. Their pups will be an F1B.

This is a common thing breeders like to do to bring out positive traits of poodles such as low shedding and hypoallergenic characteristics. More on characteristics later. 

Furthermore, an F2B would be an F2 mini Goldendoodle crossed with another poodle. Again, for more poodle traits while keeping some F2 traits. 

Goldendoodle Generations (Adapted from Continental Kennel Club article)

GenerationParent 1Parent 2% Golden/Poodle
F1 Mini GoldendoodleGolden RetrieverMini Poodle50/50
F2Mini  GoldendoodleF1 Mini GoldendoodleF1 Mini Goldendoodle50/50
F1B Mini GoldendoodleF1 Mini GoldendoodleMini Poodle25/75
F2B Mini GoldendoodleF2 Mini GoldendoodleMini Poodle25/75

So yes! You can breed two mini goldendoodles! But what does it mean? How does this affect their characteristics and overall health? 

Characteristics of Each Breed

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

What are some characteristics of an F1 mini goldendoodle? Shaggy, classic teddy bear. Well, okay, there’s more. 

F1 mini goldendoodles are the first generations. They share many traits from both their mom and dad, which makes them so fun! However, if you are worried about shedding, this generation might be more of a gamble. 

Overall CharacteristicThe shaggy and classic goldendoodles that look like teddy bearsIntelligent, trainable and has a great social temperament due to the mix of both their poodle and golden retriever parent
Average Weight30 to 50 pounds
SheddingLow-shedding with low curls. This could be less predictable if the retriever gene is more dominant. Sometimes they don’t shed at all, but others will shed a moderate amount due to their golden retriever gene.
FurShaggy shaggy! They tend to have the medium-long wavy hair. These are the mini doodles that have the famous beards (when fully grown, of course). 
TemperamentEasily be everyone’s best friendDesires to pleaseWalking, hunting, and WATER! (Golden retriever trait)Alert to strangers Trainability
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F1b Mini goldendoodles – F1B being short for Filial 1 backcross

F1b mini goldendoodle is the result of a cross between an F1 parent (pure mini goldendoodle) with another mini poodle. This means they are more poodle-dominant. They are 75% poodle and 25% retriever. 

They are usually bred to bring out more of their poodle genes, as poodles have great traits for hypoallergenic and low-shedding fur. If you are looking for a curly pup that sheds low fur, F1B will be the best generation! 

Overall CharacteristicGenerally small when fully grown, with curly and low-shedding coats. Less beard and less of the teddy-bear look. 
Average Weight15 to 35 pounds when fully grown. 
SheddingLow shedding, if at all! 
FurCurlier locks of fur and less teddy-bear like (in comparison to their F1 parent)Coat colors can range from a nice golden color to a creamy color depending on the genes! 
TemperamentBeing closer to a poodle, they tend to have a nervous and high-strung temperament. Nervous around strangersCould be not a fan of hunting and swimming (Golden retriever trait)Great at tricks Loves to go for a walk

F2 Mini goldendoodles – F2 is short for Filial 2

Just to review, F2 mini golden doodles are a breed crossed between one F1 mini goldendoodle with another F1 mini goldendoodle. 

Characteristics will vary and be random as the different recessive genes tend do show up from each side of the family. Their sizes can vary from 15 to 50 pounds, and their coat can be more retriever-ish or curly like their poodle gene. 

Just think about how you are very different from how your parents resemble your aunt or uncle. But in this case, a little bit more drastic. 

This is a rare breed as breeders tend to avoid the inconsistent breeding, but of course, the result are dogs just as loving as any other. 

Overall CharacteristicGenerally small when fully grown, with curly and low-shedding coats. Less beard and less of the teddy-bear look. Average WeightWide range: 10 to 50 pounds when fully grown. SheddingDifficult to predict. They could shed little like the other mini doodle generations, but if their golden retriever gene is dominant, they will shed a lot!
FurCurly, shaggy, or even straight hair 
TemperamentGolden retriever traits could shine through (in comparison to F1Bs), and they may like activities such as swimming, hunting, or going on friendly walks. It all depends on the genes! 

F2B Mini goldendoodle

This generation is a breed crossed between the previously mentioned F2, (mini goldendoodle x mini goldendoodle) and a poodle.

This could tend to bring out more poodle characteristics amongst the various traits that you will see in an F2 mini goldendoodle.  

Overall CharacteristicCloser to their poodle parent and other traits depend on the F2 parent’s various genes. 
SheddingMore likely to be low shedding due to more poodle genes
FurThere can be different transitions of fur coats ranging in different colors and curliness. They do tend to have curlier hair due to their poodle gene.
TemperamentMore poodle traits Nervous around strangersIntelligent FriendlyGreat at tricks

Multi-gen mini goldendoodles

Beyond those three tiers, the other Goldendoodles are multi-generational. At least one or both of the parents have mostly poodle genes, usually ranging between 10 to 35 pounds when fully grown. They usually have curly and low shedding coats. 

In all cases, any of these dogs will be a loving member of your family. They all desire to be with a loving and caring family that they can protect and love back!  Share some good memories with the hunting and swimming goldendoodles and cuddle in the evening with the cuddly goldendoodles! 

Can You Breed Two Mini Goldendoodles? #Dogs #Puppies

How Many Puppies Can a Mini Goldendoodle Carry? 

Mini goldendoodles can carry 3 to 8 puppies, although it is difficult to estimate their litter size. 

Prepare for Puppies

Always remember to keep the mom healthy. Goldendoodles tend to be a healthy and intelligent breed, but a vet visit is always needed for a healthy pregnancy. 

Keep in mind that a litter may range from 3 to 8 puppies, so after an ultrasound of the babies, the vet will be able to tell you how many small pups are coming, which will help you prepare the best environment for your pup’s labor. 

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